Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! This is your weekly alarm clock, making sure you are not sleeping on the heavily active Hip Hop Underground. ANGELS OF GOD, the latest single by Indie Duo DNH, is just one of many reasons to wake up today in a good mood.


With its soothing catholic choir sample, chopped up and sprinkled over some slapping drums and warped keys by the U.K’s HOWARD STEVENS, a producer who you need to be checking for, having produced for the likes of LEWIS PARKER, and the late great MF DOOM. If ANGELS OF GOD is any indication of what he is offering on DNH’s debut release, “A HYDRA WORLD”, this is going to be a sonically serious album. With the polished penmenship and mahogany toned vocals of Middletown NY Verse Veteran, SPACE, the duo now known as DNH are combining their years of experience to produce Hip Hop that speaks to the brothers and sisters on the block, and the ones looking to rise above the corner mentality. He spits “Lifes an open story book some people choose to call a bitch/ but yo be careful how you diss her cuz she known to throw a fit/ and detour your shit and leave you in a twist/ just like a funny cigerette, and you thought shit was lit/”. A professional with pros whose been featured on past projects by Cage, Cannibal Ox, the late underground legend Camu Tao and others, SPACE is back in top form, weaving his thought fragments in unique patterns that peaks our interest in the debut LP from the NY/UK Duo.

DNH Steven Howard and Space Video Pic
DNH Steven Howard and Space Video Pic 2
DNH A Hydra World Cover
DNH A Hydra World Cover 2

Producer HOWARD STEVENS connected with SPACE for the filming of the official video for the lead single that has done impressive numbers on youtube (See Video Above),and just got done filming a new video for their second single, AMERICAN DREAM, but we know its not all about the likes. As demonstrated in the video for ANGEL OF GOD, these two treat hip hop as a Sacred Right, not to be defiled, but to be delivered in the purest form, Angelic like.

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Bandcamp: https://howardstevensmusic.bandcamp.com/album/dnh-a-hydra-world

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