Long time Treasure Coast representative GAMBLEZ THA LUCKY BASTARD makes his triumphant return to the Underground circuit with his latest Ep CANNIBAL SOUL Vol 2. . With a sound and gritty vibe that transports me back to experiencing my first Demigods or Army of the Pharoahs CDs, GAMBLEZ makes himself instantly bumpable. This is the kind of joint long term Hip Hop Heads can fuck with easily. And just that easily, you have become another ingredient in THA LUCKY BASTARDS boiling pot of CANNIBAL SOUP.


At only 7 joints long, CANNIBAL SOUP Vol 2 has a much hardier feel to it. This ain’t no appetizer cup of soup. Full of solid solo bangers and some notable Underground features, CS Vol 2 hits a little harder than your average short play project. GAMBLEZ is lethal with the pen. Both his bars and voice projection are brutal, making joints like the GAVEL THE SUN produced “I’M A DON”, and FOR THE HONOR produced by WVCC Fam SUPREME THE ALMIGHTY,  immediate face gnarlers. He stays on topic like an experienced author on “90s”, a blazing bop produced by England’s DJ TMD, who also supplies some crazy ill cuts as GAMBLES tells the story of his Sneaker Addiction from a grimey angle that he rocks like a calling card.
    He then goes bar for bar with Indie Hip Hop savages like ILLTEMPER on REVERSE CARD, produced by Canada’s DONNY G, who’s new single RAZOR SHARP MINDSET with LERICS DA LYRICIST also got high marks recently on the CyphLyfe Blog. The two are quick to turn the table on all who see them as an easy come up, and prove in two verses that they are not the right ones to run games on. The Uno Card reference on the hook make this an insta-ear graber. If you insist on playing stupid games, GAMZ & Arizona word painter MARZ ONE make it clear they PLAY FOR KEEPS over a smooth Flute filled slapper arranged by Spains EVIL DEAD. “Take it further then it needs to be, just to get it poppin/ I block your shot and pop a squat like I’m Dennis Rodman/ Your out of options now, Your defense is droppin/ I swing a sword, guillotine, your a Headless Horseman/” If this isn’t a loud enough warning shot to keep you in check, you deserve the consequences if you cross the line with GAMZ.  Massachusetts mic bully PAULY GRAM$$ joins GAMZ over the synth heavy BACK AGAINST THE WALL produced by Brazilian Beat Chef COTARDZ. The JOHNY SLASH produced CONFRONTATION is def an album Highlight. A monsterous burner currently on rotation on WVCC RADIO. The audio gang initiation by GAMBLEZ, Jersey’s PRIME PROLIFIK,  MISTER MISK & NC’s VERSA TILLA is a musical mollywhopping. The only thing that could make this track any harder is the Prodigy cuts on the hook.
gamz pic for radio 2
gamz pic for radio 3
gamz pic for radio 3

Wether on a track with his formidable allies, or all on his own two, GAMBLEZ turns every track on CANNIBAL SOUP 2 into a blood bath. He gives the Hip Hop Underground some advice on the EPs closing track. Keep GAMBLEZ on your good side, cuz you don’t want the drama that comes from having him as an Opp. Now calling Colorado his home, GAMBLEZ has a new High Ground perspective on the game. Having teamed up with Denver’s GOD DIVISION, He is just about ready yo start avalanching the Indie Market with more bangers. This is the time to get behind him, or you might find yourself waking up in huge pot of Opps Stew.

Follow GAMBLEZ THA LUCKY BASTARD on IG at @gamblezthaluckybastard so you can be in the know when he drops his next collaboration project, “EVIL BASTARDS with GOD DIVISION’s ERYL FLYNN aka EVIL, later this Spring

Ms. Laura Michelle

Written by 8ch2Owens

Founder of Vice City Cypher, WVCC Radio, PROFRESH Publicty. With over 20 Years in South Florida’s Hip Hop Scene 8ch2Owens has carved his name into the Miami Hip Hop history books, and now uses his talents to promote the best in South Florida Indie Hip Hop and Underground Hip Hop from around the globe.