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Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. This week we went heavy on the Blog articles with our new daily #HotDrops. We sharing some of the illest Hip Hop with you Monday through Friday now. Make sure you follow the blog (See the Follow+ option) so that you can get notified whenever we drop something new. And please forgive me lack of Proof Reading. I did a write up on Recognize Ali and shared it with half the world before I got hit up by someone on the Mello Music Thread pointing out I misspelled dudes name through out the whole write up. I have the worst luck with that shit. My apologies Rec, and all our readers. Let me make it up to yall with some new music.


Once again my sincere apologies to RECOGNIZE ALI and the MELLO MUSIC GROUP Publicist for the lack of editorial staff at CyphLyfe Blog. What I lack in spelling efficiency I make up for in hunger for new raw hip hop. My endless search brought be to this gem right here this week. Brand New from 2019/2020 Rookie of the Year (He been rocking for more than a year, but he had a break out year last year in our books), RECOGNIZE ALI & SULTAN MIR bring us TOO VISIBLE TO SEE. This album shows just another side of ALI who manages to sound effortless on what ever beat is given to him. The productions SULTAN MIR provides ALI with are a flipside to the usual grimey vibe your use to hearing Rec catching wreck on. A dope Summer Vibe album in the height of Winter, offering yall some feel good energy, but still full of the masterful pen you’ve come to expect from REC ALI. The fact that this is MC is at the top of the current talent pool is just “Too Visible To See”.


Miami’s Renaissance Man, ROC SOL has delivered on his promises of bringing us an original, unique listening experience with his New Album SOL ART. Not only did the MC/ Artist/ BBoy / Promoter/ Community Organizer write and record a whole album of fire material, he also sings his heart out all over the project and as if that wasn’t enough, he created a complete COLORING BOOK of Original Work for you to flex your own inner artist as you listen to the album.  The 1st official track on the album, NO RETURN begins with some calming and wise words from the Late Great Artist BOB ROSS, encouraging us to give ourselves a chance to be free and self-express, simply open our minds and enjoy playing with our creativity. A fitting intro for an album which is all about ROC pushing his boundaries, getting out of his comfort zone in order to create what the universe has put in his heart. He ends the song saying, “It’s all Inside My Head Now…Its all Inside My Head Now.” If you know Rocky…You know what he gets in his mind, he manifests into reality.

DMC Champion DJ Abstru ushers in the next cut PRAYER HANDS, produced by Longtime Friend and Collaborator DJ FROGGIE. This beat hits hard and is great motivation music.  I will def be playing this track on max volume this weekend as me and the family clean the crib and wash the car.  Kind of song that makes you feel like you can accomplish everything you set your mind to. Miami Indie Hop Superstars MAYDAY team up with ROC SOL on NEVER FALL, bringing us a cut that will help you lift more than your former max weight on the bench.  18K brings us a banging beat by Fountain Bleu Producer / Visual Artist JAMMA, and SOL shows that he is in sync with both the Old and New School style “waves”. CUBA LIBRE is back and forth bar fest feat. Dirty South mainstays D.U.IVAN & KING GUALA. The melodic break down by IVAN and ROC is like a chocolate coating on a stick of dynamite.  The entire album was engineered by the magic ear of MIAMI BEAT WAVE (BRANDAN TOLEDO), so it isn’t a surprise that the project’s musical quality is next level, mixing different styles of hip hop and soul.  Spoken words by poet LIFE IS HECTIK make the Intro, Middle, and Outro of the album super potent with a lasting message, and the peace inducing NAMASTE is an emerald in the midst of many Gems, with vocalist ALEXANDER STAR and ROC SOL’s Fiance CHRISTY LOVE blessing the vocals. Ms. Love actually adorns the entire album with her silky voice, making it that much more appealing to all ears, not only the average hip hop head. You can purchase the album bundle set which includes the SOL ART COLORING BOOK, A box of High Quality Markers, a limited print Roc Sol Art Sticker Pack and of course the Digital Download so you can bump while you add your unique touch to the coloring book. All available at ROCSOLMIAMI.COM. The underlying message of SOL ART: Your destiny is in your hands. Don’t drop the Roc.



