The Hottest New Hip Hop to get you through the Weekend.

Happy Friday Fellow 88ers. So Much New Music to share with yall, gonna keep the Warm Up short and sweet. Our Audience keeps growing weekly, make sure you rocking with us on Tuesday and Thursday Nights on Twitch to be a part of the WVCC Community. Lets get to the New Music.


Late Edition to the #WeekendBag. This dropped on Friday right under our noses. SA ROC had one of the illest releases of 2020 with SHARECROPPERS DAUGHTER. Now she is back “a Year Later, a Dollar Short and then some” with The Deluxe version of SHARECROPPERS on RHYMESAYERS, which includes 6 additional unreleased records, 1 of them featuring the Late Great MF DOOM. Salute to our new fam ANTHONY L’ITALIAN for the find and share. Make sure you join his HIP HOP LIFERS Group on FB to stay up with all the New Hip Hop News and great Hip Hop Convo’s. SA ROC is at the top of the FEMCEE Conversation, if you have any doubts, just listen to the SHARECROPPERS DAUGHTER. We now have it in its entirety for your enjoyment.


BENNY THE BUTCHER’s BLACK SUPRANO FAMILY & 38 SPESH’s TRUST CRIME FAMILY join forces to serve enough Raw to get the whole globe hooked. The two Label Heads have experience the height of success with their individual Indie grinds and now combine their two regimes to bring you TRUST THE SUPRANOS, an Audio Documentary on Block Economics, Urban Entrepreneurship, and pulling yourself up out of the mud til your sitting on top. Most of our favorite TRUST and BSF shooters are on this tape, including EL CAMINO, CHE-NOIR, RANSOM, HEEM, CHASE FETTI, RICK HYDE and Ofcourse, BENNY & SPESH bless the album. Make sure you put this pyrex on the stove for a bit this weekend and let that audio crack cook.


LO LIFE FAMILY Rep DARK LO has been cooking non stop for the past couple of years. He teams up with 1 of the contenders for Producer of the Year 2021, HARRY FRAUD who has already put out some of the best albums this year with JIM JONES “THE FRAUD DEPARTMENT” and BENNY THE BUTCHER “THE PLUGS I MET 2”. On BURROWED TIME, DARK LO is honest with himself and his audience, opening up about his race against the hour glass, and his acceptance in the reality that this might be a young man/womans sport, but he refuses to give up the fight. He is still performing at top form, and over HARRY FRAUDS Production, he sounds rejuvenated. FRAUDS beats seem to have that effect on rappers. Dope features from 38-SPESH, AR-AB, and BOLDIE JAMES make an ill project even sicker. Make sure you take some time to burrow into this one.


Between HARRY FRAUD and THE ALCHEMIST, the Producers have been running shit this year. He just dropped his EP “THIS THING OF OURS“, introducing his new Label ALC RECORDS, and now he is back 2 weeks later with a new LP with JETLIFE’s CURREN$Y. One of the smoothest spitters in the game, and current Underground Producer of the Year Crown Holder team up to bring us COVERT COUP. Make sure you keep this on repeat all weekend.

MACH-HOMMY: Pray For Haiti

Not only did we celebrate HAITIS’ FLAG DAY this past Wed, but now we celebrate the release of one of HAITI’s Illest Spitters, MACH-HOMMY, under the GRISELDA RECORDS Label. This is the best I have ever heard MACH spit. He is definitely taking full advantage of this major shot on the GxFR machine. WEST SIDE GOD and Brother GOD FAHIM make a couple of Guest Appearances, but MACH HOMMY does most the heavy lifting on this one, and makes it look like light work. Salute to all my ZOE’s out there…this is one to be proud of in Underground Hip Hop.

