New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right.

Welcome to the Weekend Fellow 88ers. Salute to our guests this past week HERO THE EMCEE, and SHOTTIE & TEV95 for blessing us with great interviews. Salute to all the connects that we have made by way of PRO-FRESH Publicity, the new Public Relations Branch of Vice City Cypher Ent.. We have shared some of our Favorite Locals with them and they have shared some great hip hop with us which we now share with you below. If you are interested in getting your music pushed outside of your city limits, talk to your boy 8ch of WVCCRadio and Vice City Cypher Ent. Enough about us. How about some Blazing Hot New Hip Hop.

*Todays article is dedicated to the Memory and Spirit of our Dear Friend and SO FLOW Scene Member JOHN WILSON. Rest In Peace and Transition in Power brother. Thank you for making us smile, laugh, and nod our heads. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends in the scene.


Skyzoo – All The Brilliant Things (Album)

I was only able to hear it once all the way through so far, with customer calls interrupting every other verse. But what I heard so far has me weighing this as, you guest it, ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2021. I know I have given that trophy away so much this year that its like a 2 dollar hoe no one wants any more, but this might really be the one. Personally this is the best I have ever heard SKYZOO spit. ALL THE BRILLIANT THINGS is better than 2019’s RETROPOLITAN so far in my opinion, and only better than 2020 MILESTONES (One of my favorite albums last year) because it is larger. What the orchastrators behind this production have managed to do taking classic hip hop samples and playing them out shopped up and altered, transforming them into completely new samples is genius and tugs on our nostalgia. What SKYZOO does with the pen is an evolution of the Monster in Training we always new him to be….Is this his Final Form tho? I dont know, this record might just catapult SKY into a whole other evolutionary cycle. I am picking up the wax to remember this moment in the journey tho…it is worthy of recording in Hip Hop History.

Get Your copy of this Monumental Album here


We had the honor of having SHOTTIE & TEV95 on WVCC Radio last night where they disclosed the secrets behind the conception, incubation and release of their new joint project MOSKVITCH. Inspired by the KENDALL VZ HIALEAH Rap Battles and Versus Event organized by SOUTH FLORIDA MEDIA GANG last Winter, SHOTTIE returned to the Mic, and TEV95 was ready and armed up for the ride. Laid over a foundation of expertly sliced and flipped Eastern European Samples, MOSKVITCH gives us some of SHOTTIE’s most straight forward work, in what he describes as his Poor Man’s 4:44, the Introspective Story of a Local Rap Star who never blew up. I told him not to speak to soon. With how this 1st segment of the MOSKVITCH album is sounding so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if TEV and SHOTTIE get roped up by some Russians in Black Sedans and get flown out to Moscow to rock a stadium. Hands down the hottest thing out of South Florida right now. Don’t Sleep. Pick your copy up at 95 LABS BANDCAMP and Follow the page to get notified when Part 2 and 3 drop.

UFO Fev – Magnum Opus

UFO Fev (Pronounced FEEV) is not only one of the most talented emcees in the business, but also one of the hardest working. Since we caught wind of him on the STATIK SELEKTAH Produced FRESH AIR, we been playing New UFO FEV almost weekly and never disappoints. The Spanish Harlem, New York native is back like he never left with his new “Magnum Opus” album. This is music for the Block, Corner Hustler Background Score, Raw shit. Features include Red Inf, Vic Spencer, Chocolate Brown, Ace Arty, Chris Streetz, DV Alias Khryst and Nems so you know this shit is grimey.

Make sure to Play this plenty this weekend and get your copy of “Magnum Opus” available now everywhere music is streamed and sold!


YOUR OLD DROOG has been waiting for it to be his TIME for a hot minute now…nah, fuck that, its been a scalding Hour. I must have first heard of the Brooklyn Spitter of Ukrainian descent like 6/7 years ago when a co-worker told me NAS was leaking music under a fake name. Remember That? YOD, spent a long time trying dispel the “You sound just like Nas” critique which got him early recognition, but seems to have pigeon holed his rap career. 13 Projects later, (get familiar with the story of this journey on PLEASE LIST TO MY JEW TAPE) , YOUR OLD DROOG is back to prove its finally his TIME. Boasting Features from some underground heroes that are arguably the cream of the lyricist crop, TIME shows YOD on his ultimate flex, hanging with these greats comfortably bar for bar, never being outdone. DROP OUT BOOGIE features an addictive break beat produced by the legend EDAN and a fantastic Posthumous gem from Metal Face DOOM, God rest his soul. This is followed by SO HIGH, the first official single off the album that anyone who started smoking in Highschool will laugh at as the relate with the smooth narrative. The cautionary tale “ONE MOVE” is smooth as a sail boat on calm waters with Cali mainstay BLU and Chicago New School stand out MICK JENKINS both adding their unique styles and takes on facing the consequences of our choices. Last night before I went to sleep I was blessed with the highlight of the album, FIELD OF DREAMS a colab with DROOG, ELZHI, and my Favorite Mic Controller, AESOP ROCK, all talking about their personal experiences growing up in their own concrete jungles. The beat doesn’t have to be super hard hitting for this one…The bars are hitting hard enough. Although the album has such a strong supporting cast, It’s obvious that YOD wasn’t paying for a bunch of features to cover up his lack of skills. More so, it seems like he was inviting the best of the best on the project, young and old, to go verse for verse with them and prove once and for all, His TIME has come.


