New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right.

Happy Weekend Fellow 88ers. Had a dope week on all things WVCC RADIO. Our Audience is growing weekly and our reach in the National and International Indie Hip Hop Pool is growing also. We were able to get 5 Local So Flow MC’s playing outside of Florida this week. SHOTTIE, EVAIZE, OSKEPTICAL, CHOCO VALENS and yours truly are all getting played on the DJ Ronsha and Gzon Mix out of Paris France in the next couple of weeks, DJ Glib Stylez Mixes out of Alabama and PAKA DA PLUG out of France who has a faithful World Wide audience. In just 2 days EVAIZE had over 450 views on PAKA’s channel. Just doing what we can to make sure the rest of the world wakes up to the Dope artist we have in The Bottom. With that said, let me put you on to some artist you need to wake up to.



We chopped it up with ENELS of GRIMEWAV & MASTERMIND STUDIOS a week ago, and he warned us that THE STORM IS COMING. If you didn’t prepare for the downpour, you only have yourself to blame….its ok tho, #WVCCRadio got you covered. The Twin Brother BARbarians, SAINT & DOUGH, along with the rest of the “Reverse RM” unit are making sure their name is included in the Murder Mass underground conversation. The LP completely produced by ENELS (who also makes guest appearances on 50 BARS REMIX, OFF THE HINGES, & AREA 51) rides like the Ghost Rider, pure “Hell On Wheels”. At first I thought REIGN MAKERS was just the Twins, but every song you keep hearing new voices. As I did my digging I found out that the Duo is actually a whole crew that rolls pretty deep. JOHNNY KING, BOSS ACE, HELLTOWNSFINEST, OLL CASH, TRUTH IT, KING FAME, CJA, DALLAS CASH, VERSATAI, ADVERSE REACTION, POWDAH, and DANNY CRUZ either represent on the project or are represented properly by their fellow REIGN Dancers SAINT & DOUGH, “these brothers have more powers than Umbrella Acadamy”. MO ROKUS, the SKUMKING of GRIMEWAV spits battery acid on FINAL BREATH as he tells his victims, oops, I meant listeners (same difference) “THIS AINT HIP HOP / THIS A STICK UP”. These brothers truly put to rest the misconception that battle rappers cant make good Hip Hop. Catch them going to face to face against the ops on their YouTube Channel – REIGN MAKERS BATTLES Playlist, and take a minute to stop by their Bandcamp to pick up your Digital Copy of THE STORM IS COMING. Don’t get caught out there without your Umbrella.

Raheem Devaughn & Apollo Brown – Lovesick (Album)

Been waiting for this one for a hot minute now. Since APOLLO BROWN & RAHEEM DEVAUGHN teamed up for their first single WHEN A MAN, and I heard APOLLO flip that ATCQ LUCK OF LUCIAN sample, I knew this might be that redeemer of R&B/ Neo Soul I have been waiting for. I shared with our #WVCCRadio Audience that my and wifey were talking recently about how the R&B and NEO SOUL Genre has been practically non-existent as of late. Well here comes MELLO MUSIC GROUP to the rescue once again. Not only have they helped save Hip Hop, but now they going to save the baby making music too with LOVE SICK. From the first cut off the collaboration album between APOLLO & RAHEEM, you know this is going to be a banger, especially when SKYZOO joins the funk festivities and drops a burner of a feature, getting us ready for not only the rest of the album, but also for his upcoming ALL THE BRILLIANT THINGS LP dropping on Mello Music at the end of June. This project is a great example of APOLLO BROWNS growth on production, already being heralded as one of our best Modern Boom Bap providers, it’s fun to see him step away from the Soul Records he is used to flipping, and hear him create some new Soul Classics with RAHEEM DEVAUGHN. Make sure your stop by the BANDCAMP to get your digital download, or and pick up the Vinyl. You don’t know when we might get another R&B album this dope.

