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Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. Had a great week #WVCCRadio #CyphLyfe. We had a great #CyphLyfeTOP5 this week. Salute to WXTCH WXLVEZ JOEY and MONEY MOGLEY for having the #1 Song on #WVCCRadio This week, NIGHT SHADE. Had a really dope Interview with BIG FLIP PAPI on #CyphLyfe last night. We want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been supporting WVCC RADIO financially, and want to inform you, we are a couple of weeks away from having our official FCC LICENCE, and Business License to be an Independent Internet Radio Station in South Florida that plays Real Organic, Underground, Indie Hip Hop, and of course the best in SO FLOW HIP HOP. Well this weekend is my Birthday. Your boy turns 44 (4+4=8, its going to be a great year). I’m kicking my 44th Stroll Around the Sun off with the release of my 1st Official LP Release, 8CH2OWENS & DJ PROOF: THE WATERPROOF on my birthday 3/21/2021. I will not be that dude to do a write up on my own album, so do us a favor and pick up the album this Sunday (With all the good music we share with yall, you better buy my album. lol, not but really.) Once you give it a couple of good listens, write your own little review and share it with us so we can post your review of THE WATERPROOF. Enough about me already…New Music Time.

Benny The Butcher – The Plugs I Met 2 (LP)

“THE BUTCHER COMING NUHHH”…..Wanna Be Drug Lord Rappers here these words in their dreams and wake up in cold sweats. In an ocean of imitators, there are those who stand out as Originators. In this modern wave of Drug Culture Rap there are few that can be singled out as fathers of the modern NY Narco rap. GRIZZELDA are one of those few, and within GRX, no one seems to stand out as much as BENNY THE BUTCHER. Releasing what was arguably the best album of 2019, THE PLUGS I MET, BENNY established himself as one of the New Voices in Leading the New Pack in Hip Hop. Many credit him with reviving an East Coast Vibe that many thought was dead, as he laced tales of the street with perfect penmanship, flawless cadence and lethal punches that separated him from the rest of his crew. Now teaming up with HARRY FRAUD, who some would say is the #1 Contender for PRODUCER OF THE YEAR so far, THE BUTCHER is coming back for THE PLUGS I MET 2. This album doesn’t start off with a classic opening cut featuring a classic BLACK THOUGHT verse like PLUGS 1 did, but at this point BENNY doesnt need the help. He can carry an album all on his own as he proved on his BURDEN OF PROOF LP produced by HIT BOY (2020 Producer of the Year). Now BEN is the Main Attraction, making everyone he invites on the project sound better. TWO CHAINS murders PLUG TALK over a mesmerizing French Vocal Sample flip by FRAUD. FAT JOE floats over TALK BACK like his name was Flow Joe, leaving you wanting more over a crazy bed of Flutes. Even FRENCH MONTANA swags away with a drunk slur over LONGEVITY where JIM JONES steals the show. He just seems to shine over HARRY FRAUD beats. I’ll have to marinate on this album for the rest of the week and see if it grabs me like the first version ( That 1st one had me hooked for half a year), only then will I be able to tell you if it matches PLUGS I MET 1, but for now….Both BENNY AND HARRY are in their Prime and they are making classics ever time. Dont miss this one. Hit Play.


If an album starts off with the words of legendary Cuban Revolutionary Poet JOSE MARTI, chances are you are in for a treat full of Cultural Flavor and Socio Political Substance. If those MARTI stanza’s are read by the raspy voice of one TRPL-Z, you can rest assured WONDERLUST has a whole lot of Psycho sprinkled in the mix. Production by Chilean Boom Bap chemist SMALL VILLAIN gives this album a nostalgic feel that makes the album sound new and familiar at the same time, like meeting someone for the first time but getting that feeling like yall been cool for years.  The way SMALL V blends song into song, beautifully tying each instrumental together is a masterpiece. Written over the past year from hell, you can tell Z dived deep into the inkwell and pulled out buckets off some of his best and realist bars. “You see the ways of the world when I speak/ That’s why I’m so fucking grimey, Teeth Grinding my cheeks”. Having recently moved to the West Coast in pursuit of his Music Career, Z packs us in his Mental Suitcase along with all the baggage he is lugging cross country (You try to leave some shit behind you, but eventually find out it follows you closer than your SHADOW) and we get a whiff, taste, and feel for what makes the “ButterPeacan CubanRican” tic. Pray for Los Angeles, they have no idea what kind of animal we have sent their way. Make sure you pick up your copy at the WONDERLUST link and show Z the hometown got his back.

