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Happy Friday Fellow 88ers and happy holidays. We have arrived at the end of another year, and what a year it has been for WVCC Radio. We got the opportunity to interview some of our Indie Hip Hop Heroes on Cyph Lyfe Radio, including WORDSWORTH, HOMEBOY SANDMAN, NINE DOUBLE M, DOPPLEGANGAZ, CHUCK N LOCK, ILL LOGIC, and many more. We are taking a break for the end of the year to spend time with the family, but had a couple of hours to do a POP UP Stream Last night and we could tell by the audiences enthusiasm to join us and participate in the chat thread that folks are eager to have WVCC RADIO back on a weekly basis. We look forward to being back in January, but for now we are please looking back on what we accomplished as a community, and individuals in the past year and celebrating the fact that we are alive to fight another year. The music dont stop tho, and we got a loooooot of good music for yall this week, soooooo….On To The Bag!!!


It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the Top Selling Hip Hop Artist on Bandcamp out of Miami FL this week; MXNEY MXGLY. Founding Member of the WVTCH WXLVEZ Crew (The resurrection of one of Kendalls most feared and revered rap cliques, DUB P aka WOLF PACK). With more than 20 years in the South Florida Hip Hop Scene under his belt, MOGLY sets his sights on the larger National/ International audience as he teams up with Washington D.C Producer CVLT.45.

Earlier this year CVLT shocked the shit out of us with his CVLT WORK release, featuring West Palm’s DJ BEN WORKING. Now he is back with DON LOBO for “VERY LITTLE GUN SOUNDS”, the 2nd album to come out of “THE GOLDEN GODZ” Camp, featuring MXNEY MXGLY, who is by now an honorary God, having released “THE NO EMOGLY TAPE” last month, produced entirely by NO EMOTION GOLD MASK himself. If you got the chance to hear that work of art, or have seen the GODZ CAST on YouTube, you know that this army of creatives can take the smallest idea and turn it into something powerful.

After the buzz created by the NOEMOGLY TAPE, Producer CVLT.45 shot MOGLY a pack of Hard Rock reminiscent heaters, which the Big Wolf quickly devoured and returned to us as VERY LITTLE GUN SOUNDS, an album making a Huge Impact in So Flow. From the 1st Track, “BULLETHOLE BUICKS”, you can feel MOGLY‘s sincere gratitude, comfort in the booth, and hunger to take this to the next level. You can also tell that Cvlt.45 got some crazy shit in the chamber awaiting us, as the intro cut turns into 2 different songs with a disgusting beat switch that MOGLY turns into a “double intro”. Born In Germany, but raised in the streets of the dirty south, MXGLY gives this project the best of all words. Hard Boom Bap productions, Grimey Authenticity, Southern Street Slang, Comedic Releaf ( the skits and song feat special guest AL CAPACCINO are hilarious and thoroughly entertaining, play this twice and I guarantee you will be singing along with AL as he “SINGS A LOVE SONG“) and Bars upon Bars upon Bars. 

Take for example “CHAMBERS SQUARE”, were pen masters ART MORERA & JOEY DE SILVA join the fun to bring pride to the WVTCH WXLVEZ name. The whole track is masterfully written and executed, from the soft, relaxing beat, to the simple hook that really transports you to a place without walls. The whole album is back to back heat with some surprises (check out MXGLEY singing the Blues on the soulful WILDERBEAST) but that album closer boiiii, OUTRO AT THE GOVERNMENT CENTER is a reminder that when you fuck with WVTCH WXLVEZ and THE GOLDEN GODZ, you are fucking with the “NOT FUCKING AROUNDERS”.
Enjoy the whole VERY LITTLE GUN SOUNDS LP at Bandcamp


The following short review was provided by MC TILL of EVERYBODIES HIP-HOP LABEL, who shared this New SHORTIE NO MASS album with the HIP HOP LIFERS FB group today. You know adding New SHORTIE to the Bag was a no-brainer, but he wrote the review much better than I ever could. Salute MC TILL for all your coverage of our culture. Thank you for letting us use your write-up….

