Your Audio Aspirin to fight off that Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday #WVCC Fam, Fans and Guests.

We all get hit with a “Case of the Monday’s” at the beginning of the week, so #CyphLyfeRadio/ #CyphLyfeBlog has started a weekly segment called ”MONDAY MEDICINE CABINET” where we’ll be sharing some New Releases we found over the weekend, either LP’s, EP’s or Singles that are worth the listen. We hope the music we share improves your mood on any sluggish Monday and gives you that push to conquer the week ahead. Enjoy….
8ch2Owens – Vice City Cypher / #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio


Happy Monday Errrrbody…If you live in South Florida you know we woke up to some CHILLLLLLL Weather this morning. If you are anywhere North of us, you would probably laugh yourself to death if you found out what we considered chilly weather. Either way…Here is a little ROCKET FUEL to start your day. I was looking for the whole DJ Shadow album stream to share with yall, but couldnt find it on Youtube yet. For the best I guess. Shadow released a Double Album on Friday which I heard is pretty long, but full of gems. The album is called OUR PATHETIC AGE and features tracks by Nas and Pharoah, Inspectah Deck – Ghostface – Raekwon, Run The Jewels, De La and more…. Check it out if you got the time this week. DJ Shadow never fails.


Monday Monday….Means another look in the mirror presented by our good friend Ayentee the Lyricist out of “The Bay, CA.” FOR RENT is for the Ladies and the Fathers of Daughters out there. A deep look at the fact that Strippers arrent the only women who have to put up with Men ogling them at the workplace and the daily struggle of feeling like you have to stay attractive in order to continue to rise in the corporate ranks. Another great song by one of my favorite artist in 2019.

PHAROAHE MONCH – INTERNAL AFFAIRS 20th Anniversary Mix by DJ Filthy Rich

Top 3 MC of All Time in my Book – Pharoahe Monchichi. I’m patiently awaiting the release of his next album which he teased us about during his “PREMIUM PETE” Interview 5 months ago (, where he talked about his next project being the best material he has ever created. He admits that his humility in the past has contributed to him being overlooked in a lot of Top 5 MCs conversation, but he couldn’t help but rave about this new project saying its some Next Level shit that no one is ready for. Well in the mean time we are getting some great Pharoahe Features in the past months. He murdered his feature on Brother Ali’s SITUATED (, and went toe to toe with Nasty Nas on the new DJ Shadow Double Album on a track called DRONE WARFARE ( ( Is it just me, or does it sound like Nas went in trying to out-write Monch on this joint? Is he taking shots at Monchzilla with bars like “Listen to Niggas claiming that they legends, Fronting like they Nikola Tesla/ Technology changed the game, I’m the Investor” Hmmmmm…). While we wait for that New New, enjoy this 20th Anniversary Mixtape of Pharoahe’s first Solo Release, INTERNAL AFFAIRS. Its laced with interview vocals and original songs that Monch sampled to produce the album. Even if you have heard the album a million times, as I believe I had in the first week of its release, these new added touches make it a brand new listen. Any fan of the Poetical Poltergeist will find this a must have in their collection.

Monday 11/18/19 7:30 – 10pm
Freestyle Cypher for all South Florida MC’s
Arts Park at Young Circle on Hollywood Blvd by the Flag Pole


Mooch caught my ear last night with some pretty great features, now he drops his Mixtape with Gaillo Pinto, a producer who caught WVCC by surprise earlier this year with his mixtape KISS DA CONVERSE featuring Clever 1 ( He brings us another banging project, this one with more of a Street Pharmacy feel and Mooch does every beat on the project proper. With some dope features from RIGGZ, DANIEL SON, MAV and TEKK 9 ( No not that Tech 9, or that one either…) the project rides out smoother than a new Cadi on the ave. Press play and take it for a test drive yourself.

SATURDAY MIC LIVE back at Dec 14th.
Always Free / Always Dope


From the Legendary Production House that brought us such greats as Fat Joe, Showbiz and AG, O.C. and the Late Big L, comes the new D.I.T.C. torch bearer – DAVID BARS. I’m not going to wright much about this album since you will learn all you need to know as soon as you hit play. Featuring Joey Cartagina, Corey Gunz and Production from all the DITC greats, this album is sure to stay on rotation if your a fan of that True School feel.


Last but definitely not least, we have Miami’s own Red Barron, the Scarlet Bearded Swag Gawd called DASHIUS CLAY. We’re a little late to the party with this one, but its the First time I heard it so it was brand spanking new to me. Fire Visuals and Mr. Platinum is killing it on the mic as always. You can tell by the quality of the work why it is that Dashius Clay has risen through the South Florida ranks to be one of the Dirty Souths biggest names. If your not familiar with Dashius Clay, check out his interview with the homies at #HumanSushiPodcast ( for some great insight into one of So Flo’s most brilliant Music Business minds.

Welp, thats this weeks Monday Meds…Hope you take the time to peep a few or all of the links above.

As always, dont be scurrred to drop your comments, let us know how you feeling the projects above or if you have any new music you have found that you think we should be checking for. Remember, sharing is caring.

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