Wil E Haze – 4 Cornered Room

4CR, The New album from UFO GANG RECORDS founder WIL E. HAZE is full of pleasant surprises. Like smoking some strong strain that puts you on your ass unexpectedly and gives you Visuals along with some super munchies that make EVERYTHING taste 100x better. Kind of shit that’ll have you drinking a whole Bottle of HOT SAUCE. WHAT!?!? The first track on the album had us all feeling a sense of familiarity while we streamed the album Live for a small crowd last night, like a popular single is supposed to. However, when the 2nd verse starts we get the first surprise of the project. This isn’t Rich Mahogany. Who is this?? He’s Kiiiiiiling this. I check the Credits and am introduced to BIG FEE who delivers a fantastic verse on the Original HOT SAUCE (WVCC Radio had the honor of Premiering the Remix, more on that later). So after you smoke and drink a whole bottle of Hotsauce, what do you do? You SMOKE AGAIN of course. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a WIL E. HAZE record. I spit out my drink in laughter as WIL “takes us higher higher higher / Yeah Beavis Fire Fire Fire” . HAZE prepares a safe space for his listeners who “believe in Reefer like others believe in God” and keeps the vibe chill and comfy from the beat to the smooth flow he delivers his pro’s with. The Title Cut of the album, FOUR COURNERED ROOM is a trippy intermission with some off the wall productions and a voice sample that challenges us to question our reality and everything that surrounds us, and to dare to step outside of the norm. This makes way for one of my favorite cuts on the 6 song EP, LOST IN MY TRAVELS, whose lazy synth production sets the perfect stage for WIL E. to take you on a journey by way of his off kilter couplets which remind me of Q TIP on BONITA APPELBAUM. HAZE’s ability to morph styles on every song is one of those pleasant surprises of this album. HERCULES is an after hours party on DMT. Make sure to have plenty of water handy when bumping this, and some glow sticks just in case. The last song of the album is a South Florida Favorite. The Remix to HOT SAUCE featuring our homies RICH MAHOGANY & NOEMOTION GOLD MASK. We did a thorough review of that song a couple of weeks ago, so I wont go to in depth in this article, but I will take a second to mention that after hearing a 4th verse over the HOT SAUCE beat ( BIG FLEE on the original) it is still my opinion that DJ BEN WORKEN, AKA RICH MAHOGANY takes the top verse trophy on this joint. But thats just my opinion. Check FOUR CORNER ROOM for yourself and tell us what your favorite corner of the room is to hang out in. Make sure you pass by any streaming outlet or to pick up your own copy.

HERO THE EMCEE – Polyvinyl Chloride

Hero The Emcee drops his 5th Project Titled “POLYVINYL CHLORIDA” with Full Production By Wax100Hero the Emcee is an artist fresh outta Boston, Mass. with a style akin to the days of golden era hip-hop. Since 2016 Hero has been rapping professionally, this being the 5th album under his belt. However, you can date his love for hip-hop pretty much back to his single-digit years when he was first influenced to try his hand at rhyming. Some people have said the old ways are long gone, but HERO flips that, and pushes lyrical boom bap to the forefront of his content, making sure everything he puts out is clear, concise, familiar and new at the same time. 9 Tracks of pure fire filled with great cuts, great features from some of Mass’s finest on the mic and BARS OVER BARS Family from across the map. This is how you separate yourself from the Local Talent Pool and wedge yourself in International Hip Hop Conversations. We for one are proud of the Young word warrior and are happy to be working with HERO & BARS OVER BARS to keep Hip Hop Culture and Indie Hip Hop alive in our cities.

Tune in to #WVCCRadio this Tuesday as we chop it up with HERO and talk about the new album, BARS OVER BARS, Hip Hop Shows in 2021 and “The Underground Railroad” we are trying to build to send artist back and forth from South Florida to New England.