Guess who’s back? Shortie No Mass! Yes, the dope emcee who emerged on Buhloone Mindstate and in some ways stole the show when she appeared. She was phenomenal. Her voice, her thoughts on the mic, her presence brought so much value to an already masterful performance from De La Soul. I was just minding my business on Thursday afternoon, December 16, 2021, when I saw someone on Facebook post about a new Shortie No Mass album! What?!! Actually, to be honest with you, I was upset before I heard the news. My kids had been stressing me out with their frustrating behavior. I was still in my feelings about that when I heard about this new album. Well, those sad, frustrated feelings left my soul with the quickness. How could I be upset when I had a new Shortie No Mass album to experience?

Let’s go. The very first thing I heard on the album was Shortie rapping on that classic De La Soul song “In the Woods.” Then someone comes on asking Terressa (her name at birth) for some new music. A modern boom-bap beat comes in glaring with a native tongue vibe. Moments later Shortie No Mass spits a verse and just two bars in she pays homage to Phife Dawg. Oh, and she sounds as fresh today as she did all those years ago on Buhloone Mindstate. (This is going to be good). One verse and done. On to the next.

On “Who’s Shortie” she asks and answers that question with confidence. She lets us know she came up with the Native Tongues and is as fresh as anyone around. So who is she? She responds with “She’s legit, one of the best who ever did it.” So has she lost a step? No. Better yet she gives no excuses. Instead, she owns her craft, “I can do it when I want and that’s the best f’ing part.” She is in control. – MC TILL

The rest of the write-up will be included in EVERYBODIES HIP HOP LABELs next book The Native Tongue Review due out in May, 2022. For now make sure you check MC TILL‘s & EVERYBODIES HIP HOP LABEL’s latest published works, THE BOOMBAP REVIEW vol 1, 2 and 3 covering the best in Indie/ Underground Hip Hop from 2019 through the present.


DJ MATTY LITE has become one of our favorite Indie Producers from the new school over the past 2 years. His knack for networking with legit Hip Hop Veterans who feel like they still have plenty left to say is only one of the reasons why. His horrifyingly melodious production is another. On DARK MATTER, The Chicago transplant with Boston MA roots provides us with the best of both, re-introducing the world to BLAQ POET. An original participant in the BRIDGE WARS of 1987 between the Bronx and Queens Bridge, The Queens Bridge MC was first heard on BEAT YOU DOWN, a diss track aimed at KRS ONE and the BDP. Nearly 35 years and countless albums later, BLAQ is back with a pen that leaks DARK MATTER. Over the orchestral boom bap which has become MATTY LITE’s signature sound, BLAQ POET shows us that he is as skilled as ever and more than able to hang with the current Indie Hip Hop stream. Only 2 singles off the 7 cut EP are available to stream. If you thinking of sleeping on this album, DONT DO IT, copp the album on their Bandcamp and enjoy the concerto of pain.


A-God The Old Soul x Whiskeyman – The Honest Pour (Album)

I had the unique pleasure of slow sipping this ep throughout the week. The Mc + Producer Team of Rhode Islands A-GOD THE OLD SOUL & WISKYMAN of the UK, have bottled up some quality spirits in THE HONEST POUR, and like any good whisky, it kept me coming back for more over the past 7 days.

A-GOD is a seasoned “Bar-Tender” telling vivid tales of the streets he grew up on “watching junkies dancing in the street after taking a shot and making a killing of scared jits who didn’t look the part “(POPOV). He ends the song warning us, “I heard the voices from beyond tell me Never trust a cure they offer you before your even harmed
HANZO BLADES of the GRIMEWAV Hit Squad makes a sizzling appearance on WHITE ASHES over a WHISKYMAN banger hot enough to light a godfather blunt with. A-GOD rides the saxophone chops on LOOSE CAPS like a Dominican on a Dirt Bike. The dude’s pen is relentless, weaving double entendre into stories that all have more meaning than what the first listen reveals. Not only are all the beats on THE HONEST POUR masterfully chopped, layered, and mixed down (Listen to HUNGOVER on a Sunday morning after Saturday Night Bar Hopping, and thank me in the comments), but the vocal sample selection at the beginning and end of each track all add to the body of the album and flow of one record into another. The album closer, ON THE ROCKS, plays out like a black and white silent film, with its classical score, and bars that are more of a moral teaching narrative than a personal statement.

