As the opening track of the album makes clear, El Camino is a “Music Love Story”.  The tale of how the Spanish Harlem Spitter known as BODEGA BAMZ fell in love with the Rap Game and has sacrificed everything to bag that trifling bitch, and everything he has learned along that long, rough road.  You can always count on BAMZ to serve you that Raw Street Talk in a number of different flows.  This time around Producers NAVI BEATS, JOHNBOY BEATS, CAS1, TRE EIGHT, and the TAN BOYS.  The TAN BOYS lay down a banger with THE KING, flipping the classic Jerry Rivera sample that another Uptown duo made famous back in the Golden Era, and BAMZ flexes on us all claiming with confidence that he’s the next best thing since Big Pun died.  Some dope features from some names you may not be familiar with, but when I first heard BODEGA BAMZ and NITTY SCOTT on the NO PANTY project with JOELL ORTIZ, I had never heard of either of them, and they ended up being some of my modern favorites.  Maybe he can shine the same light on his team that the Big Bro JOELL shined on him, helping his career to take off.  Features and Producers aside, BAMZ is the real star of the show, taking you for a ride in the EL CAMINO to meet his bottom bitch, Music.  Will she have his money when he shows up?  Take the ride and find out for yourself.

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