New Hip Hop to start your Weekend.

Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. Got some of the best in New Hip Hop Below. Next Friday we will be taking the Party Outside and hosting our first WVCCRADIO X DIRTY5IVE PARTY of 2021. Make sure yall get your Presale tickets to #BODYROCK since Tickets are selling out quickly and space is limited.



One of the Smoothest Voices & Flows in Modern Indie Hip Hop, RASHEED CHAPPELL; and one of the Hottest New Producers in the underground, RECKONIZE REAL, took some time a couple of months ago to prepare a quick tour of New York City for us, and they named it 15 MINUTES IN QUEENS. During our interview with the Passaic New Jersey Spitter, SHEED shared how this project was recorded in 3 nights, and was the product of having some time to kill in the studio after recording some features, and asking RECK REAL to play some of those “Drumless Beats” that he had been sending RASHEED for a possible future project. He says as soon as he heard the Piano sample of WALK AMONGST GODS he was transported to the block and the pen started moving. By the end of the night they had 2 songs in the bag, and a feeling they were cooking something special. With another 2 sessions under the belt, the last of which included the recording of 2 powerful songs on the EP, BEAUTIFUL ART/ MY TORTURED SOUL & SEANCE, which RASHEED described as a zero sugar coated message to those around him and an honest message to the man in the mirror. 15 MINUTES IN QUEENS is a short by powerful EP where every song hits the mark both lyrically and sonically. RASHEED shares that he does alot of his recording with RECK REAL and the natural chemistry is evident in the final product. Click the link above and take the tour, its only 15 minutes and well worth repeating.

Ransom & Big Ghost Ltd – Heavy Is The Head (LP)

Arguably one of the deadliest spitters in the Indie Game right now, RANSOM or TRUST GANG FAMILY has joined forces with BIG GHOST LTD (who brought us IF IT BLEADS IT CAN BE KILLED with CONWAY THE MACHINE earlier this year) to bring us a little gift. Its an especially exciting gift if you are fan of the GAME OF THRONES SAGA & HBO SERIES and have been going through withdrawals since that that awful last season and season finally. RAN comes swinging his Sword on HEAVY IS THE HEAD, a grimey street album full of hard earned truths and bars that can stop a charging rhino, interlaced with thematic Track Titles, a medieval score, field of battle sound bites, and a Narration worthy of being on the G.O.T. Audio Books. RANSOM is not holding anything back in his quest for the throne and he has some of the best in the game on the project with him including MICKEY FACTS & R.J.PAYNE which I personally think edges RAN out by a hair on THE RED WEDDING, but I digress. What RANSOM has been able to do, I have yet to say RJ Payne do, which is creating whole, perfectly flowing albums, not just a compilation of Singles. RANSOM is throwing down the Metal Guantlet and daring anyone to challenge him for the Crown, knowing good and well how much it Weighs.


No Cap, I have been waiting this album since I started doing write ups and reviews. One of my first articles was covering the first Single NY Emcee TONES and Massachusetts Producer DJ MATTY LITE released together in 2020. Since then they have blessed with WVCC Radio with a number of banging singles, elevating our interest with ever record. Finally when we damn near demanded a full project by the constant collaborators, LITE AND TONES have released something SACRED for us. There recent EP, Released at the beginning of July is still burning its way through Underground Radio Stations as DJ’s cant get enough off each single. Take DEAUX for example, with its a Wabbly Bass Line that provides a trampoline for TONES to tell you he “writes all his verses in the same place he’ll probably die in” . Two Pairs of Eyes are better than 1 and these 2 make fantastic music together. Add in special guest SANKOFA, another contributor to Matty Lites growing discography and you have the Earth rattling title track SACRED, where TONES and SANKO take turns proving this is more than a hobby, this craft is something they were chosen for. TONES voice brings back memories of the Mad Face Invasion of the 90’s (ironically He and Matty Lite both share a deep love for ONYX), but even through the grime in his vocal tone, you can hear the sincerity and honesty as he gives you a look at his personal life as a father, and hard working adult still working overtime to make his dreams come true. MATTY LITES production just provide the perfect back drop for him to perform his heart felt monologues on, like on DEJA VU where LITE uses Sax Samples to give the keyboard driven beat a MIAMI VICE/ IN THE AIR TONIGHT type vibe. The month is almost over, but SACRED only gets better with every spin. Don’t just overlook it or give a quick skim through…bump it with reverence….you are dealing with something SACRED here.