THE HONEST POUR is the type of bottle that you keep coming back to every Friday night while you kick it on the back patio playing instrumentals. Once you get to the bottom of the bottle, you go out and get another one, same bottle, cuz it’s just that good. Yo A-GOD, pour me another one.


Chicago’s MIC LOGIK first landed on our radar around the summer of 2021, when he dropped the nightlife banger WHISKY ON THE ROCKS that played from the Northern Coast to South Florida all the way to Great Britain. As 1/3 of the CHI-NATIVE RADIO Family, MIC has done nothing but show our #SOFLOW Artist love, hosting a number of our Alum on their weekly Youtube stream. So it was automatic when the sister TRU EMCEE asked me to review his latest LP, AS I WAS SAYING.

Listening through the album it becomes evident that there is little MIC LOGIK cannot to linguistically. Expertly flipping back and forth between cadences & regional styles (Listen to the style evolution from the intro AS I WAS SAYING, into WHISKY ON THE ROCKS, into the trap club banger WE LIVE (ft WRDS & I AM GAWD). Listen to how he tackles serious subject matter ( Mental Health on SO LOW, marital problems on NO MORE feat a deliciously British accented KRYSTAL SCARLET). Before you think this is just another hook singing drake clone, MIC LOGIK hits you with a million fist punch on INTERLUDE and drops a verse as fluent and smooth as any ever recorded by AZ on 80/94. Speaking of AZ, did you hear the flipping of the simple used on THE WHEEL on the politically charged IT SEEMS SO SIMPLE? How bout that hook tho? MIC LOJ aint JAHEEM, this is true, but he’s not too shabby at all. I ain’t mad at him for singing all over these joints and adding an extra layer of musicality to these records. If you start doubting that this is a raw Boom Bap album, check out SLICE and HOLD YOU DOWN feat the Queen TRU EMCEE which sounds like they could have come out of PRIMO or PETE ROCKS SP1200’s.

I’m not only saying these things because the CHI NATIVE TEAM has always had our back since we started partnering with them to spread good Indie Hip Hop throughout the map. I’m sincerely speaking as a fan of raw hip hop and good music. MIC LOGIC melds both of them effortlessly on AS I WAS SAYING, giving us an album that could be played in any gathering; Grimey enough for the streets, smooth enough for the ladies, and filled with enough gems that you will be proud to play it around your kids. I’ve said enough, let me let you press play and let MIC continue AS HE WAS SAYING.


The hardest working Rapper/Producer/Engineer out of North Miami Beach and Mr. 88 have returned for their 5th album of the Year, Their 7th since 2020. We talking none other than DOPE SESSIONZ, the Duo of B-DOPE and MIC SESSIONZ. Having finished their ACTS and BOOKS series, the true school boom bap addicts have returned with DARK TERRAIN. A collection of grimey beats produced by MIC SESSIONZ with constant input from B DOPE. The two are heavily involved in the creation of all the beats they work on together and on the evolution of the album’s vibe. Take for instance the surprise flipping of the Oh Baby I Like It Raw sample on ARTILLERY with its WINTER WARS sample cameo. Or the story of a day gone bad on AT YOUR DOOR where both tell their own stories of losing their cool when pushed a little too far. DARK TERRAIN is another step up in the discography of the tag team and shows continued growth from SESSIONZ as a Producer and Word Styler as he flexes some new cadences that we haven’t heard from him before. It’s good to see the 2 challenging each other, resulting in growth that is evident on this project.

