New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right.

Happy Valentine’s Weekend Fellow 88ers. Hope you taking the time to make your loved ones feel special this weekend. Remember to take some time for Self Love too, but don’t be selfish or cheap bruh. Want to take a minute to send our respect and condolences to the family and friends of our fallen brother, Colombian Hip Hop Artist EL MIKE. I never had the honor of meeting MIKE and only heard him for the first time last night on #WVCCRadio when someone shared a link for a Spanish Cypher he was a part of ( Link Further Below). If you watch the stream back you can hear me giving MIKE his own props because he took me by surprise and killed his verse. I regret that we wont have new music to play from him, but I will make sure we play anything of his that is out to this point. WVCCRadio and Vice City Cypher will always represent our So Flow Community, Past and Present. With that said…Lets get to some new music for you to enjoy this romantic weekend.

Judas And the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album

This week we got the official release of Judas And the Black Messiah in theaters and on HBO Max. The long-awaited Biopic about the Life, Mission and Unjust murder of Chicago Civil Rights Leader & Black Panther FRED HAMPTON.  Slated by some to be the Best movie of 2021, the soundtrack isn’t pulling any punches.  Executive produced by one of the hottest Producers of 2021, HIT BOY, this soundtrack comes with a star-studded line up including HOV and the late NIPPSY HUSTLE sharing an original track, BLACK THOUGHT, NAS, RAKIM, J.I.D., RAPSODY, H.E.R, SIR, SEBA, SMINO, YOUNG DIRK, DOM KENNEDY, and more…  What HIT BOY manages to create here is part DR. DRE: THE CHRONIC / part BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS: STOP THE VIOLENCE. It is only right that such an important movie and message, have such a great back up of musical talent promoting this film, especially during our current social struggles with equality and justice. The message and life example of FRED HAMPTON and the Panthers is something we need to be reminded of now more than ever.  Make sure you catch Judas And the Black Messiah this weekend, asap.


Last night we were pleasantly surprised when one of our viewers shared a link on the #WVCCRadio Chat (Shout out to the homie CASIMIRO TURRAYA & DOGGIE DOG GROOMING for not only supporting #WVCCRadio with their viewer ship this past week, but also inviting people to check out the show, and officially sponsoring us a Local Business. Make sure to hit up DOGGIE DOG GROOMING at IG @doggiedogspetsalon for all your pet grooming and boarding needs.).  Now lets be clear, we don’t usually accept request on the Chat Thread, so don’t get it twisted and think you going to start sending us song recommendations…H2Omey don’t play that.  However, last we changed up the format a little and accepted 1 link from every viewer to get a feel for what the Audience was vibing to.  Well the homie Casimiro hit us with a link to this Artist right hur.  Hialeah’s own E1HUNNID.  A member of Hialeah’s SCALE MONEY RECORDS, the local label which is also home of #KENDALLvzHIALEAH stand out artist TYSON EL DOMINICANO who repped “The Leah” hard enough to make new fans out of many in the Kendall side of the stands.  Off the strength of the tracks we have played by TYSON, I was interested in hearing what else SCALE MONEY had on deck.  We weren’t ready for what came out the speakers.  Playing a cut off his previous release GREENBOX LEGEND, we got our first taste of E1HUNNID, who off rip sounds like he was born in a soundproof booth with a mic in his hand.  The southern spitter is a natural with the “street slang” slanging and seems to have a hell of a production team behind him. The live stream audience felt the vibe and E1 proceeded to let us know that his new project LOVE: LOYALTY OVER VALUES EVERYTHING was dropping a midnight.  Well of course you know your boy 8ch had to get you the scoop and give you a taste of this latest flavor coming out of The City of Progress.  E1’s new project is solid production wise from Stern to Stem. This whole boat floats on that modern “WAVE” of commercial appealing sound paired with Flows & Bars that still speak to the streets.  From the EP opener “DAVID COPPERFIELD”, E1Hunnid makes it clear he is ready for the big leagues, just show him where to sign at and watch him do his magic.  The 2nd track “TEASER” is a certified Club Banger (If the clubs ever open up again). The Reggaeton inspired hook by CLASE E is catchy enough to stay on your mind for a couple of days and def one of those hooks that you gonna see the ladies lip sinking to.  The next song on the album “SHE SO EVIL” has a special appearance by “El Tigre De Hialeah” TYSON EL DOMINICANO. Both spitters make their label proud on this as they break down them scandalous hoes who look like heaven but put you through hell.  BACK ON THE BLOCK introduces us to another artist out of the SCALE MUSIC Camp, UBYLIS DA PLUG, who is definitely an up and coming voice to follow in the Miami music scene.  E1Hunnid shared a joint by him called PARANOID last night on WVCCRadio and that shit was official as fuh.  I guarantee the name Ubylis is one that’s going to be showing up alot in the younger generations threads in the years to come.  7 tracks deep, the whole project is solid. E1 exhibits excellent skill riding each different rhythm, bringing Bars that arent dime a dozen, and showcasing a swag that is made for prime time.  Show this record some “LOVE”, give it a few spins and we guarantee it’ll make you a Loyal Fan.

