There’s a new banger grabbing everyones attention in the Hip Hop underground at the beginning of February. After releasing his highly anticipated A.F.R.O and Friends Cypher part 2 at the beginning of the year and his most recent EP “NEW COLONEL IN TOWN” A.F.R.O. is back on a base line laden sizzler called “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”, produced by Canadian Beatmaker THE SOULUTION, with the help of some more of his Super Friends.


MIC LOGIK and the Chi Native Radio Family have been loyal allies of WVCC Radio and So Flow Hip Hop for the past 4 years. Unbeknownst to us, he’s also down with Southern California’s turbo tongue ALL FLOWS REACH OUT, aka A.F.R.O.  Mic tackles the second verse on “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” with some Big Brag Brolic bars. The Chicago native spits “Ain’t in my league I swear  these dudes ain’t close/ don’t want to get on tracks with me cuz I am Usain Bolt/ this ain’t no new thang, yall  know who’s rhymes do slain most/ keep leading lambs to the slaughter or who you name goat/ blowing cigar smoke in Cabo/ while I’m writing my novel/ they yell Bravo/ Magic on the mic, its “El Mago”/. MIC LOGIK’s rep in the underground gains more respect with every track he releases, and this collab seals one more brick in the legacy he’s building.

This flaming verse comes after FRO’s lyrical gymnastics on verse 1 where he drops positive bars about “overcoming any obstacle through the God in FRO.”  It is a pleasure as a hip hop fan to see this young man growing into a full adult MC and not only making good career choices but also representing living a life that is reputable and honorable. A quality that is very rare amongst musicians and rap artists his age in the industry.

Mic Logik 1
Mic Logik 1
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The true surprise however comes from the third guest MC on the track. RONESH, a childhood friend of MIC LOGIK’s, who attacks the third verse with a style all his own that helps him stand out in this stream of piranha punchlines. His rhyme pattern is as fun to follow as a Quentin Tarantino plot line, never continuing as you would expect. Ro rhymes the first bar with the fourth bar and weaves inner rhymes within the snares and 4 counts, only to switch the flow pattern again, taking you for another loop as his lyrics make your “ears pop like Rapid descent from crashing a plane”. Not only is his flow work a good time, but he’s dropping gems throughout the verse like ” Aggressive passion but never Passive Aggressive/ What’s really good? The answer depends on who’s asking the question/ Study the text, Master the lessons/ Prepare for the future by learning how to apply the past to the present/”  These brothers are spitting at peak level. I also just found out that RONESH is pretty formidable on the production tip also with an upcoming Producer Album that has a pretty serious roster of notable Indie Artists on the track list. Now I’m even more eager to hear more from this North Carolina Emcee/Producer.

We’ve got “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” on heavy rotation at WVCC RADIO, as do most Underground DJs this week. I’ve heard it on all the shows I rock with and all the DJs who spin on WVCC have it on this weeks Playlist. The Baseline and snapping Snare programmed by THE SOULUTION are instant ear yankers, and the Sean Price voice sample over the hook makes this a song every Hip Hop head needs on their favorite Playlist. This the kind of track to make you feel proud that many in Hip Hop have gone “Back to the Rhymes Again”.

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New Album by A.F.R.O – NEW COLONEL IN TOWN Out Now on all DSPs

Written by 8ch2Owens

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