Support the Album on the groups BAND CAMP

80 EMPIRE – ANTHEMS & ICONS (Full Album)

From the opening track you can tell this production team is no joke and takes their Hip Hop serious. Why else would you open your new album, ANTHEMS & ICONS with one of the biggest Hip Hop ICONS of them all, the Teacher Himself, KRS ONE. With the album opener WE RUN SHIT, we are introduced to the due of blood brothers ADRIAN & LUCAS aka 80 EMPIRE. Just like the hook of album intro explains, they dont fux with No Dumb Shit. This is raw, bob your head, nostalgic, “have fun shit”. The duo, made up of Emcee/ Vocalist ADRIAN, and Producer LUCAS hail from the area surrounding Niagra Falls, on the Canada side of the border. Having lived and represented Toronto Canada for years, in the form of different groups and an Indie Hip Hop Label named GLADIATOR RECORDS, these two have been busy creating solid Hip Hop just north of our US Borders for years. The fact that you might not have heard of them is irrelevant since their list of special guest appearances show these two veterans have been putting in work for a minute and their names are known by the people who matter. How else do you get legends like KORUPT, MC EIGHT, SLAIN, WC, LAYZIE BOY, KXNG CROOKED, GORRILA NEMZ and the great DMC on your album? With a foundation of banging beats (all handled in house by Brother LUCAS), and some strong writing and delivery by brother ADRIAN to stand toe to toe with so many great features, this album offers it all. Boom Bap for the Hip Hop Truest, West Coast Vibes for the corner hangers and bangers, Soul R & B Vibes for the ladies, and a whole lot of truth about trying to come up in this industry as can be heard on one of my favorite cuts off the album, the light-hearted but painfully honest HOLLYWOOD DREAMS. Some might not like that the album fluctuates so much, looking for a consistent vibe throughout the project. However, I personally feel that’s where the strength of the album lies. The multiple angles these two show us proof that they are not a 1 trick pony (just check their extensive playlist on Spotify for further proof of that). 80 EMPIRE are some seasoned veteran musicians and songwriters with a love and dedication to making Hip Hop that transcends genres and age demographics and shares the core values of our culture with new listeners. I for one will have ANTHEMS & ICONS playing throughout the Holiday Week.

Stream ANTHEMS & ICONS on your favorite streaming platform –

Follow 80 EMPIRE on IG – @80empire


One of my favorite voices of this modern Indie Hip Hop renaissance has to be that of WHICHCRAFT, and on DIVINE AVATAR (the intro to his new album with Underground Beat Beast ONAJE JORDAN), “CRAFT” invites us to “Close Your Eyes, and Find whats Inside” with a warm, welcoming melody that gives way to the first Hip Hop joint I have ever heard (personally) breaking down the different deities of the Hindu faith. The hook of the album opener says it best, “Just because you cant see it, that dont mean it dont exist/close your eyes and just imagine all these beings on my list”. He then runs down a role call of gods and gives them quick shout-outs for their involvement in the Human drama.

This is DREAMING LUCID, the latest album by Human Boom Bap Factory, ONAJE JORDAN, and Hip Hop Mic Veteran WHICHCRAFT. The Chicago Producer has been non-stop since 2019, pumping out projects on an almost monthly basis with a who’s who of underground shooters, including GENERAL BACK PAIN, JAE HU$$LE, LUPUS DEI, KILLY SHOOT, ASUN EASTWOOD, JOSIAH THE GIFT, TONE BEATZ & even Miami’s own KINGDOM KOME amongst many others. This time he teams up with CERTAIN ONES CREW flag-waver, the ever effervescent WHICHCRAFT. Together they create something otherwordly and transcendent. Music to make your head nod and help your soul heal.

