GRIMEWAV is not a group or a crew, they are a squad of Assassins for hire and they are currently on the Clock. Made up of MC’s FRANK WHITE, LACEFUEG, HANZO BLADE (MC/Producer), ENELS (MC/Producer/Engineer), LURCH (Producer) and MC / Crew Founder MO RUKUZ, these Hit man hailing from across the map (Boston, NY, NJ, and even as far as CAPETOWN) are making sure you get swept up in their “WAV” with their debut Crew Album “CLOCK WORK“. We got a chance to chop it up with MO RUK, who just recently came home in September from serving a 1 year Bid. He explained to me how Producer HANZO BLADEZ was introduced just after getting arrested and let out on bail. They waisted no time and got to work writing, recording and releasing SHOKO ASAHARA , their Debut EP together, before RUKUS got sentenced to prison. Little did they know, they were planting the first Seeds for what would be the GRIMEWAV family Tree. The Idea for the Crew and Album all conceived behind bars, MO recalls staying in contact with HANZO & Producer/MC ENELS who ran the crew while he was locked up, and kept the GRIMEWAV name active with multiple releases (BIRDS OF PREY (Hanzo Bladez), FORGOTTEN 2( Enels)) . While he was away, members LACEGFUEG and FRANK WHITE joined the team, along with Producer LURCH. MO RUKUZ says “It was Crazy cuz I aint a People Person. But it felt like I had been friends type shit the way we bonded. The Chemistry was immediate” “Everyone in the team has been involved in the street life to 1 degree or another so it came natural. The group actually started way back with me and ENEL’s as a duo, but now it’s the whole collective. The Name of the crew was a flip on crime wave & Grimey because we spit grimy rap, We are bringing a wave of grime through WAV files, yah mean, GRIMEWAV.” As if the strength in their numbers wasnt enough, they also have some crazy features on the album by OUTRAGE on LABOTOMY and the Black Mask of Mass, G FAM BLACK on BRASS KNUCKLES, and A-GOD THE OLD SOUL on the smooth CONTRADICTIONZ where Hanzo Bladez makes great work out of a Violin Sample. Tracks like CLOCK WORK, FALLACY (Fuck your mother Gia, Hardest Spitter in the Echo System -FUCK!), GAMMA RAY, GRIME SYNICATE, & WYM are so good its Criminal, and you will be happy to serve the time we face for getting caught up in the GRIMEWAV.

Check out CLOCKWORK in all its Grimey Glory below, and check out our Live Interview with MO RUKUZ and HANZO BLADEZ on Tuesday 4/6 on #WVCCRadio #CyphLyyyfe.

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