Whether working the Booth or the Block, BIG FLIP PAPI been keeping it 1000 for a minute. In 2019 he dropped this gem, BULLPEN THERAPY, right after coming home from a 6 year bid. The project is a sneak peak into the mind of a brother who has had his freedom stripped from him, but refuses to stay locked in. Loaded with stellar featurs from RJ PAYNE, FRENCH MONTANA, KOOL G RAP, And Production from Queens Icon HAVOC of MOBB DEEP. He’s been on Full Grind mode sense his release and has been flooding the streets with Singles and Videos in preparation for his New Album ENDICTMENT dropping soon. Of course we will be covering this all tonight on #WVCCRadio #CyphLyfe, as we interview BIG FLIP aka RNR tonight at 10pm EST and bring you the news straight from the spitter himself. In the Meantime…Get familiar with the Big Bull.

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