Uptown XO – Culture Over Corporate Vol. 3


The first time I ever heard of UPTOWN XO was on the DIAMOND DISTRICT debut album IN THE RUFF, which is also the first time I heard ODDISEE, who has become one of my favorite MC/Producers in Hip Hop. That was 2009. 12 Years and a treasure trove of albums later, the two are back joining forces to bring us CULTURE OVER CORPORATE vol 3. A sonically beautiful representation of the DMV sound, especially WASHINGTON D.C. where X.O. resides and reps to the fullest. ODDISEE laces the production with GO GO inspired percussions that gives the album an addictive soulful bop. X.O. rides this rhythm like a seasoned pro who’s MC’d his share of shows in the D.C. Club Scene. Some great features on the album, including long time DD Group Members yU, dropping some gems about finding your own rhythm in life and not following the blind flock on THE FOG, and ODDISEE blesses us with a hook & but regrettably no verse on THE GREAT DEBATE. They must be leaving the group songs for the next DIAMOND DISTRICT project (One can hope), but for now, UPTOWN X.O. steals the show and does soadmirably. Make sure to let this ride this weekend and enjoy some top tier Hop from our Nations Gentrified Capitol.

Rome Streetz & Ankhlejohn – Genesis 1​:​27

Rome Streetz and ANKHLEJOHN are two of the most prolific spitters in today’s rap game. This album is a collab between the two.

Vinyl on the way.

All preorders will receive instructions on how to claim their FREE PRE ORDER NFT.


Shottie – 20/20 Vision [Music Video]

So just like that Half of the 2021 is behind us and Summer has suddenly turned into SHOTTIE season. Did he conspire with the Biden Administration to drop his album at the peak of a nation wide propaganda push to have everyone “shot”, or should I say “Vaccinated”. Now that’s what I call a marketing campaign. You can only have that type of foresight when you have 20/20 VISION. The new Single from SHOTTIE & TEV95 burned the chat thread up on both our Tuesday Night show when we premiered it and our Thursday Night show. On top of that, it seems SHOTTIE’S music is working its way outside of Florida as we have been seeing his last single PURE GRATITUDE popping up on Blogs from all over the country and on Paka Da Plugs YouTube Channel that has a world wide following of over 5K Subscribers. This man is on a mission….some might even say, “an International Spy Mission”. Best to not get in his way on the road to MOSKVITCH.


Another banger from the SCALE MUSIC team has been sent to us in a care package from the big homie E1HUNNID. YOU WERE NEVER MINE is a hard hitting “Break Up Song” that has enough relatable truth to hit you where it hurts, and a beat and vibe hard enough to bump loud as you riding down the streets trying to clear your head. UVILES puts another hook 6 feet in the ground as he kills the chorus and SCALE MUSIC Fem Fatal LMONEY bodies the 2nd verse. These dudes are consistently putting out great music to rep Hialeah and the whole 305, so make sure you give them a follow. You start with E1Hunnid’s Spotify.

Rezsin Still Gettin Mine (Video)

9DZ Radio King Nephilim REZIDUE aka REZSIN is making sure you don’t get too comfortable with these laxing Covid safety guidelines. Everyone’s getting brave and going outside again, partying freely with masks off. They must have forgotten it is still the year of “WHAT FELL OUT THE NUCLEAR“, and there is no Mask or Vaccine that can protect you from this fall out. To drive this point home like into your temporal lobe, REZ teams up with long time crew mate BAKED PLISSKEN and Video Guru ED VOIGT to bring us one of the dopest videos I had the pleasure of playing this week. STILL GETTING MINE is a gem of Hop track employing cuts from the classic COMMON & SADAT X cut from SOUNDBOMING 2, 1999. REZ destroys the beat in a way that only he can (Litterally, there is no one in Miami or anywhere else doing what Mr. “RAPS R.E.Z” is doing with words, metaphors and doubles). If you enjoy this track make sure to head over to the Bandcamp and get your copy of WHAT FELL OUT THE NUCLEAR .

