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Happy Monday #WVCC Fam, Fans and Guests.

We all get hit with a “Case of the Monday’s” at the beginning of the week, so #CyphLyfeRadio/ #CyphLyfeBlog has started a weekly segment called ”MONDAY MEDICINE CABINET” where we’ll be sharing some New Releases we found over the weekend, either LP’s, EP’s or Singles that are worth the listen. We hope the music we share improves your mood on any sluggish Monday and gives you that push to conquer the week ahead. Enjoy….
8ch2Owens – Vice City Cypher / #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio


You ever wake up with some Bad Thoughts?? It usually happens on a Monday. The thoughts are a mix of “Fuck This Job”, “Maybe I should call in Sick”, “Why do these damn kids get the Day Off and I dont”, “Maybe I should call that Ex I was just dreaming about”. Well this morning I woke up with some BAD THOUGHTS of a different kind, and to be honest, they got me out the door in a great mood.

I’m talking about the 1st Full Project from Miami MC TRPL-Z. BAD THOUGHTS 2019 is a quick 25 Min ride of Gritty Lyrical Insanity, think Hip Hop meets Hunter Thompson and His Attorney on the ride to Las Vegas through “Bat Country”. The album starts with a dope baseline and Audio Samples that give me MadVillian vibes, so I’m all ears from rip. He starts the verbal abuse with the question, “How can I proceed to weave this web of lies like Apple Pies in AmericaKKKana?” Thus starts a hail storm of crack rocks being thrown back at the unjust American “Justice System”, Crooked Cops, and our Federal Government who has been living with their Heads up their ass since the beginning of the millennium. He says “I follow Huey, but not the News” which I took as a call to all who are revolutionary minded to listen up and follow suite. You got my undivided attention now homie.

He follows up with a great mix of sounds, vibes and emotions. From rapping about Parking Lot Loitering before a show, Male vs Female Debauchery, Cheating ass skeezers and Homeboys who break guy code, and the sacred Art of Bombing, TRPL Z offers a great variety of topics to capture a huge swath of fans and displays a serious mastery of street vernacular which should get the respect of any rhyme addict. The album is so solid we will be doing a full length review and interview with Z himself later in the week. For now, press play and get familiar with his “Bad Thoughts”.


So me and my Family attend a local Church where we get our Soul Food on every Sunday. It gives me insight into the human condition we spend so much time complaining about, but no working on; enlightenment about my own condition and what I need to work on personally; and Hope, which seems is no longer a viable product to offer the masses of consumers, so it is not as readily pushed on us by the Social Media Machine as fear, division and distraction. Luckily, in the ocean of doom and gloom that we sail through on our Cellular Boats daily, I have found a little island that is a constant harbor of good music, and honest expression. Our Friend Ayentee The Lyricist continues to delivery well grounded Life Hop on a weekly basis that I never have a second thought about sharing with our #WVCC Audience. Here is another great addition to his Monday Music series, SELL BOATS produced by Es Nine. In this one, his reminder that People Need People is a message that is much needed in a society that is quickly growing anti-social. The lyrics are genius on this as he hypothesizes “Some bodies getting payed whenever you feel dismayed, just in case you forgot we still need people / Someone is Lying, they Tried to make us an Island just to Sell Boats they put an Ocean Between People” . He once again bravely bares all his insecurities and faults as he uses his own experience of reclusiveness to warn his listeners that we cant ever evolve all on our own. We need each other in order to find the new experiences, uncomfortable situations and different perspectives that help us grow. Join #WVCC in helping this brothers Fan Base grow, get familiar with his work, subscribe to his channel and share a joint or two. This is how we build bridges over the ocean B.S. that surrounds us.

Come out and Support DOX DAY on Nov 11.24.19 – Open Mic Now Booking Artist.


Allow me to be 100 honest…this has to be my favorite find of the weekend and my Favorite South Florida release of 2019 …so far. Everyone meet Y.K. Hamilton. You may know him by other names if you have served enough time in the So Flo Underground. He’s been known as JABR JAWS of Legendary North Broward / West Palm Duo JabrJaws and DJ Dee Dubbs, aka Ryan Hamilton Britt to all his FB Stalkers, and now he goes by TRICK DADDY KANE or is it “Young King Hamilton”?? W.e., Dont get wrapped up with the multiple Aliases. There are enough Bars and Word Playful Paragraphs on each song of his new album to have you wrapped up in the raps for months. The production by Teflon Don is like Fentanyl in Audio Wave form. I would love to go into track by track detail, but I’m going to hold out in hopes that Mr. Hamilton will grant #WVCC #CyphLyfeBlog an exclusive interview and album review write up. Stay Tuned.

FB: @Ryan Hamiton Britt

IG: @Y.K.Hamilton


I played several tracks off this album last week on #WVCCRadio and couldnt find myself skipping a single track during my multiple listens of the Project. Titled VOLDEMORT, the latest project by VINNY VINDETTA gives Vinny and all his guest features a dark, mystical topic to base their rhymes and double entendres around. He’s got a solid list of Guest Appearances and Producers on the project which should keep any Hip Hop Head and Harry Potter enthusiast geeking out. This is the first time I ever heard of Vinny, but what I’m hearing on this project gives me reason to do some more digging in the Hidden Chambers of his catalog.



Yes, I know…Halloween is 2 weeks behind us and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and the Fuzzy Feeling Holidays. But some massacres leave scars that dont heal over night, or from one holiday to the other. Some trauma never heals, no matter how much time passes. I completely missed this album when it dropped Halloweek, but I’ll be dammed if you go another day without listening to it and scarring your brain and neck for life. LEATHERFACE 2 by RJ PAYNE of the BSF ( Black Soprano Family aka Benny the Butchers Label) is sure to have your head bobbing so hard its liable to fall off of your throat stump as if a chainsaw was setting it free to roll away on its own. Features by such greats as RAS KASS, CHE NOIR, DANIEL SON and FREEWAY should be reason enough for you to press play, but the fact that he invites them all on the album only to kill them on the song is real treat. Get your post Halloween fright fix on like you doing some bargain shopping at the costume shop on November 1st and press play at your own risk.

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Welp, thats this weeks Monday Meds…Hope you take the time to peep a few or all of the links above.

As always, dont be scurrred to drop your comments, let us know how you feeling the projects above or if you have any new music you have found that you think we should be checking for. Remember, sharing is caring.

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