The album’s lead single OPEN UP YOUR EYES did just that when we got it in our WVCC Radio inbox a few months ago. The sped-up soul sample flipped expertly over a great piano key loop. CRAFT writes and delivers in hopes that he will help us realize, there’s more to life than just getting high and what’s right before our eyes. They both profess their vow to be a part this culture for the long haul on BEGIN WITH ME, and WHICHCRAFT makes sure that he gives you more than sugar-coating since he plans on being around to see the effects of his works. Their second single, LET IT BREATHE is one of my favorite singles of Winter 2021, getting play on all my favorite DJ’s winter mixes. I love how CRAFT starts the verse with the 3 DOG NIGHT reference, attempting to bring “Joy To the World” on his verses, but always making it clear, “Dont Take His Kindness for a Weakness“. A tune with the ability to stay stuck in your head after a couple of listens, LET IT BREATHE gives way to the only Colab Song on the album, RABBIT HOLE feat LOCH JESTER, who matches WHICHCRAFTS energy and verbal skills perfectly. I read someone on another review call WHICH & LOCH “Fellow Scientist Shit Spitters”. Some might take that offensively, but it obviously sheds light on the level of intelligence behind these bars. There is nothing average about WHICHCRAFT‘s pen game, and LOCH meets him on his terms as they both grab you by the hand and pull you down THE RABBIT HOLE. The following joint, SUPERNATURAL, is one of my favorite ONAJE JORDAN beats on the album. The swing on the Bass and Drums, driving the key chops and what sounds like electric guitar strings altered by a Wawa peddle give CRAFT a wonderful audio lake to swim around. COSMOS is an equally enjoyable instrumental where WHICHCRAFT challenges the way we have all been taught to pray, saying as long as we are trying to connect to the greater force, we cannot do it wrong, the point isn’t in the how; the point is simply in the trying to connect. Who Raps about that kind of stuff in today’s “COOK IT IN THE KITCHEN/FLIP THE BRICK HIP HOP “GAME”? The Producer & Rapper team end the album with a warning shot called ENDANGERED. If you think it sounds too preachy, or self righteous or lecturey, just understand that WHICHCRAFT has been using his words in many different forms for over 2 decades now, and he has recently made a personal choice to make sure that his words are used for something Meaningful and Useful from now on. With everything he expounds upon in ENDANGERED being fact and quick approaching, I’m not mad at him for choosing to use his talent to wake up or encourage anyone who hears his words reach to live a better life and be a better steward of our planet. I’m not mad at that at all.

G Fam Black & BoFaat – Statute of Limitations (Album)

With 10 albums under his belt this year alone, and an absurd number of colabs in 2021, G FAM BLACK has hustled and grinded his way into being one of the most talked about, saught after, and feared Emcees in the Underground. He closes out this stillar year by tagging in German Production Plant BO FAAT who has had a hella busy year himself. Both recently landed individual singles on the INSOMNIA MAGAZINE Top 10, and have both been named as top in their class this past year. Its only right that after collaborating on some BO FAAT bangers with GRIMEWAV General MO ROKUZ, G FAM would seek out BO FAAT to compose the score for his last album of the year, STATUE OF LIMITATIONS. The Lead Single, “LOVE & FEAR“, hit our ears a couple of weeks ago, and the combination of G FAM BLACK, GENOSHA‘s GHOST OF THE MACHINE, & ENELS of GRIMEWAV, over a BO FAAT banger, is something that Hip Hop Heads instantly Love and Fear simultaneously. The Features on the album are all fiyah. P-RO of the KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ clan slaps you around on the slow bleeder STOMP STRAIGHT THROUGH, and MO ROKUZ helps dispose of the body on 3 HOUR RIDE, but not before he copps head on the way from one girl, then head from her friend on the way back.

These are all garnishment on the main course that is G FAM BLACK & BO FAAT making horrible torture music together. As G FAM confesses on BACK ALLEY VENGENCE, “BO FAAT MADE THE BEAT, I’M A SHINE ON IT/ LIKE CINDY LAUPER, DO TIME AFTER TIME ON IT / . Once again, BLACK has hit the mark on STATUE OF LIMITATIONS, as he has managed to do for the past 3 Years, time after time.

