Canada’s LERICS DaLYRICIST has been on his grind in 2023. After releasing his hottest ep to date, the KILLABONG produced, “NO SHORTCUTS”, LERICS is now back with the 1st single off of his upcoming album, HUMBLE HORIZON. The latest nail biter by DaLYRICIST called SLAYERZ ON THE LOOZE, features South Baltimore’s MC ALTERED STATES, & North Carolina/Alabama’s Soul Keeper, DJ GLIBSTYLEZ over a preditorial banger by Ukranian Producer K.D. THE STRANGER that is bound to leave you with a sore neck after just one listen.

ALTERED STATES starts the preimptive strike with bars like “Like Dave Mustain I’d like to Kill Em All and get no credit / And if I spoke it over wax, well thats just for the Record/” & “We detenaiting, Raising stakes like hunting vampires/ Silver Bullets ripping through your flesh ignite like Funeral Piers/”. French speaking LERICS DaLYRICIST catches us all by surprise as he drops an entire verse in English with a solid cadence that keeps your head bobbing as he makes it clear that “His pedagree is a Fire Emoji” while he bucks off warning shots and pays homage to the late great PRODIGY of Mobb Deep all in the same verse. The Soul Keeper GLIBSTYLEZ lays some precisely severed scratches over the Hook to put a bloody bow on the Death Day Present. The single has found its way on most Underground Hip Hop Mixes and Platforms I checked this week, meaning I am not the only one who feels this shit needs to be on rotation in your earpods as we await the next project release from LERICS in June.

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