A new joint has made its way down to South Florida, all the way from Quebec Canada. Long time Hip Hop Lifer and Cyph Lyfe supporter LERICS DALYRICIST is kicking off his 2024 run with a track produced by DONNY G named “RAZOR SHARP MIND”. With 6 months of sobriety under his belt, LERICS is looking at 2024 with laser focus and a desire to continue improving. The only way to make anything “razor sharp” is through friction, and LERICS is here to share his truth and willing to learn from constructive criticism.


     The New Year has brought WVCC a healthy amount of Hip Hop with a message of sobriety, and the success and happiness that come from getting your vices under control and getting your life in order. You can hear this new sense of purpose and confidence in lyrics voice as he delivers a rare fully English song. LERICS DA LYRICIST is a French Canadian MC, with 90% of his music being in French. Including last year’s BO FAAT produced LETS FLY featuring 8ch2Owens, which I am beyond proud to be a part of. However many times I have enjoyed LERICS’s music simply for the beat and flows, but have not really been able to understand his verses. This time when I hear the DONNY G Drums and  DJ DICEPTA’s Method Man cuts  setting the stage, and then hear LERICS kick off the song reciting “No more alcohol, just smoking edibles/ and for the record, Fuck The chemicals\ no bath salts I’m not a cannibal\ I keep my mind sharp, my soul is immortal\”, I can’t help but zero in all my attention with an exuberant “Hell Yeah!!”.
     Now as a Bilingual Emcee myself, I have to keep the review as real as can be. Spanish is not the language I have most of my conversations in, so sometimes my pronunciation or limited vocabulary keep me from expressing myself as I would in English. However, my criticism of this single is not at all about LERICS pronunciation (I personally love his deep French accent, sounds mysterious and noir). It’s the Flow that I have to give a low grade to. After following LERICS online for the past 4 years, I know he has excellent taste in Hip Hop and is constantly listening to the best of the best in the underground. With those kinds of teachers, I cannot give him a blind pass on his over extended flows which often have a hard time staying in pocket. I understand he doesn’t write in English often, but he listens to it around the clock and needs to strengthen his sense of cadence and pocket in order to grow stronger at this craft. I share this criticism not as a Hater, but as a student and teacher of the art of emceeing who has told many a friend and crew member, “Yo, fix that bar up, shit ain’t landing right.”  This is part of the emcee process. LERICS’s message is on point and needed in today’s Drug Rap climate, but if the bars aren’t flowing and appealing to the ear, then no one is going to take the time to let the message grow roots.
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As LERICS DALYRICIST continues on his road of Sobriety and Healthy Living, I challenge him as a friend and brother in arms to tighten up that flow. Elevate your pen in whatever language you choose, but never sacrifice the flow. People will vibe to a good cadence and flow no matter what language it’s in.

Written by 8ch2Owens

Founder of Vice City Cypher, WVCC Radio, PROFRESH Publicty. With over 20 Years in South Florida’s Hip Hop Scene 8ch2Owens has carved his name into the Miami Hip Hop history books, and now uses his talents to promote the best in South Florida Indie Hip Hop and Underground Hip Hop from around the globe.

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