G Fam Black Bandcamp –

Bo Faat Bandcamp –



I owe my brother from Massachusettes JFLIZ this review since THANKSGIVING WEEK when he dropped this gem of an album. JFLIZ and my story are very similiar. Both Emcees who grew up paying our dues and earning our rep the hard way in our local scenes, only to have to put our passion on the back burner in the name of growing up and raising a family. Both of us have gone through life changing trials that influences how we live our lives and what we write about. And both of us have made a return to our passions in the past 2 years and decided to give it one last serious go. JFLIZ’s work ethic is hard to compete with though. Putting out album after album, single after single, FLIZ made sure his record was being played or talked about on every publication, blog, and mix show. Dropping some solid projects throughout 2021, it seems like FLIZ was just picking up steam, and to close out the year he hit us with POWERS THAT BE. A joint venture with obscure producer T THE HUMAN which from all I have read, no one has ever heard of. The important thing is that JFLIZ heard of him, and got a pack of beats that he distrubuted to some of the hottest names coming out of the Mass Underground and surroundnig areas. Find JFLIZ trading bars with the likes of long time contributors KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ’ P-RO, TALI ROD & G FAM BLACK, VIC MONROE, MAYHEM OF EMS, AZTECH, LUPUS DEI EXPERIENCE, and HINDSYTE. All the features are solid and give the album a lot of different seasonings, but its the base of JFLIZ’s steady cadence and T THE HUMAN’s surprisingly gorgeous productions that give this meal its true flavor. Thoroughly enjoyed END GAME, EACH TIME (That beat flip and sample flips on FLIZ’s verse are stuuuupid) , LAVA CAKE, GOOD MAN, HERE WE GO, SEIZE THE LIGHT, IN CONTROL, & SALUTE (That RODRIGUEZ is something different). Cuts by DJ DECEPTA make every song sound just that much more official. This is definitly my favorite of JFLIZ‘s albums so far, his most complete work to date. I know he wont take it as an insult when I report that my only wish is to hear some style and vocabulary evolution on the next one. I know we havent even started to see JFLIZ’s pen at full power. Only he has the Power to change that.


Another album I have been bumping since THANKSGIVING WEEKEND. If you havent given this at least 10 spins by now, you are super sleeping and will slap yourself after playing it once. Stop wasting time. Press play on LEGENDS DIE, the latest release by the NEW YORK/MASS Rhyme Family known as GRIMEWAV. A “GameLocked” album with no features other than official GRIMEYS: FRANK WHITE, HANZO BLADEZ, ENELS, LACE FUEG, & MO ROKUZ, “LEGENDS DIE” is the both the crews condolence to all the greats who have passed as of recent, and a warning that no one is too big to get their shit pushed back. With the establishment of their new homebase, MASTER MIND STUDIOS, and several “post covid” live shows as a crew under their belt, GRIMEWAV is now pushing their new album and Merch hard on their site. Make sure you pick up a limited copy of this modern classic before they are all gone. Check the GRIMEWAV SITE or DM HANZO BLADEZ directly while supplies last. This shit is going to be a collector’s item. Trust Me. There’s a reason why these dudes were voted Underground Hip Hop Crew of 2021 by the HIP-HOP LIFERS Community.

#CyphLyfe #SingleFiles


The Colombian Chainsaw Massacre known as Choco Valens is back with another rage-filled rant at a government that fakes about caring for their citizens health, a music industry that fakes about caring about the artist or the audience, and artists who fake about caring about this culture. Choco welcomes them with the same warm, bloody embrace he gives to all his victims. Check out the disturbing visuals captured by DirtyLen5, and join Choco as he Rages against everybody! Follow Choco Valens: IG – @chocovalens Bandcamp:


Miami Hip Hop OG, BOGEY #1 blessed us with the audio for LAWS OF NATURE a couple of months ago, and rocked the socks off of the Cyph Lyfe Audience all Fall long. Now the Black Bogard is back with the Official Visuals for the Electric Guitar driven banger. Check out LAWS OF NATURE which is getting love on PAPERCHASER.COM, one of the streets most trusted spots for Street Hop. This is off of Bogey’s forthcoming album titled “Less Talk More Action” dropping soon, fully produced by Bogey. Make sure you hit up his people BE GREAT APPAREL for the ill hoodies you see in the video.


More fire from the “Grimey Gent”, EVAIZE, aka “The Brown Larry Flint”, back to close out the year strong with THESE DAYS. An 808 heavy banger produced by XVR, that will crack the windows in your ride and chatter the glass ceiling they are trying to put over the South Florida Indie Hip Hop Scene.  This joint has been getting love from Coast to Cast and across the pond with a British and French Partners. Roll up some Christmas Pine, crack open a bottle of something Festive and Smoke and Sip the Holidays away while THESE DAYS rattles in the background.