One of the most consistent voices representing South Florida (Broward County in particular…954 Stand Up!!) is IVAN L. For well over 15 years I.V. has been putting in work Locally and across state lines, growing his skill set, his discography and his fanbase. After dropping solo and group albums well into the double digits, DON VITO is back with his 2nd release of 2021, STAND ALONE COMPLEX. Full of fantastic production from some names you need to get familiar with including SAGE CRAFT, CHEMIST, TRUNX, FACEGHOST, LEBANON DON & THORN BEATS; and accompanied by a squad of guest features, this album has a little something for every flavor of hip hop one might have. IVAN’s ear for beats and sense of timing and flow on different tempos is uncanny. He’s also got a hell of an eye for new talent. For a full break down of all the tracks and Special Guest line up, check the amazing Album Review by our homie, and huge WVCC Radio supporter DIRTY 5IVE JAKX. The homie JAKX held an IG Live interview with IV last night, and they pulled over 1K viewers who stayed on for the whole interview. With a loyal following of that size, maybe its time you find out what so many others have found out. IVAN L is the Truth.


New Jersey / North Carolina transplant DJ BEN WORKIN has made himself a vital member of the So Flow Hip Hop Community since he landed in Palm Beach County.  Always ready to make the long trek to Miami to DJ a party, build in the studio, or bless a local Podcast, BEN WORKIN has shown he was raised in a culture of show and prove before you talk. He has recently joined the fold of No Emotion and the Algorithm Killing Godz, and in doing so made an ally by the name of CULT .45. A producer from the Internet Realm of the Godz, Cult and Ben have combined to create CULT WORK, a 6 track Hymnal of Boom Bap Insanity. From the opening track the two KNIGHTS OF THE ALGORITM pull up on your block ready to “KILL UM ALL like Metalica”.  The Beats and Bars are relentless, especially on  A KILLER IS A KILLER where BEN runs through his laundry list of Favorite Cult Leaders and Serial Killers. Only 2 Features on the ep, but fellow Gods JOE SIG & CEREBRAL CORTEX represent enough for an army of 20. What started out as a group of burn out MC’s suggesting lines to NO EMOTION GOLD MASK for his YouTube Live Recording Sessions, is turning out to be an efficient Machine of Musical Madness, churning out Banger after Banger.  If this is the kind of shit they have cooking in that compound kitchen, I cant wait to hear more of The Godz spreading the gospel of #KOTA.      



There’s an original sound of Indie Hip Hop being produced in the 305. A mix of Boom Bap and Electro with hints of Dirty South Trap laced with Afro Latin Caribbean Funk. A sound that is both respected by the BBoy Purist, and enjoyed by the Miami Club hopper. One of the producers who has led the charge of this unique vibe is Guitars Over Guns Representative LEO DAVINCCI of THE GUILD. As ¼ of the original Miami Beat Wave Production Team, D soaked up the knowledge of song creation, melody mastering, sound engineering, and more importantly networking and how to move on the business side of the music. Now armed with this knowledge, refined by years of successes and failures, relationships formed and lost and a serious health scare, DAVINCCI has returned to make sure his mark on the South Florida scene is forever remembered.  Hence, the Rakim interview sample at the beginning of his new single A BETTER WAY feat AYNT. As the God MC shares, as poets, our words are what we will be remembered by long after we die, and these two wordsmiths make sure to give us something not to forget. AYNT VALDEZ express his frustration over being an MC Producer “from where there’s not to much success, The Bleu/ Which makes the craft he loves a little more stressful to do”, but guarantees us that we “going to see what’s inside the genuine mind that’s behind the lines”. DAVINCCI not only blesses the hook with a hypnotic hook but spills a flow of lava on the 2nd verse which shows he is just as serious with the pen as he is behind the boards. While talking to me about the single, he pointed out the track edits through out the verses where he purposefully sensors the N word. He shared with me that as a Hispanic growing up in Miami, we all called each other the N word, just how we grew up in the streets listening to Hip Hop (I could relate, having grown up in the same circumstances). However, he does not feel this justifies the use of such a racially charged and historically evil term any longer. He told me, as Hispanics who practice this great art and culture of Hip Hop we must always make sure to respect its roots and make sure we are on the right side of the conversation when it comes to racial injustice and social awareness. Just cus we grew up on the music doesn’t give us a pass to use a phrase that was used with such hatred towards the originators of the culture we so value. I was personally challenged by this.  And that’s what LEO DAVINCCI aims to do, challenge your ear, challenge your mind and soul and challenge anyone to keep him from spreading his message of Music and Love for the People.

XP The Marxman – Wave Till Grave (Official Video)

You know whenever XP the Marxman drop something we sharing that shit. One of the nastiest voices coming out of the West Coast Underground, XP has been hitting us with back to back releases for several years now, and the material continues to get better and better. This smooth good feel track is laced by TONE BEATS, who provides XP with a great field to set up a carnival of bars, proclaiming he is doing this all Indie, from the home in the hood to the Penthouse, from the Wave to the Grave. Another beautiful visual provided by the MARXMAN’s Video Team @xienhow for @teamdonesonfilms. Check the single and go check the whole MAKE THE DEVIL PRAY album up now on all platforms.

