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Happy 2022 fellow 88ers. We had a hell of a year at WVCC RADIO. Interviewing some of our Hip Hop Heroes, playing New Indie Hip Hop from around the globe for our loyal audience and growing our viewership and DJ Network, and sharing South Florida Hip Hop with the entire World. 2022 promises even bigger and better opportunities which we are ready to take full advantage of. Make sure you follow us on all Social Sites and Twitch to join us in this next year of growth. Enough about us. We hope you had a blast for New Years Eve, or maybe you just played it safe and stayed home with close family. Either way, if you have a hang over or just need some good Hip Hop to enjoy on this first weekend of 2022, we got you covered. Enjoy the Last Bag of 2021 / First Bag of 2022. Here’s to the future.


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Welcome to the cabin compartment of the B2 Bomber flown by mad producer ODD PILOT. A modest Beatsmith from the fridged region of Maine who was more interested in us covering the host of lethal artists who mutilate his latest project (MIKE TITAN, DAYTONA PRO, TERROR VAN POO, JAHBAZ, ALTERED STATES, HONEY DINERO, MIC MURPHY, CERTAIN ONES CREW & The Legendary KOOL KEITH), than having us report on him as the organizer, composer, director and creative mind behind “CABIN FEVER – A Score By Odd Pilot”. Once we did a little journalistic digging tho, it was obvious why he was trying to keep the attention off of himself. You see, ODD PILOT aka EYE WILL CREATE isn’t really from Maine at all, he’s not even from this planet. He’s not even Human, and this isn’t really a B52 Bomber. It’s a UFO. What alien species ODD evolved from and his Planet of Origin are still a mystery , but the fact that this being is not from Earth is immediately evident when you press play and take a ride on the “Plane” EYE WILL pilots. You can find ODD PILOT in his natural element on YouTube (EyeWill-The Odd Pilot) as he creates beats live and posts tutorials to help aspiring beat creators. You see, part of ODD PILOT‘s mission as an “extraterrestrial recon scout” is recruiting highly skilled human beings he works with to amplify their talent, and create Earth Shattering music. He says he’s just fighting for “Power for the Geeks everywhere”, but we know his intentions are much nefarious. He compiles just the cast of characters for the job on CABIN FEVER as each emcee compliments ODDS off-kilter production with their own left field flavor. Personal standouts are HY BRASILIANS, where MIKE TITAN links words together in a fashion unique to him alone. TERROR VAN POO gets ultra violent on ANOTHER DAY, a scorcher that sounds like the score for an 80s dystopian cinema-graphic odyssey. UPPER BRASS introduced me to JAHBAZ, (who I later found out is a member of legendary NY Live Hip Hop Band JUSTICE SYSTEM). His high flying, playful swag, making me an instant fan. HONEY DINERO steals the show with LOVE SLAPS, and had me looking for her New album TWELVE, that just dropped today (Thanks to the BAD SEED for the recommendation and link), to hear more from the nasty Femcee. CERTAIN ONES CREW, who our Fam WHICHCRAFT is always shouting out, kills shit on BELIEVE YOU ME, and Master of Originality KOOL KEITH shows its not his first time on a spacecraft as he spazzes on ON THE ONE. ODD wanted to make sure to thank MIKE TITAN, not only for his contribution on the album, but for all the help in promoting the LP and getting out to the platforms that play dope Hip Hop like HHHEADZ.COM, (One Love to BUTCHA, who has also shown So Flow Hip Hop mad love all year round). The Project is a fun ride from start to finish and a great gateway into the expansive universe of The ODD PILOT. Be mindful not to feed the aliens while you explore, we are still not sure if they eat humans or not.

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Mike Titan X IQ X Zcience Division – The Sacrifice [Full EP]

MIKE TITAN has become one of our favorite Underground Emcees in 2021. With his relentless work ethic, Unique writing style, vampire smooth voice, and consistent output of quality hip hop, TITAN has garnered the respect of his peers and made himself one of the names to look out for weekly. This week, he teams up with constant collaborators IQ & London’s Production due, ZCIENCE DIVISION, to drop the full ep, THE SACRIFICE pt 1. Join IQ and MIKE as they tie down wack rappers who have no substance and copycat mc’s, over the alters constructed by DJ ZINO & ROLEY OMEGA to perform blood sacrifices in attempts to sanctify our sacred culture once more. Or maybe its just cuz they love the look and smell of blood. Their lack of mercy over the ep’s 5 tracks leads me to believe the latter is true. These two hold back no punches and have their own, individual styles of throwing the punch, but somehow seem to sync perfectly together while brawling, like siamese twin boxers. THE SACRIFICE is a quick listen, but its far from painless if you are an aspiring rapper no where near this caliber. These the types of dudes that will make you want to quit your rap career before you even start. Listen at your own risk.