Check out the Latest Episode with SOOPAMAN of COMMON GROUND


Brew a pot of Golden Teacher Tea and sip slow as you meditate on this project here. NIVED3RD, The Kendall Miami transplant, now dwelling in Denver CO, has sent us an album colder than the Snow Storm they got hit by this past week. 20Twenty3rdEyeVision is a canvas of sounds, words, accents, inflections, thoughts, twisted comedy, spirituality, and political commentary that NIVED3RD paints with reckless abandon. Hosting a slew of topics such as self care (ImSPHERIC) our daily, battle with the never resting clock (SNOOZE), the mishandling of the Corona Pandemic (NAMES NIVED, which also happens to feature your boi 8ch2Owens *shamless self plug), Dealing with Loss (I FLY IN SILENCE), Creative Poetry (DISTORT MY VOICE) and the growing tidal wave of Police Brutality (HEADLINE NEWS) & ignorance sweeping our nation (BRAIN SPILLZ) where NIVED writes “You try to tell me I was born in the Fucking USA/ I was BORN mother fucker, thats all you have to say”. A long time fan of the Beat Poets of the 60’s and the Merry Pranksters who flipped conventional written and visual art inside out, NIV’s music is not like anything you have ever heard, and it doesn’t try to be or want to be as you will see on SOME SAY & the light hearted album closer SUPER MOON with Child Hood friend DAMN OCTOPUS . We matter not because of where we are from, who we are related to, what we do for a living or what others think of us. We matter because WE ARE. This is the message NIVED3rd is drawing out for the audience that is brave enough to ingest the product he is dealing. Just give it some time, you feel it kicking in soon enough.


It’s Official!! No One Is Putting In Work in the 954 like IVAN L. Project after Project after Project he proves he aint got no brakes. We just did a review on his STAND ALONE COMPLEX 2 weeks ago and now he is back with THE BIG 1400 PACK. Just as quick as Uncle Joe turned around that Stimulus Check, IV has turned around an ep dedicated to current public pay off being pulled by our Federal Government. IVAN L is joined by his BROLIFE label mate BRIZZ WORRELL satirically flexing, well aware that the little $1400 check they sent out ain’t going to last past next week, but we still going to live it up cuz.. Fuck It. Don’t get it twisted, DON VITO is the furthest thing from a frivolous fool. He’s built his Indie Label roster from the ground up, booked his own out of town tours for years now and has established a network of promoters and venues all over the country which welcome him with open arms, and has built his fan base organically, so that if you have never heard of him, its your loss not his. A brother like that don’t blow money, he invests it, and to “MR. STIMMY” time is money, and he investing both in making sure his career last much longer than this recession. Give IVAN L a follow on all Streaming Platforms.

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Aesop Rock – Long Legged Larry (Official Video)

No One does it like AES ROCK. The man who is on record as having the most extensive vocabulary in Hip Hop is also a master of making Seemingly Simple, catchy tunes (NO REGRETS, KIRBY, DOG AT THE DOOR) which more times than not have to do with a furry animal of some kind. Well this time he opted for slimy skinned. LONG LEGGED LARRY is the tale of a….let me shut up and let the master tell the story. I will simply end by saying if they don’t turn this into a Mobile Phone App “MY KIDS” can download and play, they’ve lost their bullfrog hopping minds. 

Pryme Prolifik – Step in My Shoes (Prod. DJ MattyLite)

While everyone is celebrating their Free Fed Money, PRYME PROLIFIK & DJ MATTYLYTE are on their grind, understanding that nothing is free and success only comes to those who work hard for it. Beginning their single “STEP IN MY SHOES” with a powerful sample reminding us that those that prefer Sleep to Work will never reap the benefits they see others enjoying. PRYME PROLIFIK aint no stranger to blood, sweat, and tears as he unpacks in the 2 verses over one of MATTYLYTE‘s most stirring instrumentals. Whether its the light air keys, or the electro synth bass, or the haunting vocal sample that passes through the beat like a specter through walls, this beat keeps you in its clutches and forces you to face the tough picture that PRYME paints for his audience. A portrait of hard, hand blistering work, in the middle of the pandamic to make sure our kids never experience the poverty we have worked so hard to pull ourselves out of. Press Play and take a “STEP IN HIS SHOES”.