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AYNT – Junto

The Curly Crowned Boi from the Blue is back back.  AYNT has been putting in work since he was a young teenager, dropping projects with the now infamous JUST THIS CREW of the Fountaine Blue hood since he was 14 years old, and continuing his artistic journey with his MISCREANT MUSIC FAMILY.  Just recently he blessed us with a couple of new Projects,  FRIENDS OF MONSTERS Self Titled Debut and THE HEALING EP, under thier new group F.O.Mo ( Friends Of Monsters), composed of Llama Beats members SPITS THE LAMA, CAL SOTO and AYNT.  Now he is back on his Dolo shit, flexing his pen and production powers on his new single JUNTO.   The video is fresh enough to match the smooth minimal beat and liquid metal bars AYNT spits.  You might as well add this prodigy to your list of Local Favorites if you haven’t already. He plans on being around until he “Gets a Cult Following and Makes Dough off his Shows”.  He’s got another single dropping at the end of Feb produced by MC/Producer & “James Dewitt Yancey Foundation Florida Chapter President” LEO DAVINCCI, so you make sure to give this vid a couple of plays, shares and stay tuned in for more New New from AYNT.


We got a new MC/ Producer making moves in “The Bottom”.   Representing Kendall and The Ridge, the homie CYREX hits the scene with his first debut single DOWN SOUTH.  Self Produced & Engineered, CYREX proudly shares that he makes all his beats on his Portable Pocket Production drum kit, the PO33. A miniature drum kit that is literally the size of a calculator, and runs on 2 AA Batteries. Once I found that out, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the rugged, abstract, industrial hop beat CYREX dropped DOWN SOUTH over. You can tell as soon as the beats starts playing, that this isn’t wat they are used to hearing “Down South” in the Cutler Ridge area. That’s what makes CYREX all the more ill.  His flow, lyrical approach and production are all unique, even if they do show some signs of still being in their early stages of development.  If this is what this man can create on a palm held drum machine, I’m looking forward to hearing what he brings in the future.

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Phife Dawg ft. Busta Rhymes & Redman – “Nutshell Pt. 2” | Produced by J Dilla 

New PHIFE DIGGY Produced by J.Dilla….WHAT!?!?!?! Featuring Busta & REDMAN….WTF!?!?!?  On the week that we celebrate the birth and life of the late James Yancy aka Jay Dee, aka Dilla, we get a fantastic colabo remix track.  Stellar verses from all 3 MC’s, each verse revolving off of a Key Word in the rhyme scheme.  The Dilla beat keeps your head nodding as only Mr. Donuts could. The first single off of the upcoming posthumous album by PHIFE DAWG, “FOREVER”, Nutshell 2 def gets our mouth watering for more joints off the new album.  Long Live the “5 Foot Assassin Prominent as Shakespeare.”