G Fam Black x Enels – 1692

Named after the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, Murder Mass. Mic Stranglers G FAM BLACK (Knuckle Draggas) & ENELS (GrimeWav) form the terrifying tag team now known as 1692. These 2 have been plenty deadly on their own, but now form a combination that is just Word Warfare at its most violent with “Enels at the Wheel, and BLACK riding shottie“. Joined on the BO FAAT produced “THE CAULDREN” by GrimeWav General MO RUKUZ, and OBLIVIOUS joins them on the ENELS produced “THE MOBB” where all three dance around the beat like a coven of witches at a bonfire. Other than that, its just G & E wreaking havoc over some nasty production by fellow KNUCKLE DRAGGAS producer team CLOAQ X DAGGER and CRACK SIZZLACK. ENELS himself produces one of the rawest beats on the album, STOP LYING, where the two Mass Warlocks hold these fronting ass fake’s feet to the fire. Everything these two drop individually and with their home teams is worth several spins, and the 1692 is no different. Make sure to pick your copy up at their Bandcamp.

Vic Spencer – Legend Laws Of Power (Album)

The legendary Vic Spencer teams up with Original Super Legend to unfold “Legend Laws of Power.” OSL has provided production for Vic Spencer on several of his albums and their musical symmetry is undeniable. This is gut punching hip hop at its finest. This album also features legends Joe Fresh Goods, Ransom, and Roc Marciano. Just legendary business with no fillers. Enough reading. Please listen.

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Salazar feat Itawe Shottie & Omniscient – 1, 2, PASS IT Remix Miami Cipher

This is the hottest single out of Miami this week, hands down. SALAZAR EL TABAQUERO gets the old band back together as he invites ITAWE of LOCO’S POR JUANA, SHOTTIE, & OMNICIENT to bless the Remix of 1,2, PASS IT, a classic off his HIP HOP REMIXED Mixtape with DJ HERON. The Video sponsored by SAUCE KING and filmed/directed by Art Morera gives the song a whole makeover. SALAZAR kills the intro with his signature Spanglish Flow, SHOTTIE flexes his 007 smooth steeze and shows off “A Mental Thats More Visual Then The Rental At your Video Store” on verse 2 and OMNISCIENT closes out the track in true Miami Veteran fashion “Look Out for the Artist of the year, You can smell us everywhere, TABAQUEROS dont Care” with ITAWE tying the whole vibe together with his raga wave hook. Enjoy the vibe and 1, 2, pass it along to a friend.

BELEAF x B-DOPE – Behold

BELEAF has been on fire all 2021, releasing singles & videos almost weekly. While last year was the year of “DON LOBO” MONEY MOGLY, and the official death of DUB P and birth of WXTCH WXLVES, This year is looking like the year BELEAF carries the WXTCH WXLVES Torch. He dropped this single a few months back, but this week we were blessed to have him World Premier the visuals to his Kendall Klassic, BEHOLD featuring Kendall Hip Hop Vet, B-DOPE. The video is another Art Morera Masterpiece with an eerie twist and relevant message for todays hip hop climate where the Old Heads are at constant odds with the Young Heads. Lot of great cameos in this video including B-DOPES own son, B-GLIZZY, who ends up going to toe to toe with his pops in the video, symbolizing the current struggle between generations, and ends up taking things too far…. foreshadowing? Jump in the cypher with BELEAF & B-DOPE, and BEHOLD the great music they are constantly putting out.

WIL E. HAYZE: Hot Sauce (feat. Rich Mahogany & NoEmotion GoldMask)