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Last night I played these two joints back to back and caused a bar fight in the chat room of #WVCCRadio. Both Kendal MC Legend B-DOPE and Self Professed Cult Leader NO EMOTION GOLD MASK & THE GODZ released separate WWE inspired singles on the same day. So we feel its only right we leave it to the people to decide. This is the 1st Ever #CyphLyfeBlogCageMatch….MR.88 or the GOLDEN MASK? Who do you think takes the WWE Built? Drop a comment with your vote below.


Some of Miami’s grimiest pay their respects to the masked villain MF DOOM. Salute to Dirty Doe for being relentless with his promotion of Hip Hop, both nationally and locally, and for leaving the streets all tagged up. I see you DOE!!! Check out EMYHR RHYME, NOEMOTION, THE FILTH & DIRTY DOE as they Mask Up and spit them Villainous Bars. Don’t forget to check out @KendallPartnerships #WeAreKendall on IG, if for no other reason than the Spit Monster told you to.


SCVTTERBRVIN – Too Weird For The Street, Too Street For The Weird 

Holyyyyy Shit!!! This might get my Vote for New Underground Release of the Week. Wont say much about it. Just let the music play and get to know SCVTTERBRVIN a little Worst.

Flee Lord x LordMobb – LordMobb Vol. 1

Flee Lord presents the “LordMobb Vol. 1” compilation album, hosted by Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. The 21-track project features vocal contributions from Eto, Willie the Kid, Flee Lord, G4 Jag, Zaza God, Young Act, Mummz, BVNGS, Jameel Na’im, Mumbles, Phonk P, T.F., Aaqil Ali, Noah Ark, Reef Hustle, Vic Spencer, Jai Black, Shady Ray, Shoota93. Production credits: V Don, Ghost Dave, Mephux, Eto, godblessBEATZ, Casey Jones, 4ord, Big French.

Asun Eastwood & TheTwinning – Prophecy Is My Present (Album)

From Asun Eastwood last project “Prophecy Is My Presen”. Produced by TheTwinning. Featuring: Lord Juco, Falcon Outlaw, Lex Talionis, Raz Fresco, Don Smith, Family Gang Black, SL, Quinn the Comic, Richie aka Raspy, Rasheed Chappell and Maze Overlay. Purchase:…​ Asun Eastwood & TheTwinning – Prophecy Is My Present Tracklist 01. PIMP (Intro) 02. Stillness Is A Skill feat. Lord Juco 03. TeamWork GLOW 04. StepWork GLOW feat. Falcon Outlaw 05. LOV (Life Of Victory) feat. Lex Talionis 06. Framed My Pyrex Bowl feat. Raz Fresco 07. Underrated feat. donSMITH & Family Gang Black 08. Anfernee feat. SLNC 09. Hurt ‘Em feat. Quinn The Comic & Richie aka Raspy 10. Inspired By Death 11. Tie Ya Camel feat. Rasheed Chappell 12. Muhammad GLOW feat. Maze Overlay

Pappy Natson & Jamar Johnson – Don’t Be Surprised (EP)

From Pappy Natson last project “Don’t Be Surprised”. Produced by Jamar Johnson. Purchase:…​ Pappy Natson & Jamar Johnson – Don’t Be Surprised Tracklist 01. Momentum feat. Litt Green 02. Don’t Be Surprised 03. Corner Tales feat. Bless Picasso 04. So Many Layers feat. Stacey of Diverse New America 05. Memoirs feat. Nocturnal 06. Thru The Cracks feat. Stacey of Diverse New America

Futurewave & Raz Fresco – Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen (Album)

From Futurewave last project “Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen” with Raz Fresco. Produced by Futurewave. Available here:…​ – Vinyle:…​ Guests : Daniel Son, Saipher Soze, Asun Eastwood & Estée Nack Futurewave & Raz Fresco – Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen Tracklist 01. Dead Planet 02. Selling Dreams To Sleepers 03. Marvellously MC 04. Black Baby Jesus feat. Daniel Son 05. WW3 feat. Saipher Soze 06. Gorgeous Gortex 07. Ironman Posture 08. How 2 Eat 2 Live 09. Solar Flame 10. Big Bird feat. Daniel Son 11. James Bond Gold Medal feat. Asun Eastwood 12. God Is Better feat. Estee Nack 13. Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen

Elcamino x TrickyTrippz – On the 3rd Day (Full)


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