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#SoFlow Shooter BENNI BLANKA has been putting in work on the streets of Dade for over a decade. I’ve seen it with my own eyes as he’s rocked several VICE CITY CYPHER stages & crowds since 2010 and always repped both Hip Hop and the Streets correctly. On his latest release, “THE BRUNCH”, Young BENNI is back showing what kind of damage he does over serious productions. Check him running game over gems by HARRY FRAUD (DESTIN TO BLOW), ALCHEMIST (“TURNING PINK”…great album opener), AHJ ADAMS and a number of sizzlers by SYPOODA (“SUPER POPIN”, “TOP SHELF”, “SO RICH”, “RUNNING UP A CHECK”, and “BLACK SOUL” where BLANKA shows off his Spanish Side flavorfully mixing Black Soul w/ Sazon. Aiiiight…That taste right. For the ladies looking for something to ride out to, catch BEN flexing over the Lemon Pepper Freestyle, or pampering his latest lady on SYPOODA‘s “SUPER POPIN”, or the soulful “TRYNA FIND THE LOVE” (Prod by AHJ ADAMS) which adds a dope tranquil vibe which permeates the end of a heavy-hitting album. The project is capped off by REAL RECOGNIZE ME, a solid display of pimpology and block game, laid over a beautiful minimalist beat by AHJ ADAMS. Originally from Yonkers N.Y., you can hear the east coast swag in his vocals, but make no mistake, that laid-back confidence and sunny disposition is all South Florida. Sorry New York, we claiming this one. Stream THE BRUNCH on the Soundcloud Link below or download it for your personal collection in the Dat Piff link provided.

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Benni Blanka – The Brunch Download


As I wrote in the ODD PILOT – CABIN FEVER review above, as soon as I heard HONEY DINERO on LOVE SLAPS, I stopped the album and went hunting for some HONEY. Luckily, I got a tip earlier from a reliable source (The BAD SEED, Beast Emcee, and CEO of 6th MAN INTERTAINMENT) that the new HONEY DINERO album TWELVE had just dropped and was worth reviewing. That man has yet to lie to us. Not only have all of his recent projects been “THE TRUTH”, but he was no exaggerating when he said this would be worth our time. If anything, he underplayed it. TWELVE is a non-stop banger marathon. Every one of the beats slapping you harder than the last, keeping me extra awake as I work through the 2nd half of my day. From the album opener “CHAPTER 1”, which gives the album an instant Black Queen, Jacky Brown feel, Queen DINERO comes out swinging a diamond spiked scepter to take heads off. Then the singing voice sample and brutal beat drop in for ALKALINE FLOW and my phone flys out of my hand for the first time, as the Femcee/Actress/Breast Cancer Activist holds a workshop on beating down a beat. If you don’t know what time it is yet, HUN will let you know on 2:25 AM. If you havent woken up to this Sister’s potential by this point, you in for a long night as she invites fellow spit boxer BAKEMAN GLOBAL to trade punches on the ruckus FIGHT NIGHT. Other savage features include WHITTY HUTTON & EOPHORIA w/ Label Boss BAD SEED (THE SMOKE, CEASER BORGIA, ALPHA, yeah, that BAD SEED) and the remix to NO MERCY which has the whole 6th MAN ENT. hit squad ( ILLA GHEE, BEKEMAN GLOBAL, & CORTEZ) performing a New Year’s Eve Massacre. In this modern Era of Hip Hop that has a solid number of female spitters turning heads, HONEY DINERO has stepped into the conversation with her Ovaries swinging. She ain’t offering her body as a Sex Symbol. She represents bold empowerment. She makes her points gracefully, Cold, calculated, yet Classy, like the mafia sending a message. She’s bucking deadly bars out of the driver’s side window at all competition until she’s the last one standing. Sounds like our type of movie. WVCC Radio is tapped in.

IG – @officialhoneydinero


Jamal Gasol – More True Stories

Mr. PIFF!!! JAMAL GASOL is ending 2021 in a huge way. As promised, the Niagara Falls, New York emcee delivers a Christmas gift & New Year’s gift, both wrapped in one amazing double disc album titled “More True Stories”. Features include Heem, Che Noir, MAV, Yaya, Koncept Jackson, ToneyBoi, Highland Boy Ryda, RicoTellem, Skyzoo, Ty Farris and Street Justice. Too much fire here to report in a couple of paragraphs, so I will let you enjoy this project at your own pace and invite you let us know how you rock with it. The Amount of work GASOL has put in with his Freestyle Series, Solo and Colab Albums he’s dropped in the past 2 years, and his constant grind hustling his PIFF CLOTHING BRAND, has created the kind of organic buzz the shoota needs to level up to the next category of respected Indie Artist. Cop MORE TRUE STORIES now before “The Price Goes Up!” Bandcamp (Full Album):… iTunes/Apple Music (Side B):… Spotify (Side B):…


