New Hip Hop to set your Weekend Off Right

What a week of trials it has been for #WVCCRadio. Had 2 Youtube Channels disabled by the Machine, over a years worth of Hip Hop Playlists gone, The whole Playlist I had been working on for the upcoming Kendall vs Hialeah Battle wiped out, and we lost all the Interviews we had loaded and are being blocked from loading any more interviews. Sheeeesh. Can’t a brother just share good music with his community? Silver Lining: We were at least able to drop Write Up’s for both MICHELANGELO‘s THESE LIL PIGGIES, and GONE by SALAZAR EL TABAQUERO feat NORTH & AGONY this week. Both Articles got mad views and great feedback, GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN is actually our most viewed write up to date, so the week wasn’t a total loss. As the age old adages go, “The show must go on” and “Real Hip Hop Don’t Stop”. So here is the Hottest New Hip Hop to get you through the weekend. Never forget who keeps you supplied with that Dope Shit.