Serum & Manifesto – Top Shelf [prod. by Ripes] (Official Video)

Stop the presses. New SERUM and MANIFESTO!! HOLY JEEBUS! With SERUM practically owning¬†2020, having album of the year with the HERON and SERUM album, a slew of colab projects (TRPLZERUM with TRPL-Z, RAW DAWG SEWAGE RAP, and His Colab album with LORD GAMMA of the MASTA BUILDAS), Not to mention bombing up half of Miami with his trademark SERUM characters and pushing his Art and Clothing brand throughout the county. The “RhinoSerum” is back with his long time accomplice in mic boosting, MANIFESTO who has been sharping his Blades since the drop of his lethal ep DAGGERS. The Two Shoguns take the #SoFlow Scene by surprise with TOP SHELF, having kept the recording of the MSG RIPES produced banger and the shooting of the Art Morera directed video a complete secret. I hit up SERUM and demanded an explanation. How the fuck did your boy who runs a Hip Hop Media source not know you guys were releasing this. He just answered…“Serum & Manifesto are outlaws. You know this. School of Solo-man graduates…”¬†


Speaking of Art Morera Directed Videos. The dude has filmed, edited and released 5 Videos This week. He has single handedly made himself the most saught after Indie Hip Hop Video Director in South Florida, and one look at his latest visual for WXTCH WXLVEZ Founder MONEY MOGLY is all you need to see why. NATURE BOY follows MONEY MO around his Natural Habitat, the Quicky/Gas Station Beer Cooler section and the Screets. The visuals are just Grimey Eye Candy for the slime the wolf drools all over the thumping Drums and Bass Piano loop by EPIK THE DAWN (Whooo?? Where does Woe find this dudes). “WXTCH WOLVES IS BRAND YOU CAN STAND BY” …That something MONEY MOGLY has spent the last 2 years showing and proving. Last Year he had the weekly singles on lock, This year, with the addition of ART MORERAVISION to the Wxlves camp, They got the Visuals on lock as well. Time for everybody to WXTCH WXLVEZ.

Big Flip Papi “CrimeWave” / “Expose ‘Em”

Not only did BIG FILP PAPI slide through the WVCCRadio Live Stream last night and drop jewels on the crowd (Interview dropping soon on Youtube/WVCC Radio), but he blessed us with the Premier of his new video off his upcoming ENDICTMENT EP, part 2 of his 3 Part Series. Here he gives us a 2 for 1 with CRIME WAVE produced by AYDEN & EXPOSE EM, both cuts off the new EP dropping beginning of April on HARD TIMES RECORDS. BFP is keeping it Right for Hip Hop and Latinos, yall make sure you show him that support like he showed us last night.

Oaceys – Move

You know we pride ourselves in introducing yall to new Voices in Underground you might not have heard of before at #WVCCRadio. Well I cant take credit for this banger. The Homie ULYSSES aka LMS blessed us with this link this morning. This shit hit me like a tall cup of Cuban Coffee. OACEYS (Pronounced Oasis) hits us in the face with MOVE. A banging joint Produced by KARGY who uses the sample P MONCH flipped for 24’HOURS, but flips it with a more aggressive Break that give the beat its own life. OACEYS Voice and pen immediately snatch your attention and keep you hostage til the track ends and you hit replay. If this is the kind of shit his BREAKING WRECKORDS label is dropping, we all in. 

Saba – Ziplock / Rich Don’t Stop (Music Video)

New Saba…what can I say…I could play this song all day and still unpack new lines, new scats or swings he uses, new switch ups he flips. Ill let you enjoy it over and over again for yourself. Then go check Sabas discography. I dont know how this kid from Chicago and his crew arent in more New School Great convos, but yall need to wake up to some of this.  

Luke Taleno – Bike Ride (Official Music Video)

Hialeah Representative and CIPHER IN THE CIRCLE Alumni, LUKE TALENO, invites you to hop up on the front pegs of his Black Mongoose and come with him for a BIKE RIDE. The new single produced by the Red Baron DASHIUS CLAY, is a smooth ocean for LUKE to sail all over. “He’s Just Cycling Thoughts / While other rappers just be recycling thoughts”. Packed from front tire to back tire with this type of wit in his bars, TALENO takes you on a tour on the road of his life that has lead him to chase his dream full sprint, you know, standing up peddling. YOUNGWILDPANDA Directs a video that makes the ride on the handle bars a beautiful and nostalgic experience. Take this track out for a spin, I bet you it leaves you “WONDERING HOW’D HE COME UP WITH ALL OF THAT FROM A BIKE RIDE “

Kota the Friend & Statik Selektah – “To Kill a Sunrise” (Full Album)

KOTA THE FRIEND is a fire soft spoken lyricst who has slowly and silently been working his way up the later in the underground. Known for his still shot lyric videos, and his laid back swag with community conscious content, KOTA isnt the one with LIT CLUB SINGLE or the BIG BRAG FLEX BARS. He moves like a peaceful ninja, and seems to have caught the ear of the great STATIK SELEKTAH who is infamous for breaking new voices that dont conform to the norm ie. JOEY BADASS, REKS, TERMENOLOGY. Once again STATs beat selection has seemed to leveled KOTA up a notch as he sounds like NEO when he finally starts seeing the green numbers falling around him, this shit just comes natural to him. TO KILL A SUNRISE is a fantastic weekend album, and I’m going to enjoy playing this one out during my Birthday Weekend.