Any MC who starts his album with a sample of “The Teacher” KRS ONE claiming that “I’M NOT THE ONE YOU WANT TO FUCK WITH” to let his audience know he is “Unfuckwithable”, better come with the goods. JOHN JIGG$ does just that on THE MADNESS, his new LP with fellow Long Islander, Producer BP. After being introduced by A.O.T.P.’S DIABOLIC, the two got to work on growing a strain of hip hop that would kill the listener only to re-animate um. Riding into war on a calvary of horns on the album opener, JIGG$ shows us he “Continues to Grind like an engine in need of oil” through out the album. Trading verses with some of the best pens in Hip Hop, JIGG$ walks the talk according to the old saying, “To Be The Best, You have to Beat The Best”. He checks off a Bucket List box with Ras Kass on the albums 1st Single – FEAR OF GOD, which is blazing its way through the underground as we speak. PILLZ joins him repping their home town of “Strong Island” on L.I.B.S. He Bullies the beat to death with the Big Kid in Class, A.F.R.O. on THE MADNESS, does dirt with Underground OG Shabaam Sahdeeq on KILLER, and causes havoc with NY Subterranean Monsters KING MAGNETIC AND DIABOLIC on 44th CHAMBER. We have been trying to tell you about JOHN JIGG$ since 2019 here at #WVCCRadio, We saved the Receipts. For all of you who have finally woken up, we have him LIVE on #WVCCRadio on THURSDAY 3/25 at 10PM EST. Until then, press play on THE MADNESS and get to know JOHN JIGG$ a little better. As the sample says at the beginning of COFFIN OR URN, “Anything you hear on this album refers exactly to HIM”. Pure MADNESS.

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John Jigg$ & BP – The Madness Tracklist

01. Intro 00:00​ 02. Fear of God ft. Ras Kass 02:39​ 03. L.I.B.S. ft. Pillz 05:40​ 04. Coffin or Urn (scratches by DJ Stitches) 07:59​ 05. The Madness ft. A-F-R-O 10:34​ 06. Where I’m From 12:46​ 07. Killer ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq 15:43​ 08. Family Court 18:19​ 09. 44th Chamber ft. King Magnetic & Diabolic (scratches by Tone Spliff) 20:48​ 10. Slang Original (scratches by Swab) 23:54

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