Your Audio Aspirin to fight off that Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday #WVCC Fam, Fans and Guests.

We all get hit with a “Case of the Monday’s” , especially after a Weekend like the one we just had in Miami. Shouts out to The U, The Dolphins, The Panthers, The HEAT, and Miami Native Jorge Masvidal for bringing home the W in all their Weekend matchups. If you feeling hungover after so much winning, we got some New Releases we found over the weekend, either LP’s, EP’s or Singles that are worth the listen. We hope the music we share improves your mood on any sluggish Monday and gives you that push to conquer the week ahead. Enjoy….
8ch2Owens – Vice City Cypher / #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio


We’re getting this Monday popping with an exclusive premier from Miami Native TRPL-Z. We had been sent a couple of singles by this rough voiced spitter a few months ago from a few different people in the local scene for our #WVCCRadio show. I personally like it better when someone other than the Artist sends us music to consider for the show, this shows that the music is actually making a connection with the hip hop audience. Let someone else sing your praises is still a time tested truth that never fails. The first video they shared with me was for a track called “Vice City”. So of course I was already interested being that we rep VICE CITY CYPHER. The track actually surpassed my expectations and caught my attention. My next encounter with Trpl-Z was at last months Cipher In The Circle where he showed up spitting limitless fire like a butane lighter. Not only was he fire off the top, but he also was accompanied by his girl who left every mc in the circle with their jaw on the floor as she stole the show spitting her own bars off the top. Now my attention was held hostage. In the weeks that followed I searched up anything by TRPL-Z and played it on our #NewBlazeTuesdays and #ThursdayNightCypher shows. Then this weekend I was blessed to get a special gift in my inbox. AN EXCLUSIVE New Burner called “LA TISA” . Steaming like a Fajita Platter out the kitchen, the track features Latin American Spit Kickers DOBLE 9, RAUDEL ESQUADRON, and South Florida’s own Master of Cryptic Ceremonies CHOCO VALENS, backing TRPL-Z over a smooth Piano Loop thumper produced by Chileno producer BEATSENT. Whether you speak Spanish or not, there is enough on this joint for all Hip Hop lovers to vibe with, no matter what language you “sprechen”.

Check more Beats by Beatsent on

and Stay tuned for our #WVCC Interview with TRPL-Z and Review of his Full Album: BAD THOUGHTS 2019


It’s Monday, and if you have been following #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio you know that we got some new AYENTEE The Lyricist for your listening pleasure. The Bay Area spitter blesses us at the beginning of every week with a new single and his track record has been flawless. This week is no different. EMOTIONALLY ENGAGING NEWS HEADLINE is a satirical spin on Artist who have resorted to “Click Bait” as a way of trying to gain some new fans. He is not mocking these artist though, he is just stating the sad fact that Independent Artist have to stoop to these tactics if they want to break out in today’s filter controlled Media Monster. He makes the point that taking the traditional route of trying to get signed by a Label is no longer a wise decision for True Artist, lest he be Shelved and his “Catalog held hostage, while the Record Label lies to the fan saying There’s a Process”. He ends the 1st verse with some of the truest words any Indie Hip Hop Fan should live by, “Support Your Independent Artist, before he signs a deal and disappears into Darkness”. You can count on #WVCC and our Fans support Ayentee.

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Last Friday, Out of nowhere, we hit by a meteor shower of dope Indie Hip Hop. The release of the New GANG STARR: ONE OF THE BEST YET, New EARL SWEATSHIRT ep, New STALLEY: Reflection of Self – The Head Trip. Most of these albums I was looking out for, however there was one that caught me completely by surprise like a Ninja Assassin, and killed the rest of them just as masterfully. Produced entirely by Rhyme Sayers Label Mate EVIDENCE, SECRETS & ESCAPES by BROTHER ALI caught me slipping and laid me out like an unseen Uppercut by Iron Mike.

The additional info entry on the Youtube Link describes the album as follows: ” “Secrets & Escapes” is a compendium of Brother Ali’s time spent with Evidence, over the course of three trips to California, recording in a Venice garage with no regard for pleasing the internet or competing with the music industry. Evidence chopped up records on old-school samplers and ran them through a compressor (2 track) so they couldn’t be re-arranged or mixed. Brother Ali sat with the mic and spit rhymes as they came to him, without writing or organizing them into songs. Ev smoked a lot of weed, Ali prayed extensively, and their influences on each other can be heard in the recordings. Any time they made something that reminded them of what they’ve become known for, they threw it away and started something new. Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch and CS Armstrong came through to bless the project with contributions, too. “Secrets & Escapes” is the result of two friends making rap music for no other reason than because it’s what they love to do. ”

It is currently in my Top 3 Albums of 2019, beating out a slew of great albums. Let me know how it fits in your list of Best Albums of the year, and keep an eye out for my first Full Album review which I will be doing on this album on the WVCC Radio YouTube channel.


So this past week was Halloween, and I planned on skipping our weekly #ThursdayNightCypher Broadcast to take my kids Trick or Treating. Low and behold the day before Fright Night my kids all told me they had plans with their friends and would not be doing the Family Thang. This freed up my All Hallows Eve Night and so I went on a mad dash to find as much Halloween Themed Indie Hip Hop as I could find at the last minute. It was in this hunt for haunted Hop that I came across this insane project. Never having even heard Of Canadian word wielders CHUCK N LOCK, I was pleasantly surprised by the beat selections and how effortlessly and stylishly they murdered each track. I only played one track off the album on Halloween night as I went through more Masks than a Reptilian, but haven’t stopped bumping this album all weekend. It is def worth your attention and if you love dope lyrics and beats, should make you a fan of their music instantly.


This weekend gave us the Return of Hip Hop Legends like GANG STARR, BROTHER ALI, STALLEY and None Other than Miami’s Master of Tragic Comedy – NO EMOTION GOLD MASK. The homie NO EMO celebrated his 158th Birthday this past Saturday, but thanks to the blood he drank out of a menstruating Vampires Vagina he doesnt look a day over 25. If you were at SATURDAY MIC LIVE @ CATALYST this past Saturday, you had the rare honor of seeing the Golden Ninja without his trademark mask on. The man who gave birth to a host of Multiple Personalities, or as he refers to them, his children, who are really his dreads that he chopped off and came to life as they hit the barber shop floor, blessed the SML Open Mic over a hot beat by Local MC/ Producer / Graphic Designer JAKEEM HD. The outcome was once in a lifetime magic that you should hate yourself for not witnessing in person. While we prep the footage for your consumption, enjoy the latest release from the Genius Jester. CUCUMBER COME GUZZLER is an honestly dishonest song where No Emotion admits to always telling Half The Truth. Now whether you believe him or not after he admits he’s a compulsive liar is up to you.

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Welp, thats this weeks Monday Meds…Hope you take the time to peep a few or all of the links above.

As always, dont be scurrred to drop your comments, let us know how you feeling the projects above or if you have any new music you have found that you think we should be checking for. Remember, sharing is caring.

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