Brooklyn transplant HECTIK THE LATIN ASSASSIN is making a name for himself up and down the East Coast and throughout the Underground with his latest release LIFE IS ALWAYS HECTIK Pt 1. On the 11 track collection of back to back heat rocks, the Brooklynite is giving Hip Hop Heads plenty of reasons to tap in with the Latin Assassin.


       After an INTRO where one of HECTIK’s people speak about him as a “other worldly entity”, describing how the temperature drops when he enters a room, HECTIK proceeds to show you just how cold he is on the mic on THIS IS MY KINGDOM where he gives listeners a V.R. tour of N.Y. more detailed then an Oculus session. On BRAVEHEARTS he blacks out on the 1st verse before handing the Mic over to WU TANG’s CAPPADONNA, who surprisingly comes with one of the tightest verses I’ve heard from CAPPA in a minute. GETTING BUSY WITH IT & ITS MY TIME NOW are two of my instant favorite joints on the project. GETTING BUSY WITH IT with its DMX Cuts by DJ TMB and 3 lethal verses from HECT, and ITS MY TIME NOW with its smooth production by DR. G from Manchester England who also handles the banging beat work on the CAPPADONNA Collab with our fam TONE SPLIFF lending cuts to finalize the joint. WAR CRY, produced by another WVCC favorite, Germany’s BOFAAT, features Green Bay’s  PESTILENCE who has one of the stand out verses and hooks of the album. Arkansas’ SEVIN SOPRANO, and Boulder CO’s SKULL BLUDGEON join HECTIK handing out a Blasphamous Beatdown on HOLY TRINITY produced and chopped apart by DJ TMB. This project is mostly all gas and when it cruises, it’s for the realest of reasons.
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     On YOU AND I, the Hanzo Blades produced bop, HECTIK takes off his Savage Emcee armor to be real and human with a dedication to the Queen of his life. HECT uses this ode to his lady, that he had to first lose to later get back for good, as a perfect vehicle to display not only his every day relatable side, but also his story telling capabilities as he takes you with him through the Ups and downs or the relationship, you even get an invite to the wedding, which was on of the funnest nights of HECTIK’s life.
     But just so you don’t think he went soft on you, HECT and HANZO BLADEZ come back with the album closing LIFE IS ALWAYS HECTIK which leaves you eagerly looking forward to L.I.A.H Pt 2. Actually, after hearing those last 2 tracks, I wouldn’t be mad at hearing a whole HECTIK LP produced by the GRIME WAV Beat and Bar Chef HANZO BLADEZ.
     For now, Part 1 of the series has done a great job of not only putting HECTIK THE LATIN ASSASSIN on our Indie Hil Hop Radar, but it has also turned us on to to a few dope spitters and producers we need to be digging for (I got to find more PESTILENCE, SKULL BLUDGEON, And DJ TMB tracks).  If he is able to top this on part 2, we in for a good time. Even if it does get a little HECTIK.
to stay up to date with where he will be performing in Florida and for all New Releases. We will def tmbe having him on CYPH LYFE Stage at some point in 2024.
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