We had the honor of being tagged by long time Homie WIL E HAZE for the WORLD PREMIER of this single last night on #WVCCRadio, and it set the Chat Thread On Fire. The latest banger from UFO GANG RECORDZ is actually a Remix featuring South Florida’s Golden God NOEMOTION GOLDMASK, and DJ/ MC/ Promoter/ and Underground Hip Hop Plug DJ BEN WORKIN aka RICH MAHOGONY who murders the 2nd verse. Whether its the delayed swing of WIL E HAZE’S 1st Verse, the Shock Rap Punches of BEN WORKIN on the 2nd or NO EMOTIONS 5000 Different uses for the term HOT SAUCE on the last verse, This joint has a flavor of Fire for every different taste bud. Make sure you check out the Limited edition HOT SAUCE BOTTLES AND LUNCH BOX featuring the beautiful Cover Art by Miami’s Own EMMANUEL YISA @rillaartandanimation which are sure to be a high value collectors item in the future. I think WIL E only made like 25 of these, and with the amount of fans UFO GANG & PENIS N VAGINA Records has, they are probably already sold out, but its worth checking the link for the MERCH. They still got plenty of goodies on the site for you to support the Local Brand that has grown from South Florida to the West Coast and beyond.

Leo CaSeeNo x JFliz – Hold Up The Front [prod. by Ugly Jon]

Brockton Mass is is producing quite a few problems in the underground now adays. We already showed you the 1692 Release above featuring Brockton’s G FAM BLACK, & now I’d like to walk you into a Robbery in Progress. The primary suspects, Brockton’s LEO CASINO & Northern Mass’s J FLIZ, who we had a blast interviewing along with Producer TALI RODRIGUEZ as we covered their DEVIL AT THE PULPIT LP. CASINO’S new Single “HOLD UP THE FRONT”, is a classic tale of a heist turned bloody over some fire ULGY JON productions. LEO CASINO has been steadily making his name known in the Massachusetts Underground and with joints like this, its evident why he is earning his scene’s respect. Make sure you follow LEO CASINO on IG to stay up to date with all the music he has been loading in the clip for us. You’ll know its CASINO when “All You Hear Is BOP BOP BOP”


BOGEY THE BLACK BOGART is back with his 4th New Single, and it is a thumper. He takes us to Church on SUNDAY MASS, giving a dose of the Truth. Not the “truth” shared in cathedrals or in the classroom. We already know those are half truths written by the Colonizers. He is sharing that Truth that Hurts but Heals in the process. That truth that you got to face when your best friend gets diagnosed with Cancer. That Truth that cant be sugar coated when you find out you got a traitor in your midst. “Lead the mass, Im like a Sheppard, but my flock aint Sheep / All my peoples are Kings and Queens, Shoulder to Shoulder with Me” is the kind of message he is sharing with the congregation as he prepares us for his “Sunday Mass, giving Sermon to the People like the Strongest of Gas.” Written, Produced, Recorded, and Engineered all in house by BOGEY himself, SUNDAY MASS is just another piece of the puzzle that shows The BLACK BOGART is still very much boots on the ground, doing that Mission Work in Miami.

Es – Not That Serious [prod by Bombay]

Woooowwww…The homie out of Mississauga, Ontario Canada, ES has perfectly incapsulated the modern phenomenon which is TWITTER FINGERS, or KEYBOARD THUGGING. You know that thing that happens when you reading the comment thread below a post and everything looks cool and peaceful until someone goes from 0 to 1000 faster than Barry Allen, just cuz someone disagreed with them or stated an opposing point of view. In his new single NOT THAT SERIOUS, MC ES, (who is a member of that international FIRE TEAM ALPHA Crew that Miami Native OSKEPTICAL rolls with) breaks down this cowardice that disguises itself as bravery in great detail. The cherry on top is the 3rd Verse where he perfectly describes the before, during, and after effects of the Verzuz Battle that happened on 4/11/2020, the Infamous RZA VS PRIMO Battle. Hearing his verse took me back to that moment in time in perfect clarity and vividness and captured the energy around the online debates to the tee. If you aren’t familiar with ES, as we weren’t until yesterday, this is a great place to start your research. Trust me, a couple of plays of NOT THAT SERIOUS, and you going to be seriously interested in what else this brother has to say.