Another new comer to the “So Flow Hip Hop” Scene, VOICE aka Voice of G was recommended to us by Local Promotion Machine and fellow facilitator DIRTY 5IVE JAKX.  Once I listed to his new album THE PARK, I understood immediately why JAKX had shared this with all his followers.  Produced by D TECH (@dtechmiami), DOSIA BEATS (, Eliii3 Is (@eliii3_is), and AQUARIOUS JAY (@AQUARIUSBWOY), the album is a beautiful musical journey from start to finish.  The Miami Lakes MC who was born in Coral Gables, & raised in the Gables and South Miami / Dadeland area brings all the flavors of Miami together on this album.  He effortlessly goes in and out of Trap & Boom Bap Flows, his pen never lacking. RAISE YOUR VOICE is a track that any Hip Hop head on any point of the Age Spectrum will vibe with, as VOICE Mentions his influences from Vets Mos Def/ Black Starr all the way to New School reps XXX and Ronnie J. VOICE says of the song, “Raise Your Voice is a call to action, for young people to stand up for something and make their Voice heard.  This song is also the reason I stuck with the name VOICE.” Producer D Tech doesn’t only handle the beats on the album.  You can catch him flexing his vocals and bars on 25 TO LIFE & THE PARK .  The track ON THE WAY gives me that Today Was A Good Day positive vibe, while EUROSTEP featuring the group PEACE OF MIND, makes for a lit crew cut.  VOICE OF G is also making his Voice heard on his Podcast VOICE VISIONS on Youtube, where he interviews local from many different walks of life. Make sure you follow the brother on Spotify and Subscribe to his Youtube page to stay up to date with all his latest releases.  

RAHEEM SAMAD – Nubian Tapestries

So yesterday Lady Venom V, the Only Female crazy enough to be an official member of #SoFloMediaGang #SFMG, shared the link to the album above with me.  As soon as I heard the classic WILD STYLE Movie Sample and the Saxaphone in the intro of the song, I was all in.  NUBIAN TAPESTRIES by RAHEEM SAMAD does not disappoint as an LP.  Full of Smart, Practical, Street Savvy Bars and beats that will give you a Neck ache and heal all your pains at the same time.  I played the album opener last night during WVCCRadio and Lady V ordered everyone to not only like the single, but to listen to the whole album.  So I’m sharing the album with you all to help keep you from getting stabbed. Trust me, when Lady V gives an order, its dangerous not follow it.  Listen to this album.


This is my New Underground Album of the Week Choice this week. Residing on opposite sides of the Great Lakes, Solar-C hails from Canada and Jon Rogers reps for the States. Connected via the web, what started as a few mouse clicks transformed into a five year obsession with creating a unique sound: Solar-C’s sharp calculated rhyme patterns and in the pocket flow coupled with Jon’s soulful, honest, gritty, and innovative production yields an inspirational sound that stands alone. If you are a fan of real hip hop, that’s all you’ll hear in their body of work… pure unadulterated hip hop.

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The Album Stray From The Pack is Kev Brown and J Scienide’s homage to all the great duos Like EPMD, Das Efx, Hall & Oates, Mobb Deep, Steely Dan etc. “This album was fun to create because we both have so many styles and different music genres that we like. We kept it raw. Strictly hardcore Beats no guest appearances and no gimmicks. Just dope beats and rhyme. The Album Stray From The Pack dropped on Static King / Fat Beats Records, link here:

SPANGLISH CITY CARTEL CYPHER: UB The Underboss, Salazar “Tabaquero305”, Caramalo “El Colonel”, Chucky Greenlight, Tyson El Dominicano, El Mike (RIP), and MichelAngelo305.

No Lie we just played this last night when Tyson El Dominicano shared it with us on WVCC Radio. Today we get the news that EL MIKE passed away. I mourn with our Latin Hip Hop Community and brothers in the scene who know Mike personally. Our prayers go out to his family and loved ones. May we honor his memory by giving Life all that we got and loving eachother a little more this weekend. Peace.