The new 7 track EP by the SMOKE N MIRA’S MC once known as THOUSAND THOUGHTS, is some of the most Honest Hip Hop you going to here coming out of #SoFlow this year. This isn’t Feel Good Music, but the last year hasn’t been a Feel Good Year. This is SIR CHARLES sharing the raw truth, that hurts, but helps you to heal and be free from the blindness of ignorance or self deception. He is as unapologetic as ever (always one to speak his mind and heart) as he says “IF I DIDN’T KEEP IN TOUCH/PROBABLY CUZ YOU NOT IN TOUCH/ WITH THE SKYS IM TRYING TO TOUCH” on the ep opener LEGENDARY produced by S3NZU BEATS. If SIR CHARLES is anything, its confident but at the same time a realist as he spits “One of the Illest up in Dade and they Don’t Even Know My Name”. The 1st 3 Tracks on the album are relentless with the bluntness, not to mention the beats that can knock your head through a Laundromat wall (See Video for REAR VIEW for Context). Production handled by SHAKESPEAR, S3NZU BEATS and BAKED PLISSKEN on CRVBS & LIONZ make this EP’s replay value go up 200%. The thump on PESSIMISTIC is filthy enough to make even H2-Optimist get on that “NEGATIVE SHIT”. The Album closer “WHEN I’M GONE”, also Produced by SHAKESPEAR, is a poignant reminder that we tend to take those closest to us for granted and only appreciate there unique contributions to our lives when they are no longer around. As I said, this isnt “Feel Good Music”, but IT IS music you can Feel and relate to because it is so real. Make sure you take the time this week to Copp ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN, and let the album play several times. Trust me, one play is all it’ll take for SIR CHARLES to touch you from the Outside In. #SKIPPP

Check the New Video for CANT SLEEP NOW Produced by SHAKESPEARE

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