#CYPHLYFE #SingleFiles

The Doppelgangaz – Triple D (Official Video)

Had the honor of Interviewing the Groggy Pack of Sharks this week. The cloaked due better known as THE DOPPELGANGERZ where great guest and made the interview hella fun. Anyone who missed can still catch the episode at . For now enjoy their latest single TRIPLE D off their upcoming GPACK 3, the 3rd installment to their GPack EP Series. Always stretching their production comfort zones, the pair of Emcee/Producers opt for a banging G Funk/ NY Freestyle sound that is reminiscent of early GRAND MASTER CAZ inspired roller skating joints. The 2 get busy with the bars as always, showing their grasp of both Underground and Current Culture queues, and always down to cross that line. Make sure you follow their Bandcamp page for all the DOPP HOP you can ask for, along with Merch Links.


Heads up Florida Hip Hop. We got a new shooter in town. Originally from Buffalo NY, DEL HAZE the Upstate New York Transplant now calls the OZone his home. Orlando already has an established Underground Hip Hop scene which is a thing to be envied, and from what I’m hearing on his latest single, “HIRED HIT”, DEL HAZE is going to fit in just fine in the O. Don’t mistake him for a new jack who needs a local scene to belong to. HAZE is tried and tested Vet who heralds respect, made obvious by home comfortable he matches Indie Hip Hop Barsmith JOJO PELLEGRINO on this banger produced by DEL HAZE himself. If the Beat don’t kill you, One of the 2 shooters will….chances are all three are going to have a hand in leaving your audio device dead after playing this.

Nonchalantly Zay x JFliz – Acrobat Rap [produced by Morbid Min B x Before23 x cuts by JorDams]

One of my favorite singles this week. Played it on both of our Streams this week. REAL RAP FAMILY’s Moderator/ Producer MORBID MON B & BEFORE 23 have cooked up a Naaaaaasty Bap and invited NONCHALANTLY ZAY & Mass Mad Man JFLIZ to take turns whooping the beats ass. They both do their best to bloody up the instrument, but this beat hits back hard. Fantastic cuts by JORDAMS make this record a cut DJ’s will be adding to their mixes for the rest of the Summer. JFLIZ has been on a terror this year dropping back to back singles, eps and LPS. He just recently rejoined his DEVIL AT THE PULPIT Producer TALI RODRIGUEZ getting some WORK Done….But JFLIZ doesn’t know how to do anything half ass, so they OVERWORKED themselves and the product is ridiculous. Check their new single OVERWORKED below and listen as TALI RODRIGUEZ leaves the production duties to 6TH FLOOR and chooses instead to flex his vocal cords and show you how sharp his pen is. These two work well together in either fashion.


Royce Da 5’9 – Silence Of The Lambda (Lupe Fiasco Diss)

This year has become mad excited with all the Hungry Emcees looking at eachother like lunch. We are here for all the smoke. Here is the latest in the back and forth between ROYCE THE 5’9 and LUPE FIASCO. The back story to this beef is too long, so do your research, but enjoy the first 2 diss songs from each to the other above and below.

“Steve Jobs: SLR 3 1/2” produced by Soundtrakk

Dark Lo & V Don – Charlie Pope (LP)

Haven’t heard the whole thing but this has started off mad rugged. DARK LO never slacks tho and V-DON is an animal. They got WILLIE THE KID on this one, so it should be fiyah fiyah. Let me know what yall think in the comments.