2024 is introducing us to some new voices in the SoFlow Underground. U.S. Army veteran SABO is one such voice. Although he has been releasing music on streaming sites for a hot minute now, he just hit the WVCC RADIO Radar with the release of his collaboration LP with Miami Producer LA H3R3NCIA, THE CLANDESTINE TAPES vol 1. LA H3R3NCIA, A Producer/Emcee and Videogropher who has been hustling hard to not only make a name for himself on the scene, but also to shine light on other local artists, has a passion for spreading the word about the SO FLOW movement, and spreading truth through his music. He teamed up with right person for that mission when he linked with SABO for THE CLANDESTINE TAPES.


An Emcee of Colombian descent, who served our Country for two tours in IRAQ as a Tank Operator, SABO is a General in his circle. The trials of his childhood prepared him for the crucible of basic training and deployment. So when he kicks off the album with marching orders of “Stand Up Straight, Walk with your shoulder back/ Chest Out, Never put your head down/ Project confidence/ Excuse Me? Im on my Grown Man shit and we talking/” it comes with a certain since of authority. SABO isn’t asking for anything he hasnt 1st practiced himself.  He is in the trenches shoulder to shoulder with his listeners and his team. Beat provider LA H3R3NCIA shows he isnt only the Ears and Fingers behind the drum pads and sound board, he also has some “knowledge to serve up for your souls and your dome” on the album opener “NO BARK”, and throughout THE CLANDESTINE TAPES. I had heard some of LA H3R3NCIA past production work, but had no idea he had bars, and I was pleasently surprised when I heard him chime in on the album opener. Not as surprised as I was when I heard the undeniable voice of The Benchwarmers Clique strong forward, TRAVISTY THE LAZY EMCEE, sliding so nonchalantly into the 3rd Verse and making his presence instantly felt. As LA H3R3NCIA incourages on the hook, “Stand Tall Homies, The Streets is watching”, and no one stands taller than TRAVI DAVV. The 3 drop countless gems over the Harp work by LA H3R3NCIA. This gives way to “EGO”, featuring former FUNK VOLUME fire spitter DIZZY WRIGHT who devours the first verse over produced by Anno Domination. SABO & LA H3R3NCIA each take their turn at warning the listeners to not give into their lower energy EGO which will only result in damaged relationships and a life of loneliness as expressed by SABO on my favorite hook off the album.

Another solid instrumental and track is NSA ENT Posse Cut TOM FOOLERY, Featuring SABO, LA H3R3NCIA and special guests PANCHO & SABO’s own Son, BABY JOKRR who delivers one of the strongest verses on the track and project as a whole. Everytime I hear this Young Artist spit, I am impressed by his level of skill and am quickly becoming a fan of his, even though his sub genre of choice isn’t much of my lane. But real recognizes real, no matter what the genre, and BABY JOKRR is the real deal Hollyfield in the booth. All 4 spitters get into their Political Conspiracy and Social Justice bags as they encourage us to research and question this Governments loyalty to its citizens.

Sabo pic 1
Sabo x La H3r3ncia x Son
Sabo x La H3r3ncia x Son
Sabo x La H3r3ncia x Son

ECHOS is another banger of a beat with some strong verses from SABO & LA H3R3NCIA warning us to stay on our Toes and always stay 10 Toes down. Loyalty and Vigilance is how you live long on these streets and in this game. We are also introduced to a new young spitter by the name of POSIDON who has a good grasp on flow at such a young age, sorta like PERCY JACKSON. This joint gives way to another album standout, the nostalgic DA GOOD TIMES. If you grew up in South Florida, this one is gonna be a road march down memory lane lead by Squad Leaders SABO & LA H3R3NCIA.

One of the highlights of this album is how LA H3R3NCIA & SABO have recruited the correct unit of spit soldiers to feature throughout the project. Where TOM FOOLERY featured a band of sharp shooters with their rifles aimed at our Minds, the album ending SFL CYPHER Produced by Keith Cole is a mercenary hit squad of South Florida shootas, including Hialeah Hip Hop Veteran U.B. THE APEX OF T.H.C. , BLAZE HUNTER, CESAR CIPHER, PANCHO, SPITZPHIRE, Pete Rose, Morali-D, La H3r3ncia, Righteous, & Adam James, who all have their Steel Toe boots laced up and came ready to tear the place up. The mission is clear on THE CLANDESTINE TAPES Vol 1,  Bring attention to South Florida’s diverse Emcee Community. SABO & LA H3R3NCIA have proven to be the kind of Studio Sargeants that can put their “EGO” aside and see the Mission through to completion. Looking forward to Vol 2.

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Written by 8ch2Owens

Founder of Vice City Cypher, WVCC Radio, PROFRESH Publicty. With over 20 Years in South Florida’s Hip Hop Scene 8ch2Owens has carved his name into the Miami Hip Hop history books, and now uses his talents to promote the best in South Florida Indie Hip Hop and Underground Hip Hop from around the globe.

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