What happens when One of the hottest New Producers from the Subterranean Levels of Hip Hop merge with One of Underground Street Hop’s most prolific spitters? They combine to form THE GOLD CHAIN WARRIOR. RECKONIZE REAL, the Musical Mind behind 2020’s highly acclaimed SAVAGELAND with GHOST OF THE MACHINE & WEAPON ESP, THE SMOKE w/ THE BAD SEED, AUDIO MURALS w/ MAYHEM OF EMS, and THE HOPE BUSINESS w/ JUNCLASSIC, has kicked off 2021 with a bionic leg. Once again providing productions for one of the voices in the Indie Hip Hop landscape that deserve to be heard by a world wide audience. SUPREME CEREBRAL, The Los Angeles MC, with 14 Albums under his belt, and a rap sheet over 2 decades long, is coming at your throat with the hunger of a new comer, coupled with the wisdom and experience of a battle trained veteran. You can get familiar with his back catalogue at his Bandcamp (Trust me…It is worth the time bumping each project and worth the $$ to support the artist, dude is a Monster). With a weapons belt full of banging beats and lethal lyrics, and a few stellar guest appearances to boast (PLANET ASIA, JOHN ROBINSON, RASHEED CHAPELL, XP THE MARXMAN, ELOH KUSH, DJ GRASSHOPPA and more), both Producer and Shooter are on a mission to carve their names and sounds into your brain for permanent placement in your memory. Hit play on the link below and enjoy the sharp blade whittling image of the GOLD CHAIN WARRIOR in your mind.

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