Sometimes we get submissions at WVCC RADIO that are not worthy of sharing with our Audience. Lets face it, there is a ton of wack rap out there. We live in the era where the Mainstream is a falsafied clone of the culture that raised us and taught us to keep it real and original. With that said, sometimes we receive submissions that leave us like WHAT THE UNHOLY FUCK DID I JUST LISTEN TO.  Its not so much that they are garbage as much as they are unconventional, off the beaten path, and extremely weird. As a site that champions the Indie Artists who do not prescribe to the cookie cutter recepie of commercial rap, and celebrates all the originality and various styles offered to us by the Underground, we sometimes need to let the initial shock of some of the music we hear wear off before we document our critique.  The strange and alien tends to scare humans on first encounter, but it is the Strange and Alien that I like the most in hip hop.  So when I got this new joint, “VODOO MAMMOTH MASTADON”  from Arizona spitter HYPR BST, I had to fight my compulsion to skip the wierdly produced and oddly delivered track, and upon several replays, I must admit….this guy grows on you like a fungul infection.


Upon the 1st listen, my mind tries desperatly to catagorize what it is hearing. Is this some new Glitch Hop, or Industrial Electro Rap act? Not knowing what to make of the production style or  flash flood of vocabulary and pop culture referrences, I start to write this off as a dude.  But as HYPR BST compares Bruce Wayne to Tony Stark and makes “John Cena turn visible” with the employement of a camera, I come to realization that this dude gives absolutely NO FUCKS what the listener thinks of him.  The CEO of SLOW BURRITO RECORDS is marching to the strum of his own drum. He invites you to join the Death March, but he isnt mad if you are scared away from joining him.  He understands this will not be for everyone, and is happy making music for those who are as Off Center as he is.  As I listen for the 3rd time I can help wonder if I am being trolled by someone just fishing to see if he can get a Music Review site to do a write up on the most ubserd song in the world, or if HYPR BST is seriously devoid of all fucks.  I lose my shit laughing every time he ends the song comparing his haters to “You Old Flinston Push Pop Booty Hole Ass Ni**a”. Who Says That???

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Now don’t get my review twisted.  This is not Song Of The Year material. This will not make its way into DJ’s Hard Drives to be played at every party, and you probably wont here VODOO MAMMOTH MASTADON on SHADE 45, but this is a fun time.  The kind of song you want to hear and show your friends just to be able to say, You ever heard that one joint where the dude says he “Snatch Chain Wallets with Grand Theft Auto”?  HYPR BST’s rhyme style can be described as a test in Word Association while on LSD, and the connections he makes are hilarious.  He reminds me of the comedic style of South Florida’s NOEMOTION GOLD MASK with the prophetic seriousness of a Jay Electronica in his voice. After the 5th listen I had to admit, this was entertaining.

Once again, I must admit that this will not be going into Heavy Rotation on WVCC Radio, because I cannot see any scenario where this song would fit into the playlist.  However we will be premiering it on WVCC #CyphLyfeLive on Twitch tonight (2/8/24) and will put it on the judgement block for the Cyph Lyfe Audience to decide.  Fire or Retire?  Flame or Lame??

I will advise my audience, as I am advising you now, don’t be too quick judge. This is not HYPR BST first time in the booth.  He has worked hard at perfecting his purposefully imperfect delivery and writing style, and has a whole discogrophy of releases for us to peruse.  Upon listening to some of his past singles, I found that the abstrack, against the status quo style is still very prominant in his work, but the Arizona creative has a lot to say, and has trademarked his own unique way of saying it.  This automatically sets him apart from the robot army of rappers that have taken over the airwaves. In my book, If you are not selling your soul for a chance to rock with them, we welcome you on Our Side, The Undergound….No matter how weird your shit is.

Follow HYPR BST and all his madness on IG at @hyprbst_tv

Check his music catalog from SLOW BURRITO RECORDS

Written by 8ch2Owens

Founder of Vice City Cypher, WVCC Radio, PROFRESH Publicty. With over 20 Years in South Florida’s Hip Hop Scene 8ch2Owens has carved his name into the Miami Hip Hop history books, and now uses his talents to promote the best in South Florida Indie Hip Hop and Underground Hip Hop from around the globe.

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