New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right.

Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. How lucky are we to be living in one of the only states that isn’t covered in snow this week. Our prayers go out to all of our friends and fam suffering through the cold in TX and around the US. Here is a little fire to help thaw you out and melt some of that snow on your driveway and sidewalks.


As the opening track of the album makes clear, El Camino is a “Music Love Story”.  The tale of how the Spanish Harlem Spitter known as BODEGA BAMZ fell in love with the Rap Game and has sacrificed everything to bag that trifling bitch, and everything he has learned along that long hard road.  You can always count on BAMZ to serve you that Raw Street Talk in a number of different flows.  This time around Producers NAVI BEATS, JOHNBOY BEATS, CAS1, TRE EIGHT, and the TAN BOYS.  The TAN BOYS lay down a banger with THE KING, flipping the classic Jerry Rivera sample that another Spanish Harlem duo made famous back in the Golden Era, and BAMZ flexes on us all claiming with confidence that he’s the next best thing since Big Pun died.  Some dope features from some names you may not be familiar with, but when I first heard BODEGA BAMZ and NITTY SCOTT on the NO PANTY project with JOELL ORTIZ, I had never heard of either of them either, and they ended up being some of my modern favorites.  Maybe he can shine the same light on them that the Big Bro JOELL shined on him, helping his career to take off.  Features and Producers aside, BAMZ is the real star of the show, taking you for a ride in the EL CAMINO to meet his girl, Music.  Will she have his money when he shows up?  Take the ride and find out for yourself.

THE LASSO – 2121

New Space Jazz Funk vibes coming out of Mello Music Group. THE LASSO (Producer, Composer, Multi Instrument Master) brings us back his new project 2121 from a 100 years in the future. An ill blend of what he describes as Ohio/Minneapolis Funk meets Interstellar Thump.  A wonder array of vocalist, musicians, and MC’s grace this eclectic album. Check out the full album backstory breakdown and Special Guest Line up on their Bandcamp where you can also support this fantastic collection of Music.

MidaZ The Beast – When Martin Loved Gina Pt.1 (EP)

We still in the Month of Love, so its only right we bless you with a dope album about the ups and downs of relationships. The Big homie from the Ozone (Orlando FL Hip Hop Scene), MIDAZ THE BEAST has delivered just that with WHEN MARTIN LOVED GINA PT 1. A short EP clocking in at 5 tracks (6 with the extra bonus track) but its full of everything an Underground Hip Hop head could want. Smooth Beats, Great topic flips, and of course MIDAZ is never one to sound like any other MC.  It’s great to hear him flexing his unique style over this topic of Relationships. If you got a boo who knows the names to all the WuTang Members, and even mentions Redman as Wu Family, maybe this is the perfect ep to shoot to her inbox or play for her as you kick it this weekend.

Sheek Louch – Beast Mode 4 (Deluxe Edition Album)

New SHEEK LOUCH of the LOX!!!  Well, sort of new.  This is actually the deluxe edition of Sheek Louch’s “Beast Mode 4” album with 5 additional songs. It features Jadakiss, Styles P, Whispers, Ghostface Killah, Lil Fame, Tony Moxberg, Benny the Butcher, Oswin Benjamin, Cory Gunz, Chris Rivers and Ragz Da Artist.  If you grew up a fan of that D Block shit, You wont be disappointed.

Y.K. Hamilton – Slick Sh*t X Mandalay Bae

Off of WVCCRadio’s pick for South Florida AOTY, TRICK DADDY KANE, the homie from Lake Worth, Y.K. HAMILTON is back with a Double Feature Video for his singles SLICK SHIT & MANDALAY BAE.   White Boy spits them Funky Bars harder than Wild Cherry ever played that “Funky Music”.  His swag and rhymes dialed up past 10, the MC once known as Jabba Jaws represents both So Flow Underground Hip Hop, and Dirty Souf Rap to the fullest and makes a brother proud to be a Hip Hop Head in the bottom of the Gunshine State.  Hit play on the video and make sure you go peep TRICK DADDY KANE and see for yourself why we voted it Album of the Year when it dropped.

Shaw Calhoune – Goldie

Meet MOSAIKE MUSE MEDIA & Artist SHAW CALHOUNE.  Hailing from Maryland VA, this spitter has been putting in work to make sure the rest of the Nation and World learns his name.  Dropping 5 Singles and Videos in 2020 and showing no signs of slowing down, SHAW comes to us this month with visuals for his new single GOLDIE. The smooth productions are enough to make even the most beat up hooptie feel like you whipping a foreign & seduce any woman riding shotgun. SHAWs Voice, Confident Delivery and Bars grab your attention in a choke hole that feels more like Big Bro play fighting with you then an actual assault, but you can feel the muscles behind the horseplay.  This dude is the real deal.  The bloody visuals Directed by long time So Flow Fam WORDS AXIS, will have you seeing Red…literally.  Great track to vibe to while you run your street missions this weekend or just kick it with that 10 peace in the front seat.  If you looking for more from SHAW…check out his Youtube Page and IG make sure you give him a Sub so he sees its worth promoting through WVCCRadio.  