And the Award for Most Releases in a Year in #SOFLOW goes to…. Most definitely, without a doubt that award goes to MIC SESSIONZ and AUDIO THEATRICS. The Emcee and Production House which occupy the same body, North Miami Beach’s Michael Delassandro. For most of the past 20 years, MIC SESSIONZ has been honing his skills on the Notepad and Mic, preparing his voice and message for the Hip Hop truest audience he caters to. In the past 2 years it seems the brother has finally come in to his own, taking on both writing, recording and production responsibilities. After dropping 3 different trilogy series with Kendall O.G. B DOPE, and a number of other Colab projects and solo EP’s, SESSIONZ ends the year with EXIT, his goodbye letter to 2021. MIC waste no time on the jazzy album opener WHERE YOU AT which makes great use of a classic Lauren Hill and Method Man vocal sample for the hook. This is something that SESSIONZ seems to have a nack for. He isn’t the most precise sample chopper and looper, but he is a genius with the classic Hip Hop Vocal Samples that he hooks the majority of his songs with. They each give their respective songs the vibe that they require to be a complete work, not just raps over drums. Some samples seems like they wont work, like the Salsa Sample he chops up and plays on COME A LITTLE CLOSER, with its FAT JOE & MASE voice snips. However, by the end of the song, MIC manages to make it all work and it ends up being catchy. Same thing with the obvious Christmas piano loop on GROUND ZERO DEGREES, that at first seems too obvious to work, but ended up being one of my favorite cuts on the album with its quirky DE LA SOUL hook. There are times on this album that I pray that MIC will get recognized and start getting the following that he deserves and has worked so hard for (Like when GET IT TOGETHER slinks in on its funkdefied base line & its snake charming guitar riff. Let me know even mention the slowed down Organized Konfusion sample on the hook, pure genius.). There are other times that I pray he never blows up, like when he is blatantly sampling Michael Jackson which would result in sample clearance law suites larger than anything Pharoah Monch or De La ever dealt with. All that aside, MIC is snapping on this record and also giving you glimpses of the man behind the music on songs like FAMILY MATTERS where he writes a touching letter of appreciation to his parents, especially his Father. EXIT is a fantastic stamp on a year of hard work that has furthered cemented MIC SESSIONZ name in South Florida Hip Hop History. Next year we work on getting his name known outside of the City, State, and Country.

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KON – Designated Driver [prod by Sypooda] (Official Video)

KONFIDENT aka KON kicked the doors open this summer with the slow leak of his KON VOL 1 album feat GUILTY SIMPSON, J RO of the Likwit Crew, MISTA CEE, WILLIE D of TBD, DISTRUCT, SILVANGOLD and more. His latest single off the project, DESIGNATED DRIVER is a dark banger produced by grime hop expert SYPOODA who has delivered some of the hottest releases in the underground this year.  The two team up to show you that the O.G. can hang easily with this Next Gen of Hip Hop Artist and Producers. Let this bang for your audience and let KON take yall for a drive down “Raw Shit Avenue”.  
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Spotify – KON VOL 1

La Fiskal Official – “Talento Drill”

New Artist Alert!!! At least new on our radar. According to UBI the APEX of THC Records, this Cuban Sister has been putting in that work for over 6 years. Releasing records with some of the toughest spitters in Cubas underground. Now permanently living Stateside, UBI tells us (with an unconcealable excitement), this sister is ready to make her name a household topic. Her name is LA FISKAL. Her new single “TALENTO DRILL” shows she has years of experience, but can still flip the latest “Onda”. She rides the drill wave effortlessly in her native tongue (with a hint of english in the addlibs that warn you, you can get that work in both languages if need be.) “La dama es una fiera en el microphono” (Transalation – The dame is ferocious on the mic). According to our sources, on her last visit to Miami she stepped in THC Studios and laid down 4 Tracks back to back, all of them certified street bangers. The way The APEX was talking about LA FISKAL and the music she is getting ready to put out on THC Records, WVCC RADIO is ready to back it 100% and make sure all of our listeners get a taste of the newest female voice from our beautiful island of Cuba.