What a pleasant surprise this turned out to be. I hadn’t the slightest idea this project was on the horizon. Co-Creator of arguably one of the most soulful Hip Hop albums out of the West Coast in 2020 (MILES), BLU is back (minus his Below The Heavens Producer EXILE) to sell you a dream. Not to say he is trying to scam us out of our money or anything (The 7 track EP is only $6 on, and worth every penny). Nah..He is selling us a “Dream Of an EP”. SURPLUS provides productions that automatically make me wonder why this is the first time I have heard his name. Some seriously raw features from NOVELISS, NOLAN THE NINJA, PCH, JOHAZ & ADaD multiply the vibes on FUNKORAMA exponentially, while SIDWALK KAL, CASHIUS KING, SCIENZE & ELOH KUSH add their individual flavors to the pot. Thoroughly enjoying my first run through and will be revisiting all weekend. Make sure you do the same. If time is money, FOR SALE is worth every Dime of your Time.


CLOTH OF FORTUNE, the New LP by Edmonton CA’s speaker of dark matter, DARKNESS and Queens NY Prodcuer BEASHTRUMENTAL, is not a Clout Grab or Fashion Flex. It is a “story of survival that should be written in the pages of the Bible“, or so the album claims as it takes you down some pretty dark hallways. Always the first to admit he doesnt rap like others expect him to, or care about Punchlines or cadences that are catchy and popular in the current Hip Hop landscape, DARKNESS embraces his differences from the many clones that blindly follow the industry planted “Pack Leaders” and is completely comfortable with not being easily cataloged. HORROR CORE, yes, DARK RAP, yes. This is all that, and then some. But more over, it is the unyielding voice of an artist who has faced a life full of adversity and is still standing. The scars that he has collected along the way tell their own stories. BEASHTRUMENTAL just provides the macabre score for DARKNESS’s inner demons to have their say. WHO I BE is a burner of track with BEASHTRUMENTAL murdering the Harp Sample flip, setting the stage for DARKNESS and KILLARMY Original Member BARETTA 9 to shed blood upon. SICK SHOOTER and SHADOWS IN THE YESHIVA with its intoxicating violin sample are two other standouts on the Project. RAZER BLADE RITUAL should be played on repeat at Haunted Houses during the month of October. Our opinion means very little to DARKNESS tho, He is going to keep making his style of music, and collecting bodies, I mean fans, along the way.

The Good People – The Greater Good 

THE GOOD PEOPLE (the dynamic duo of Saint and Emskee) bring you their highly anticipated new release, THE GREATER GOOD – Now available everywhere music is streamed and sold! The new 14-track project features production by Saint, bars by Emskee with additional features by Lords of the Underground, DJ C-Reality, DJ Ace, Mikey D, Tone Spliff, Craig G, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skanks the Rap Martyr, DJ Eclipse, Rasheed Chappell and Mxnxpxly Family!

  1. The Greater Good
  2. Sound the Horns
  3. Good Lord Ft. Lords of the Underground & DJ C-Reality
  4. No Sweat
  5. Ace & Two Kings Ft. DJ Ace
  6. Nyghtlife Ft. Mikey D & Tone Spliff
  7. Fire! Ft. Craig G
  8. Nuthin’ Left Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skanks the Rap Martyr & DJ Eclipse
  9. Six Shooter Ft. John Jigg$, Mouf, Rocwelz & Nam Nitty
  10. Underdogs
  11. On the Move
  12. Different Moves Ft. Rasheed Chappell
  13. The Knock
  14. Grown

Tune in and run it up! Buy/ Stream:

iTunes/ Apple:…


© 2021 The Good People

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J-LIVE – Straight Like That

New J LIVE…You know I had to share this with yall. Few do it better and speak it as clear and concise. The brother has been to the top and to the bottom and isn’t afraid of sharing his story with you in hopes of helping you avoid the same pitfalls. J is just STRAIGHT LIKE THAT.