Mousey & Novacaine – Where I’m From (Dade County Bound)

Miami Beach Hitter MOUSEY has been surfing the Dirty South Rap Wave for over a decade now. Earning his stripes, building his discography and fan base along the way. The pint sized Rapper tends to surprise the hell out of any crowd when they first witness him live, amazed that such big voice and huge energy can come from such a small frame.  MOUSEY seems like the type of dude who dealt with a lot of doubters growing up and finds joy in shutting haters the fuck up.  He’s back with another single representing WHERE I’M FROM.  Accompanied by Co-D NOVACAINE, the two represent the Dirty 30-5 to the fullest, painting a perfect picture of that Miami Night Life that don’t get shown on Deco Drive. While you at it check out his long time banger, and Fan Favorite TRAP STYLE, its an oldie for him, but if you just becoming familiar with the Mighty Mouse, this new video is going to make you an instant fan.

Mysterious Maiden – SCR [K’NEN&JAFET MUZIC]

The big homie LOGUN of MAIN AIM of GENOSHA RECORDS shared this with us this morning and I’m glad I pressed play. SRC, the collaboration of K’NEN & JAFET MUZIC have released their 1st single to their Debut Record “VOL 1”.  Massachusetts has been a fantastic source of New Hip Hop for a hot minute now and these 2 keep the torch lit. MYSTERIOUS MAIDEN, the new single produced by K’NEN, displays both spitters paying homage to the culture that raised them. This is that kind of shit you feel instantly if you grow up a practitioner of the 4 elements, not so much if you just enjoyed rap music through your laptop.  This is for those who understand the passion and obsession that drives dudes kick it spitting off the top until the sun comes up.  To others it might sound like insanity, a waste of time, a played-out fad.  For those who know, and lived it, this right her sounds like angels singing and calling your forth to heaven.  Give this joint several spins and be reminded why you fell in love with this shit in the first place.

Codenine – LVNDR Base & Beauty (Album)

Get Familiar with CODENINE. His new project LVNDR BASE & BEAUTY is a candy store for lovers of that Lo Fi, Minimal Drum sound that has swept through Hip Hop, made famous by ROC MARCI.  CODENINE does it correct tho. Beats by KARNATE, DON CARRERA, VINYL VILLAIN, CHRONIC TONE, A1 BEATZ & CRUCIAL GUILLOTINE, make for a great soundtrack.  The features are just as ill as the beat selection, with special guest appearances by CRUCIAL THE GUILLOTINE, ESEE NACK, BUB ROCK & LORD JAH-MONTE. Let us know how you feel the EP in the comments below.

Popoff – Who I Am (Album)

First time hearing POPOFF, but this was a hell of a first impression.  From the intro of the album, you can tell this isn’t the dude you want to underestimate or play for a sucker.  Just look at the company he keeps. Guest Features by underground Lords, ETO, RANSOM, RIGZ and BIG TWINS turn up the heat on an album that was already sizzling with the productions provided by underworld beatsmiths BVTMAN, Sypooda, OleHead, Thugs Bunny, Lumin8 and Habeas Beat.  He don’t rely on the Features or the Producers to carry the project tho.  As he makes clear on ON MY OWN, he can hold his own on any record, any block, any situation.  Check out WHO I AM and get to know POPOFF a bit more for yourself.  

Wais P – Sunova (Album)

Son Of A…….You can end the sentence with your most creative curse. WAIS P choses to follow the term with energy and heath of the SUN or a SUPER NOVA.  This is my Underground Find of the Week. Great productions, and WAIS P shows off his flexibility with the cadences and topics. Produced by TEAM DEMO, every beat rides and makes the album even meaner than what WAIS does with his lyric lectures.  Guest appearances by Hip Hop greats TERMANOLOGY, LIL FAME, SAUCE MONEY & NITTY SCOTT who kills it on the Pimp vs Bitch Back and Forth ODD COUPLE.   SUICIDE feat TERM and FAME & the album closer H & R BLOCK, talking about cuffing chicks during tax season, are the perfect icing on this cake full of contraband.  Get yourself some of this right here you SUNOVA