South Florida cigar boss J.R. EWING THE LEGEND capped last year off with an eclectic collection of High Class Hood Bops called LOST AND FOUND. Collaborating with G.O.P. who we were introduced to in 2023 on EWINGS singles DANCING WITH THE STARS & NOBODYS PERFECT, J.R. delivers an assortment of vibes to get you through Lows and Highs of everyday life. The break Ups, the Nights Out Partying, the regretful decisions and the hard earned successes, they are all represented on LOST & FOUND.

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      The Album kicks off with a stern critique on today’s music. It leaves the listener wondering if today’s music is poison to the human soul, what is J.R. EWING about to offer, and is it different from what the radio and Streaming sites are feeding consumers. Upon the 1st couple of listens I could definitely say the production on LOST & FOUND can hang with anything playing on the Airwaves today. Each track slaps and delivers a different scene and feel to keep the 7 track EP flow effortlessly and easy to replay. G.O.P. & J.R. EWING use these audio sound sets to present different scenarios to their audience. ENDLESS LOVE is a song about love running its course, leaving a relationship that’s no longer healthy for either party. The Beat is a smooth Funk filled summer breeze of a vibe that J.R. uses to come to terms with the break up while G.O.P. croons a grimey hook that will appeal to side pieces everywhere.  Once your a free man, you know it’s time to hit the Night Life on the hunt. There are moves to be made and beautiful people to meet.  You can sense how much G.O.P. & EWING are feeling themselves as they “Stroll down the BOARDWALK” . They carry this same Big Energy into VELVET ROPE where their charisma is infectious get the people on their feet and the drinks flowing.
      But it hasn’t always been flash and flex for these two self made entrepreneurs. They recall what it was like on the “OUTSIDE LOOKING IN” very vividly. EWING tells about the young hungry Emcee who “Hated Critics, but Loved Lyrics/ Loved Pussy, but no love for them Bitches/”.  G.O.P. tells a story of a young knuckle head not living out his full potential, being disregarded by his doubters, but sticking to his passion as hard headed as it made him seem. They share the 3rd Verse of the soulful “OUTSIDE LOOKING IN” fast forwarding to the present day and the ambitious men who they have become, daring anyone to tell them they haven’t already succeeded.
     On LIES & LUST they flip the tried and true Hoes and Players Hit formula on its head and tell the real story of the results of living the life of a Playa. The message applies to both sex. This is grown folk music talking about real life circumstances like infidelity that destroys families, lack of self esteem which leads to the forfeiture of self respect, and the generational curses that we can all choose to continue or break. It might sound like the radio, but the subject matter here is reaching much deeper. This music is talking to your soul.
JR Ewing CHP 30 Year Anniversary
J.R. Ewing at GR8 FM
     The Album ends with a complete Bop in TALK THAT TALK. This can play on any station or club right now. We can’t wait to put it in Heavy Rotation on WVCC RADIO since it embodies everything South Florida. The double time flow by G.O.P and steady cadence from J.R. over the bouncing beat is addictive and gives you that urge to “Wild Out, Loose Control, like there’s no church in the wild”.
     From suave singles regarding matters of the heart, to party starting jams, to songs that motivate you through the darkest hours right before the morning breaks, LOST & FOUND has a little something for all occasions. Give it a thorough play this weekend and you will be happy you “Found” J.R.EWING & G.O.P.
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