I sat down with Kendall MC, MOTIVE 16, for a very informative conversation after our WVCCRadio Stream last Tuesday. For one thing, I learned that you can smoke a bowl using what looks like a strand of magic string from the Legend of Zelda ( I had never seen a Hemp Wick before, almost burnt the fuck out of my fingers trying to light the pipe, fucking nooob). I also learned that MO, who used to go by MOTIVE-8 back when he rocked as 1 half of the Kendall Duo MIND KONTROL with MC KEEN-I (aka S3NZU BEATS), is a self proclaimed Weed Snob. Respectfully turning down my offer to roll up a blunt, claiming the tobacco fucks with his throat, he proceeded to unpack a Dabbing Rig from his back pack along with a shit load of other smoking toys and tools. After his Medical Marijuana Mary Poppins impersonation, MOTIVE16 proceeded to play his new EP for me, WASTE MANAGEMENT. As the intro unraveled, he proceeded to let me in on a little bit of his past. With a tinge of shame, he mentioned how his Italian / Columbian descendants had not always been on the “right side” of the law. He shared how this sorted family history had sparked in him a curiosity to study the Criminal Underworld of the 19/20th Century in America, and how Organized Crime had contributed to the rise of this country. This research sparked the embers for what became WASTE MANAGEMENT, a 14 track album about the parallels between the Cartels, Mob Families, and the Modern Rap Game where everyone is trying to be a “BOSS”, “DON” or “A Shooter”. However, MOTIVE is not blind to the cons of living this fast lifestyle, and he puts them on full display on WM; The loss of family relationships as they “Forever question my motives like the building of the Pyramids” , the loss of friendships as paranoia starts to take hold and it feels like no one can be trusted, and the often overlooked toll it can take on our health and sanity when the money is never enough. WASTE MANAGEMENT is a superbly written album, crammed with MOTIVE16’s unique delivery that can mold perfectly to any beat his long time producers S3NZU BEATS and DIRTY DICE cook up for him. The messages on the song paint an accurate picture of a country that has hypocritically persecuted all avenues of Organized Crime, which at one point was the life blood of this countries construction. As Motive broke down to me over a bowl of GMO exotics topped with a rosin coating, the whole East Coast infrastructure was built by organized crime families who bribed or murdered their way into holding all the contracts for construction, sanitation, transportation in the big cities. Just like the War on Drugs has played a huge part in building our modern society in America. The problem he says, is when the Families thought they were big enough to stand up to the biggest Gangsters in America, the Federal Government. The Truth is, as appealing and enticing as a life of crime sounds, with its promise of fast cash and being your own boss, its all a hoax meant to keep you chasing the cheese in the Rat Maze, swearing you have a leg up on the other rats who are stupid enough to live legit. At the end of the day…we are all prisoners of the state, waiting for our RELEASE DATE. Enjoy the WASTE MANAGEMENT album below, and Tune In to #WVCCRadio tomorrow Night as we welcome MOTIVE16 as our Special Guest in the Cypher.

1.Waste Management Intro 02:10
2.Meaning of Dreams 03:18
3.Release Date 02:37
4.Working Man Skit 00:55
5.Odds to be Rich 02:36
6.Waste Interlude 01:25
7.Wrong Channel 02:20
8.Mafia Calls Skit 01:33
9.A Hustler Can 02:20
10.Rico Tapes Interlude 03:05
11.Universal Law 04:13
12.Subconscious Theory 03:01
13.Blue Comet 03:09
14.Made in America 02:32