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Happy Fry-Day Fellow 88ers. Exciting things on the horizon for your boy. I start my 1st Semester of College next week. That’s right, at the ripe old age of 43, your favorite So Flow Audio Drug Plug will be investing the next 4 years in getting a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications / Journalism/ Public Relations. I figure its what I love to do and have been doing for peanuts for the past decade, so its time to put in a little work into increasing my knowledge, my experience and as a result my value. Still don’t know how bad its going to effect our schedule at #WVCCRadio and #CyphLyfeBlog, but we appreciate your ongoing support of our movement and media outlets, and I commit to keep bringing you the latest in Indie and Underground Hip Hop as much as time and priorities allow. Enough with that….New Music anyone???


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I owed you guys this album last Friday, but life happened. CHOCO, please don’t hunt me down like a Nazi in hiding. From the album opener of WOLFENSTEIN, it is obvious this isn’t the dude you want knocking on your door asking if you collect 3rd Reich memorabilia. For over a decade CHOCO VALENS has been carving a name for himself in the foreheads of all who have stood in front of him in battles, cyphers, studio sessions and live shows around South Florida. The Colombian born MC’s machine gun cadence and natural energy have earned him a reputation in the SO FLOW HIPHOP Scene as an Artist to watch. On his latest album he makes his agenda crystal clear. Kill everything he touches, especially the ignorant. Pick yourself up a copy before you get that knock at your door, and hear that chainsaw outside your window.


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The Golden One has returned with the souls of 100+ Godz dwelling behind his Frowning Mask. NOEMOTION GOLD MASK is currently on his 311 Day of recording a Song a Day with his International crew of Algorithm Killing Misfits, THE GODZ. If you haven’t tuned into one of his Live Recording sessions on Youtube , your missing out on a great interactive time with a great group of creatives. Together they have pumped out 5 Albums since 2020 and are showing no signs of slowing. The beats on this latest installment to the series are brought to us by JUST, 5AM, BOSS HANDS, WAVEY DAW GHAWD, NOCTONUL TUNES, S3NZU BEATS, LORD OIO, and the Late Great MINDSTATE THE GOD, just to name a few. Join the GODZ daily on Youtube as they fulfill their #GoldenGoals for 2021 of recruiting more Godz world wide and together beating the algorithm.

The Weekend – The Highlights (Full Album)

I’m still not sure if the Weekend really fucked his face up with Plastic Surgery or not, but I am sure that this greatest hits album is fire. Flooded with enough 80’s Pop Synth to makes you feel like your driving the streets of Los Santos with Franklin riding Shotgun. This is a great mix of The Weekends most popular joints with some fun new Singles in the mix. Enjoy this during this brisk Miami Weekend.

Conway & Big Ghost Ltd – If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed (Album)

With rumors about the Griselda Family break up flying all around, The Machine is back with another LP to prove that none of that drama is going to slow him down 1 bit. Entirely Produced by BIG GHOST LTD, a former “Rap Comedy Blogger” turned Producer who supplies a soundscape for CONWAY which is “No Joke”. This isn’t the first time the two combine to create magic either. The first teamed up on CONs 2020 release NO ONE MOURNS THE WICKED, and on IF IT BLEEDS IT CAN BE KILLED they keep the rounds raining on our heads (Insert catchy Conway Brrrrrrrrrrr Adlib). Some immediate standouts are the cold as ice KILL ALL RATS where RANSOM & ROME STREETZ join the fun and drop bars as hard as the electric guitar heavy beat, LOSES TO BLESSINGS with its heart felt Open Book Honesty and Warped Piano Sample, and SONS OF KINGS ft KNOWLEDGE THE PIRATE. No appearances from BENNY or Brother WESTSIDE GUN unfortunately. Hopefully its not a further sign of things to come. GRISELDA has been a huge reason HIP HOP is having the resurgence it is currently experiencing, and it would be a shame for another group of Hip Hop Heroes to fall apart.

LEO DAVINCCI – Tell Me (feat. Stige & Sarah Jean)

The month of February is jam packed with reasons to remember. Black History Month encourages us to remember the Hard Work, Struggle and Achievements of our African American & Afro Latino Ancestors, and to never forget to work just as hard and to overcome the struggles just as they did in order to achieve our own dreams. Valentines reminds us to think about someone else than just ourselves for a change. To remember why you fell in love with the person you been with for so long, or to just remember to Love yourself a little, your worth it. February is also the month we remember the life and legacy of the Late Great J DILLA, as we celebrate DILLA MONTH. A huge Proponent of Dilla Month in Miami has been the brother LEO DaVINCCI. Named President of the JAMES DEWITT YANCEY FOUNDATION Florida Chapter by Ma Dukes herself, DAVINCCI has made it one of his life’s missions to keep the memory of Dilla alive in So Flo. As an accomplished MC / Producer himself, D has been behind some of Miami’s hottest Hip Hop joints in the past 10 Years, and now he is mounting a triumphant return to the scene after taking time off to concentrate on his other Life Mission, saving the next Generation from Violence through the vehicle of Music. As a Mentor at the Non-Profit GUITARS OVER GUNS, DaVINCCI works with at risk youth in some of Miami’s Low Income areas, and teaches them the ropes of Rhyme Writing, Song Structure, Production, and Recording, in hopes that they find a creative alternative to the street life that consumes so many kids in the hood. So I guess D considered February a perfect month to remind everybody that he not only teaches music, he makes it and quite expertly. His latest single TELL ME feat Kendall Spitter STIGE & Vocalist SARAH JEAN, proves that LEO has matured from the Miami Beat Wave MC to an all around Musician and Artist. The Vocals, and Productions are all arranged by him, and when starts running the rhymes, you remember right away why he got everybody’s respect back in the day. A smooth single you can dedicate to that special someone you trying to spend Valentines with next weekend. But if you in the mood for something a little harder, check out his latest video ALL SAID AND DONE ( A.S.A.D) featuring AG LYONS, STIGE and BERNZ of Mayday. The video is full of So Flow Cameos and a message that is as needed today as a mask when walking into Publix. Make sure you keep an eye for the full length LP dropping later this year. Dont worry, if you forget….WVCC RADIO will be sure to remind you.