South Florida MC’s, Producers, Singers, Camera Heads and Vibe Lovers come out and Build with the Scene.

INFINITE 7MIND – On The M.I.C. (Official Video)

Everyone help me welcome a new Spitter to the #SoFlow MC Community. By New Spitter I dont mean in anyway that this Emcee is a Noob to the craft. Nah…INFINITE 7MIND has been holding it down in NY/NJ since the early days of the EODUB (END OF THE WEEK Weekly MC Showcase in N.Y). He has recently moved to South Florida and he is immediately looking to establish his name in the #SoFlow Scene. 1 way to do that is to film your first video in Miami featuring Miami Hip Hop Legend DJ RAW who is infamous for (amongst other things) Organizing and Hosting the original Hood Stock. ON his new single ON THE M.I.C., INFINITE 7 rides the smooth bap beat with the ease of a Pro Skater, pulling more than a few tricks to empress his new audience and keep his core audience satisfied and proud. As a Member of the #SoFlowWelcomingCommitee I have offered to keep INFINITE 7MIND informed about all local MC Events. When you meet him out at one, you make sure to treat him like family from out of town. This brother is Hip Hop to the roots.

JFliz – The Lesson [prod. by 6th Floor]

JFliz is consistently dropping straight forward, no fluff hip hop. Having just dropped his latest album DEVIL AT THE PULPIT, produced by KNUCKLE DRAGGUZ’s TALI RODRIGUEZ, FLIZ has not stopped dropping singles since. Every week he has found a way of staying in the New Hip Hop Conversation and his latest drop is another Medal on the left side of this Mass Hip Hop Soldiers chest. Produced by 6TH FLOOR, THE LESSON is a dope breaking down of the social orders that separate us all, and have us judging each other at first glance. A Text Book “dont judge a book by its cover” tale, JFLIZ spins his yarn to demonstrate that how people see us shouldn’t dictate how we perceive ourselves. He takes it as far as saying we shouldn’t even trust ourselves when we are at our lowest. “I was hurting for years / drowned in so many beers / choked on smoke so thick I couldnt see clear / Cuz Fear, man that shit will cripple your brain / it doesnt mean that your sick, just afraid of change / and its strange to explain how I feel inside / took my Father to die to realize I’m alive/” That’s powerful, real life shit right there. Believe in yourself, even when no one else does, even when you don’t completely, believe enough to keep putting one foot in front of the other, before you know it walking turns to running, turns to flying. You might surprise yourself. That’s THE LESSON.


8ch2Owens & DJ Proof – Jewels Feat. Ghost Of The Machine (Official Video)

Vice City Cypher and Genosha Records join forces to drop Jewels on the hip hop audience. Whether it be a lesson on how to rock the crowd correctly or lessons on how “the powers that be” keep treating us Incorrectly, both 8ch and GHOST OF THE MACHINE (SAVAGE LAND/ JUICE HEADZ/ GENOSHA) spill an abundance of “gems” on this DJ PROOF banger (RIP Prodigy). The great Dion Tyler (@dionscartoons) on the visuals so you know it’s going to be a treat. 8ch2Owens & DJ Proof: THE WATERPROOF. Out Now on Bandcamp… And All Digital Streaming Services.

Armand Hammer & The Alchemist “Falling Out the Sky” feat. Earl Sweatshirt

“Falling Out The Sky” featuring Earl Sweatshirt is a track from Haram, album from Armand Hammer and The Alchemist. Shot and edited by Joseph Mault. HARAM available now on all streaming platforms:


Dray Yard – Rugged Gems Made By Rusty Razors – Book I (Album)

Japreme Magnetic – 9 to 18 (Album)

“9 to 18” took ten years to compile. It is our first compilation album; from the work offered on Bandcamp.

9 to 18 was also the prison sentence of the JM. He did 151 months, was out for eleven weeks, violated parole and did 15 months for that violation. He was later released on the date of September 18, 2009.