Bar Heavy – Orbital Strikes featuring El Jefe

We became instant fans of Broward County spitters UKNOW & NIKKO RAPS when VCC CoFounder CHARLIE FAST first put us on to their group BAR HEAVY a few months ago. Since then, every single they have dropped has left craters in the WVCC Radio Soundscape. Now they are back with ORBITAL STRIKES produced by LETHAL NEEDLE and featuring EL JEFE, 1/2 of the Group ROGUE SCIENCE. The song is made even better with this dope RoboTech Anime Video…Enjoy it before the powers that be hate on the homies and take down the video. Make sure to give BAR HEAVY that follow on IG and Spotify.

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CEE GEE – CeeGeeOlogy

Buffalo NY Producer CEE GEE is having a hell of a month in May. Not only has he just celebrated his 31 birthday on 5/20 ( Happy Birthday King), but he has also had Production on 2 of the Hottest Albums out this month, WEAPON E.S.P.’s MR. AUTOMATIC ( COOKING prod by CEE GEE) & MACH HOMMY’s PRAY FOR HAITI (MARIE prod by CEE GEE….wow…what a beat). On top of all that he just released his new Compilation Album on his birthday yesterday, the long awaited CEEGEEOLOGY, which is busting at the seams with fire features. He’s got established underground names like AFRO, DUECE ELLIS, BARBARIC , ALVEREZ MASTERMINDED, & TAIYAMO DENKU, And a host of lesser known spitters that you are going to want to do your background checks on after hearing this project. Such as M-A who sounds like a young Big L on SUMMIT ACADEMY, or FRIGID GIANT, who is actually in a group with CEE GEE called GREEN GIANT and reps expertly on THE GREEN OUROBOROS with DUECE ELLIS. Have a taste of PGM bouncing on Cee Gee’s chunky baseline like a trampoline or TR38CHO murdering his self titled track ( You know I had to show love to the brother who spells his name with Numbers…Dude says “You Dont Know Me Yo / My Name is a Polynomial” …how do I sign up for the fan club). CEE GEE is a down to Earth brother, even when he is producing at a level that would inflate the average head, this dude has managed to stay mad humble and is comfortable being himself, making me an even bigger fan of his work. He has worked his way up from the bottom level, and is starting to get the credits and project placements he deserves. Make sure you to jump on the CEE GEE train now before it takes off. I have heard this album several times this week and I can guarantee you will revisit it through out the weekend and week to come if you give it that first sample.


Ohhhhhhh Shitttttttt!!!! Stop The Presses….Hold The Phones….Pause the Live Stream. We have just received a breaking news report warning that “RAPPERS ARE IN DANGER” in Baltimore thanks to a crew of Mic Mercenaries known as DBL aka DOWN BY LAW. Made up of B-More MC’s BLACK CHAKRA, D SKILLZ, MICLOPEDIA, DOPESOL, DMD BEATS, KNOWL3DGE, & D.P. The Infinite, DBL Crew has dropped an underground treasure trove in this LP. If the cover doesn’t give you that classic 90’s Hip Hop feel (obviously paying homage to ATCQ’s MIDNIGHT MARAUDERS, If its not that obvious to you, it will be when you hear ONLY US). These dudes are keeping that gritty, ruckus, jump around in the moshpit vibe that Live Hip Hop Shows used to give. Every track on the album makes me think these dudes most host a clinic during Live Shows. They are accompanied by several Co Stars on the project, such as LIL WEBB, BLOCCBOI DUTCHMAN, GDAI, DEVON MACHA, DNA, CHEFFE’, SLIMMY THE HIPPY, NFBA. SOLID, & LOW KEY who all deliver great feature verses, and vocals, but the real stars of the show are DBL. I haven’t heard a group with this many unique voices and styles in a while, conjuring easy comparisons to a young WU TANG or BOOTCAMP CLIQUE. However these dudes aint imitating anyone’s sound, which is refreshing in an era where everyone is trying to sound like Griselda or Rock Marci. Their Originality and Skills are on full display on “RAPPERS ARE IN DANGER” to make new fans out of real heads who are looking for something New and Raw in the Undgerground.

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