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The Hialeah Homegrown Mic Monster formerly known as LMS, the Last Man Standing is back with his latest installment in his new THE GUANTLET Single Series. Fashioned after the Infinity Gauntlet Mythos, ULYSSES has vowed to drop a single a week for the 5 weeks to clear the way for his upcoming album ME. Last night #WVCCRadio had the honor of premiering this latest banger SPACE, and let me tell you boy…You better make sure you aint ignoring your lady. Captain Snatch a Bitch is on the prowl and he is ready to fill the space of any fool who is slipping on his pimping. Riding over Jack Harlows what’s Popping, ULYSSES snaps and shows the audience that not only is he nasty with the word play and flows, but he can get quite nasty with the hoes as well. Let this shit ride a couple of times and dont forget to peep his last single TIME while you at it. Let us know how you feeling the Gauntlet so far in the comments below.

Mr. FP x JaeBars – Tres Magnifique [prod. by DJ MattyLite]

DJ Matty Lite is popping um out weekly it seems, and every release just keeps getting better. New from the Chicago Production Machine is TRES MAGNIFIQUE his Collaboration with emcee MR. FP & JAE BARS on the Hype. I had never heard of MR. FP until this single dropped, but MATTY LITE has a way of shining the light on obscure Underground MC’s and making them gleam. FP’s Bars are rugged as they come, as the beat attempts to knock your head off your neck. As long as MATT LITE keeps providing us heat of this caliber, we going to keep serving it to yall. Make sure to follow him on IG @dj_mattylite .


You cant have the Art of MCing without the craft of Poetry. It is the Foundation of the Vocal Element of Hip Hop known as Rap, The ability to string spoken words in a rhythm and cadence that give them a hypnotic quality, grabbing the attention of the listener. It is in this same spirit that the  Poet REAL PROPER LIKE approaches all his work. Quick to let you know he isn’t a rapper, he is a Spoken Word Artist, REAL PROPER slides all over the funk driven DOLLA like its nobodies business. Painting a picture of inner-city disparity coupled with the love/ lust off material possessions and the chase for the parchment that get us those things we WANT but don’t necessarily need. Weaving together Bible Scriptures, Pimpology, And Modern Millennial Lingo, PROPER LIKE tell a tale that resonates with everyone, especially during this tax season with another stimulus check on the horizon. With so much extra money coming your way, make sure you head the Moral of the Poem…Master your Money, don’t let it Master You. 


“Mr. I Just Wanna Rap with My Rapper Voice”, KING TETRUS is back at it after the release of his stellar 2020 debut, OUT OF TOKENS. In the past couple of weeks he has released a pair of singles that show both TET’s Lyrical Prowess and his marketability. The latest single BOOKER T, has him hop scotching around a Bad Bunny beat that he bounces on like an Olympic Gymnast. TETRUS easily flows over Commercial Bangers and Hip Hop Classics as he proves over the nod to NASSIR JONES- GET DOWN FREESTYLE. Enjoy the playlist and make sure you give him a follow on Soundcloud and Youtube.

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It’s DEVIN THE DUDE dying to get out of Covid Quarentine and back out on the road touring again. You know SOULFUL DISTANCE is going to be Hot Chocolate on a Cold Miami Night smooth and impossible to keep your distance from. Press Play and enjoy you some grown and sexy smokers rap this weekend.


One of my favorite new voices in the Underground, AJ SUADE is automatic with the releases. He has been dropping EPs and LPs consistently every two months and they are always quality production and penmanship. Check out DARTH SUEDER VI, written, produced and engineered entirely by the SUADE GOD himself.

Tragedy Khadafi – Hidden Files 2021

Holy Shit this album is fire….this might be the best album on this whole playlist. The Queens Bridge killer TRAGEDY KHADAFI is back and he fucking around. I aint going to talk this up to much. I’ll let the album slap you for itself. Make sure you peep ANIMAL PLANET featuring NEMS and APATHY, fucking disgusting!! Let us know how you feel this shit….its on our Top 10 AOTY thus far.


SMIF-N-WESSUN’s STEEL, the BOOT CAMP CLIQUE General, is back to lead the people who are fed up with this unbalanced and unjust system. “El General” is sharp as ever over the hard body productions of ES-K. This is conscious rap, BOOT CAMP CLIQUE style. SEAN P would be proud and would be marching right along side STEELE if he was here in the physical.

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IT’ PROOOOOOOF!!!! The Big Homie DJ PROOF is kicking the year off with a new Beat Tape. The follow to his original QUARENTINE SLAPS Beat Tape he released in 2020 in the head of the Lock Down, this one Slaps just as hard and has PROOF flexing some new muscles. Press the link above and find out why we have dubbed him the BOOM BAP KING OF MIAMI. Also be on the look out for THE WATERPROOF, by DJ Proof and yours truly, 8ch2Owens, dropping in March.

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