B-Dope: King Of The Town LP Review.

It’s the most love dovey time of the year. Cupid is working a double shift today, trying to score Direct Hits as he slings his Arrow’s of Amor at clueless bystanders. You can’t fight love when it hits you, better of boxing the Wind and Waves on the shore of Vero Beach. Hate on the other hand…You can fight that to the death. And our #CyphLyfe Featured Artist of the Week, B-DOPE, has made a career out of doing just that.

Since he first splashed on the Kendall Hip Hop scene in the mid-’90s, at the age of 16, the MC known as B_DOPE has been learning to overcome obstacles and doubters. From being too young to get into the Hip Hop Clubs or Open Mics, to learning how to sneak into the joint and then sneaking on stage to try to convince someone to let a shorty touch the mic. To being hated on, and blacked balled by older Emcees, DJ’s, and Gate Keepers who might have felt a little threatened by this young man’s skill level and hunger. A Young BOBBY DRAKE learned how to overcome these adversities, and instead of getting discouraged by the lack of love he was receiving, he let it fuel his passion, turning him into a lethal adversary and a bit of a dick.

By The time B-DOPE was out of Highschool, he was one of the most feared and respected MC’s in all of Miami. Having been flown out to represent Miami at The Source Magazine’s Freestyle MC Battles in New York and winning the trophy twice. Rocking stages at all the popping Hip Hop Clubs with his groups LAST STRAWZ & SCHOOL DAYZE, and rolling with some of Miami’s most respected DJ’s, DJ CRAZE, COUP DE VILLE, and DJ EPPS. There came a time in Miami, where if you wanted to prove you were worthy to rep Miami, you would have to face off with B-DOPE, and there weren’t many who passed that test.

Fast Forward to 2022. The O.G. and Kendall Legend known as BOBBY DRAKE has made his return to the scene felt in the last 3 years. Uploading his rare unreleased earlier material to streaming sites. His Unreleased SCHOOL DAYZE album getting ready to be released on Vynil by Underground Plug DOPE FOLKS RECORDS, and has dropped over a Dozen New releases as 1/2 of the duo DOPE SESSIONZ with North Miami Emcee / Producer MIC SESSIONZ. Not to mention having dropped a number of colab singles, a concept album (MOOD SWINGS) with several videos for the project, and getting played by Indie Hip Hop DJ’s throughout the country. B-DOPE has come back on the scene blazing hot, hitting the ground at full sprint.

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Now on Valentine 2022, he has dropped an album that has been long-awaited by his day 1 fans and sure to leave anyone with thing skin feeling some type of way. Leave it to B DOPE to drop an album called THE MOST HATED on the day of Love. He has never been one for Fake Love. He rather have you hate him openly so he knows who to laugh at when he knocks another one out the park. And he is swinging for the fences on his latest EP.

Where MOOD SWINGS was a “topic” album about the different stages of relationships, THE MOST HATED is pure Boom Bap, Street Aggression. B DOPE planting his Flag in the #SoFlow ground as the KING OF THE TOWN and claiming the turf he has been repping to the fullest for over 20 Years. Don’t you know he was RAISED IN THESE STREETS, and learned how to stay alive by any means and always keep it 100. That’s why he only speaks STRAIGHT FACTS. What Bob does over the Guitar Riff and a haunted childrens voice background is as hard and heavy as the 808 drop on the backing track. You questioning his sincerity? You gonna have to go for a round of BARE KNUCKLE BOXING with the mc who has been “Known to Break Body Parts before Ozone”, over the MIC SESSIONZ produced thumper. BOBBY has something stashed away for those PLOTTIN on him, He’s known for his Punch Lines and Shit Talking, but look out for his Story Telling Switch Blade which he always carries on him like an Ace in the Sleeve. The story he paints for PLOTTIN shows you that Loyalty is something in short supply on the streets, something B DOPE has grown too accustomed to. Once you hear him rock over the scorching beat on SO PROUD, that is exactly what you will be, If you from Miami that is. We can’t help but be proud of our Hometown Legends who don’t need to fake the funk or copy anyone else’s sound or flows to make a name for themselves. SENSE WHEN did cats start getting popular off of biting and imitating? I don’t know, but that’s not our school, and it def aint what BOB is about, “YOU COULD ASK ABOUT HIM”. They say its a THIN LINE between Love and Hate, but it is a huge chasm between authentic and perpetrating. Not only does B DOPE refuse to kick on the side of the Fake, but he has raised his son, Young shoota B GLIZZY, to know the difference and what side to rock with as you can hear on the 2nd MIC SESSION Produced joint on the album.

It’s obvious B- DOPE has become so “HATED” because he refuses to conform to the popular waves or stand anywhere near the side of wackness, where the sleeping majority seem to congregate. He’s dealt with this all his life, and he has no problem being THE MOST HATED.

Make sure you support the new album straight from the artist at www.b-dope.com, cop the album, cop some merch, and stay tapped in for upcoming albums Produced by MIZZ MEL BANGAZ, & a new Group album featuring yours truley 8ch2Owens, and entirely produced by DJ PROOF, as BDOPE, 8ch2 & Proof combine to represent 88 ST. 2022 is going to be full of good hip hop for the Haters to Hate On. Tap in to WVCC Radio to stay up to date with all of it.