Stay tapped in with Evaize as he prepares to release his DESTRUCTION IS A FORM OF CREATION LP dropping early 2022.  
YouTube –
Bandcamp: @e.vaize

Syntax the Scholar – Obstacles (prod. By Ghost of the Machine)

One of the perks of running WVCC Radio has been finding up and coming artist from other regions and countries that are worth sharing with the Hip Hop Community I have called home for over 30 years. As an underground Hip Hop Head, searching for those rare unfound gems is part of the culture. We found one here. SYNTAX THE SCHOLAR from the Murder Mass region dropped a couple of singles this year that are worthy of being added to your playlist. OBSTACLES, produced by GENOSHA General GHOST OF THE MACHINE is one example. G.O.T.M. opens the track with a potent vocal sample from the ROCKY franchise. After Balboa’s pep talk fills you with some courage we get a feel for the spitter known as SYNTAX as he unravels a tale of the trials and tribulations that have brought him to the point of taking his talent and passion to the next level. He talks about the vices that “Get the Best of Me/ Cuz Jamison and ginger ale’s a Perfect Recipe for stress releaf /”

We all got obstacles that try to stop us from the destiny we desire. Its all about what we do when faced with those Obstacles. Do we turn around, returning back to the safe status quo, defeated. Or do we tear our shirts scaling the fence, muddy up our jeans crawling under the barricaded, scuff up our boots jumping from roof to roof. Do we do what we need to do get where we want to go? It sounds like SYNTAX THE SCHOLAR is choosing the later. He doesn’t mind getting some dirt on his hands to become what he was born to be.

Chuck N Lock – Lord of the Flies (Prod. Graymatter)

One of Cyph Lyfe’s favorite modern duo’s, CHUCK N LOCK hit us up in the DM this morning with the 1st single off their upcoming sequel to last Falls SEE ENELL lp, which actually opened our ears to the Delaware Duo. On this new bullet titled “LORD OF THE FLIES”, CHUCK ANGUS & LOCK JAW, once known as “BARNONE“, prove once again that None are coming close to these Bars. The airy backdrop produced by GRAYMATTER provides a bed of beautiful female backing vocals and baps for the boys to trampoline all over. CHUCK N LOCK over boom bap snares and kicks is my favorite C N L. This looks like its going to be the album intro for SEE XL, and after playing this 20 times today, I am more than ready for the rest of the record.


Another Slapper from MATTY LITE and one of our favorite rugged voices in the modern sewer scene, TONEZ. NEWS is further proof that MATTY LITE has one of the sounds that you need to check for heavily in 2022 and that TONEZ is not from this planet or at least not from this timeline….this dude is somehow an OG and from the Future, all at the same time. Thats the NEWS as I am reporting.


Holy shit RODRIGUEZ. 21 underground MCs on 1 song. Like What The Fuck. Not only do TALI ROD and G FAM BLACK pull off this “Christmas ball in bedlam”, but TALI RODRIGUEZ finds a masterful way of making it happen. Seamlessly blending beat flip into beat flip so that every 3 or 4 artists is rocking on a completely new instrumental. This is more like a maxi single with 3 or 4 songs than a single song. Let this shit ride and enjoy the permanent Screw Face.

The Doppelgangaz – 6 of 1 

New DOPP GANG. The Black Cloaks are back for the homie MATTEROVFACT‘s Birthday this week with a funky diddy called 6 OF 1. Over a fun summer time bop that is better suited for a ride in a drop top than a march in the snow in a hoodie, EP and M O F provide enough heat to warm up your fam up North. Enjoy the visuals shot at some historic Waterfall/Damn, I forgot the name and its late.

Stream/Download The Doppelgangaz – “6 of 1” Here: Follow The Doppelgangaz Everywhere:


Last entry of the Bag. I had to add this one because the family G FAM BLACK, GHOST OF THE MACHINE, & ENELS all murderrrrrrrr this disgusting BOFAAT beat. I have been blessed to personally build with each of these individuals this past year and to hear them all making a classic like FEAR OR LOVE brings me joy and pride to be able to share it with my region. This song is a perfect example of why I spend so much time doing this. Our culture brings people together from all over the map to create some unstoppable and hopefully will give us the tools to unite when it really counts. Happy Holidays to you and yours. See you all in 2022. CYYYYYFE LYYYYYYFE!!!