Happy Friday Fellow 88ers ( The 8th Letter of the Alphabet is H, 88 = HH = Hip Hoppers). I’ve got alot of banging new music for yall to enjoy over the weekend so let me get right into it. If you are a regular listener of #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio, you know we aint giong to share no bullshit with you. Give each record a chance, you never know, you might find your new favorite artist of 2020.


IRON WIGS | Your Birthdays Cancelled (Album)

We have been playing cuts off of this new joint project by Verbal Kent, Vic Spencer and Britain’s SonnyJim since they leaked their first single with the homie CRIMEAPPLE. According to the bio on the Mello Music Group site:

Somewhere along the line, rap became a primarily solo sport despite projects being made with a roomful of people who end up appearing as producer and feature credits. But, the chemistry of a group is still something special to hear over the course of an entire album. So, when Chicago’s Vic Spencer and Verbal Kent joined forces with the UK’s Sonnyjim (who also produced the entire album) to form the group Iron Wigs, we knew it’d be a vibe.

The group’s debut album, Your Birthday’s Cancelled, is a late night, smoke filled, crystal glass tinkling, blunts split on the table, jazz rap experience. No one is raising their voice to get attention, just calm, cold story telling and brash braggadocio spit by those who’ve lived it so long that their eyes see through imposters, even when half-closed. A few friends roll through to offer verses including CRIMEAPPLE, Quelle Chris, and Roc Marciano. The Nuggets color way-inspired cover is the vision of artist Homeless Cop. 

Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
2020 Mello Music Group

Big Sproxx & Sayzee – Doomsday Devices (EP)

Who are these guys?? Who The fuck is this?? What was the name of that last track? Play another one….Those are all comments that flooded the chatroom last night when I premiered this new EP by Big Sproxx & Sayzee. I must admit I never even pressed play on the link before last nights show, but after that, I have played the album on repeat all morning. Rewindable Bars and Addictive production…This shit will make your weekend alot more enjoyable. Press play and become a fan.

Search Brews Beats & Eats on your favorite Streaming Service.

Recognize Ali & Stu Bangas – Guerilla Dynasty (Album)

The hottest album I heard last week. This shit gets grimier and grimier by the song and every guest appearance makes the experience even bloodier. You need a Neck Brace after your listen to this one.

AJ Suede – Long May We Rain (EP)

This is album was the biggest surprise of the week. From the opening Sample of the Intro song, the album takes you on a Magic Carpet Ride of Lyricism and Street Consciousness. By the end of the EP AJ Suede had engraved his name into my memory. Let me know what you all think.

LO GUN of Main Aim – The Shogun Tape

1st of all Click the name of the Artist and Album so you can start getting a sense of the caliber of MC we are presenting you with today. Lo Gun is a monster behind the mic, and one play of this album will have you talking about this dude to your hip hop loving circle. He presents The Shogun Tape in collectable Cassette Tapes. Give the album a listen and if you feel it is as fire as we do, copp a copy of the tape like we did.


A new camp has risen out of the graffiti stained streets of South Florida. They go by Kuro Shinobi, and their whole vibe is siiiiick!!! Cant wait til this Covid 19 shit is under control and we can go back out again, cuz these dudes are going to be sick to see live. Get Familiar and remember you heard it here first. If you’ve heard it somewhere else, I’m pissed at you for not sharing it with me earlier.

Mic Sessionz – HEAT

The homie Mic Sessionz has added a New Brick to the Tower of Albums he is releasing. Notably one of South Florida’s most consistent Boom Bap providers, Mic has stepped up his game for this new album handling not only Productions, Writing, Recording and Engineering duties, but he is also producing and acting in Skits now. Is there anything Mic Sessions will not due to bring you a quality Hip Hop album? Enjoy this Summer Banger which is aptly named HEAT.

8ch2Owens – FUNK FUTURO

Before you read another word, click the link above. Ok…you have entered the Rhyme Machine. Get ready to take a journey through over 10 years of Writing, Recording, Organizing Rap Battles, Hip Hop Showcases, and a Radio Show. Thus have been the last 10 years of my life which I have encapsulated in this collection of Unreleased Records. The whole album takes under 45 Min and is perfect for Working Out, Waking Up or just running so fast you break through the time/ space continuum and end up in the Future. Come back and tell us if Cheeto is still President and if America is still a Thing.

Whelp, that should get you through the weekend. Dont forget to give us a Sub and drop a comment below…let us know what was your favorite project this week and feel free to suggest any new music. See you next Tuesday and Thursday and South Floridas Home for Indie / Underground Hip Hop: #WVCC #CyphLyyyyyfe

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