Let’s start the year off with some powerful words of wisdom from the WVTCH WXLVEZ Squad of South Florida. Off Of MONEY MOGLY & CVLT 45‘s latest release “VERY LITTLE GUN SOUNDS” comes the latest single from the WXLVEZ den, “CHAMBERS SQUARE” which showcases some of the most impressive word play we have heard in a minute.  Get familiar with ART MORERA & JOEY DE SILVA as they wield some of the most respected pens in South Florida. One listen will get your attention and respect as well.  A couple of more listens and you’ll be on the hunt for the rest of the WVTCH WXLVEZ Discography. Be prepared, you could spend all of 2022 catching up on that. It’ll be worth it tho.
IG – @wvtchwxlvez , @cvlt.45


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ENELS, the brains behind MASTER MIND STUDIOS, left a grenade in our inbox for New Years Eve. Wishing everyone a Happy 2022, ENELS (Pronounced E-Nels) sets off his latest single THE GAME, reminded his side bitches to behave and putting the rap game in check. If you thought ENELS and the GRIMEWAV family made moves in 2021, you have no idea what is in store for 2022. They take great pleasure in seeing the surprise on our faces when the loaded glocks and blood stained blades come out. Stop playing and stream THE GAME in the Bandcamp Link below.

Rasheed Chappell & XP The Marxman – Water To Wine Feat.Oran Juice Jones ii 

Last night while we were all watching the Ball Drop, RASHEED CHAPPELL & XP THE MARXMAN were busy “turning Water to Wine before their Autopsy”. These brothers from opposite coasts have wasted no time after the release of their highly acclaimed RX ALBUM. They have now dropped 5 Videos off the modern classic, WATER TO WINE being the latest visual release. Catch RASHEED and XP stretching out their Silky smooth vocals over the equally smooth SLIDE BEATS production. Here is some insight on the single and video shoot from the RX brothers themselves:

“As If to add an exclamation point and solidify the “RX” in the conversation for Album Of The Year contender, Chappell and XP deliver another expertly crafted visual shot by Famous AAA for the infectious “Water To Wine” Produced by Slide Beatz and featuring the multitalented Oran “Juice” ii . The video takes place at The Sampler BK, home to some of NY’s best parties for those in the know, weekly events by such notables as Statik Selektah. A relative who’s who of indie luminaries such as DJ Eclipse, Spanish Ran, Malcolm Sef, Arkin, Reckonize Real & even Sam Buck of The Bucked Up Podcast came through to show love to the brainchild of Rasheed and The Marxman, who hit the mark with precision. RX Available Everywhere NOW

BOTTOM OF THE BAG – Hidden Gems worth checking out.

J Scienide – Somebody’s Paradise (Full Album)

New Release by J Scienide starts off solid. Scienide got his flow and swag on lock and compliments every instro given to him on SOMEBODY’S PARADISE. REC ALI featured on the 2nd joint of the album LAVA AIR TECHS makes this an extra dope find. Production will keep your head bobbin & J SCIENIDE will make you a fan if you about that street science speak. Worth several spins.…

IG – @jscienide

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Light The Emcee x Custodian – Crisis Actors (Full Album)

Who the Fuck is LIGHT THE EMCEE. CUSTODIAN OF RECORDS is a name I’ve grown familiar with in my digs for underground gems, but LIGHT is a name that’s new to me. Glad I found him though. CRISIS ACTORS is an UGHH Head’s dream come true. Out The Box Beats filled with lyrics written with care and without a care for popular opinion. Guest Appearances by Nite Boogie and Skeerap add some extra rare spice to the dish. Produced and Mixed By The Custodian of Records except track 9 and track 7, mixed by Timepiecetracks who also engineered and mastered the album. Def worth several spins this 1st week of 2022.


Pro Zay x Hobgoblin – NEW SOUF (Full Album)

Grimey Southern Bap Funk. Thats PRO ZAY & HOBGOBLIN deliver on NEW SOUF. Being from South Florida, its only right that we check this out to see if it gets the Southern Stamp of Approval. So far this shit is slimey as fuck.… /

Chuck Chan x L​-​Train – New Cool (Full Album)

CHUCK CHAN never disappoints. His team has put out a number of Underground gems this year, so adding his latest release with L-TRAIN was no brainer. NEW COOL features CHUCK & L TRAIN flexing on the mic and features guest appearances by JIGGS, KILLY SHOOT, SEDIZZY & GENERAL BACK PAIN. These brothers have figured out that Working Smart rather than Working Hard is the New Cool, and they as cool as they come. Enjoy this while you clean your house for the weekend or enjoy a day out in the sun. /

O Finess – Prodigal Son (Album)

O Finess new project “Prodigal Son”. Produced by Clypto . 50 limited cd’s will be available via :

DJ GlibStylez – Underground Bangerz Mixshow Vol.25 (Underground Hip Hop)

As is our new tradition. We end the bag with the latest mix from our Friday Morning Sound Provider, DJ GLIBSTYLES. He wrapped up the year in stellar fashion with his latest UNDERGROUND BANGERZ MIX. Make sure you follow him on Mixcloud and Twitch and catch him on WVCC Radio every Friday Morning 8am-12 Noon. Thanks for all the support in 2021 Glibs. We look forward to growing our Network in 2022.