Taiyamo Denku ft. Fredro Starr – ‘Follow My Lead’ (Produced by BoFaat)

Milwaukee’s Mutant MC TAIYAMO DENKU is back with another BOFAAT banger. FOLLOW MY LEAD is a haunted piano driven thumper featuring the Leader of the Mad Face Invasion, FREDRO STARR of ONYX. Once again DENKU goes bar for bar with one of his Hip Hop Hero’s and shines brighter/darker than a blinding eclipse. Make sure you add this to your personal Youtube Playlists and give this burner plenty of spins this weekend. Thats what I been doing since it dropped, just “Follow My Lead”.


Miami Microphone Slapper L CITY rained down fire on the WVCC RADIO Audience yesterday when he shared this exclusive with CYPH LYFE. QUE CALOR, an addictive Head Nodder driven by what sounds like a 60/70’s Latin American Austin Powers Hippie Disco Sample took the whole chat room by storm last night, moving multiple heads to request an encore. This burner of a track was laced by PANCHO TRACKMAN and L CITY, the Leisure City Miami Rep drags the beat through the streets of the Dirty South to give it that official 305 feel. This song is just as hot as the Spanish sung hook implies, and about as hot as the first Post Covid summer promises to be in Miami. Press play and get used to the CALOR.

Caveman Bless Mini Mix

CAVEMANBLESS has been none stop releasing multiple joints a week in the past couple of months. Here is a little mix of the joints he dropped on WVCC Radio and the South Florida Audience this past week. Salute to the whole HIGH GUYS PRODUCTION family. Yall looking good & sounding great out there.

EEnels – Morphine (Prod By Lurch)

Strap in and Strap Up…you aint ready for this shot of Dope to the vein. ENELS & LURCH of GRIMEWAV fame are teaming up this Summer to bring us I AM LORD, their first full colab project with E on the mic and LURCH behind the boards. Guaranteed to be OVER DOSE dangerous product, they give us the first Free Be (You know the first ones always free) MORPHINE. From the sound of this freshly crashed comet, the homies from Murder Mass have enough potent product bagged up to kill a heard of elephants. Press play and take your first hit. Don’t blame me when you keep coming back for more.

UNEARTHED GEMS (Obscure Finds that are Worth the Dig)


If you were putting in work in the SO FLOW HIP HOP SCENE Circa 2010, especially if you were Active in the MC Battle Circuit, you might familiar with the name NATION ON DOPE. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you have no idea what you are in for if you press play. I could warn you all day that Army comprised of DUBB DEEZ, MISK The Militant Skribe, INSOLENT aka BAKED PLISSKEN, JONNY DEMONIC, REZSIDUE, VICIOUS VOID, & LEGACY packs enough fire power to leave your soul looking like swiss cheese, but those words would fall short of expressing the danger you are in if you take this playlist lightly. This is dream crushing music right here. These cats would fuck around and pull better songs out there ass while just eating shit then most acts would create after hours in an expensive studio. Enjoy this taste of one of the purest examples of Miami’s underground.


As promised top 5 DOA emcee Ransom aka Duffle Bag Ran delivers his highly anticipated “Se7en” EP. Features on the project include Royce Da 5’9, Lloyd Banks, J. Arrr, and IX Wulf. Production credits: V Don, Chup the Producer, 38 Spesh, Ransom, Lord Sear and Nicholas Craven.


Salute to the homie Mark at @InfiniteBanterPodcast for putting me on to this gem. Originally from Chicago, DJ REAL ONE has recently relocated and all the way across the map, and to celebrate and document the tale of his travel, he has released this jewel of a Mixtape, DIRECT FLIGHT. Featuring some of Chicago’s finest New Indie Hop Voices, The Morlock Crew, Dre Cobbs, Spirit Jaliyaa, Ch. 7, Blackflight Shawn and Akules and some strong versus from Upstate New York Native M DOC DIEGO, DJ REAL ONE has produced and curated a project that will introduce you to some new voices and sounds that you will want to keep coming back to. Like a favorite vacation spot. Or your old neighborhood. Make sure to support the project, Stream and Purchase your copy at DJ REAL ONE’s BANDCAMP.


Mad WVCCRadio Fam on this Project, GRIME WAV Generals HANZO BLADES & MO RUKUS both crush individual tracks on COLD NIGHTS & VAST HUNGER, the homie PIFF PENNYWISE is up in here causing mayhem on BABY, we even got the Mop Headed Producer, KNUCKLE DRAGGUH Crew TALI RODRIGUEZ, Olympic Figure Skating on tripled sharpened blades over the jazzy TRIPPLE FOCUSED. The real star of the show here is Producer IRIE 1 who provides each artist on the 14 Track avalanche with the perfect backdrop to burry you in.