In the middle of the hurricane season, we got an unexpected storm. This time the storm came out of west, and headed straight for South Florida, making its effects felt all across the country from Long Beach, California, to Little Havana as it made its way down. This storm wasn’t created by Mother Nature or H.A.R.P. This was all the product of TRPL-Z and The Equation Beats, and on Friday the 13th August 2021, they named the storm DEMETER.

The name of the new album by Little Havana Native TRPL-Z and his producer Jeff Valdez may sound a little off the road, reminding me of a bio-conform, organic food substitute product (only at first though). However, after the first listen it was obvious that the label suits the whole project like a fitting lid. The album is named after the Greek goddess of harvest and agriculture, Demeter. Knowing about Trpl-Z’s recent move to California, him working in a new job in the cannabis industry and taking this project and its message along with it, the choice of the name makes totally sense now.

According to Trpl-Z, who shared with WVCC Radio Audience during his Interview with CYPH LYFE last week, the idea and creation of this album was a long shot. It was actually produced in the middle of his relocation to California, half of the tracks recorded back in Miami, the other half in Cali. It marks a transition in Trpl-Z’s life and the life changes surely do reflect in this album.

His connection to one of South America’s top producers, The Equation Beats aka Jeff Valdez is not new. Both homies met a few years back in South Florida and already worked together. Some of you may remember the joint Vice City Trpl-Z featuring The Equation Beats and the video that came out in late 2019, a successful banger.

Jeff Valdez is pure boom bap in all his hip hop productions as far as I know. He works out of Medellin, Colombia and is part of the Medellin Producers City ( MPC ). When I first heard him on the Vice City production, the early 90s popped up in my mind, the time I deeply got connected with the hip hop genre. The beat style of his reminded me a bit of Doz Funky Baztardz and its productions by DJ Taz, and yet, listening to the new album, it’s happening again. Jeff knows well how to mesh jazz and funk elements into banging beats without losing his very personal signature. Simplemente delicioso!

Nough’ said. Lets dip into the project, 6 tracks short and sweet with a total of about 18 minutes play time.

The album starts with a song that was dedicated to the hood, (la) Mañanera ( engl: the morning ) where Trpl-Z starts twisting up his Saturday morning in the 305. The track jumps into the journey on a dope saxophone and piano laced beat.

But don’t get too comfortable when we get to the follow up track called The State, starting with a noise of shutting prison doors, cause now your attention is required. Trpl-Z lays his message in a only one verse joint without a hook. This track is one of the earlier recorded parts back in Miami, at the time when the BLM protests after George Floyd death emerged and it clearly brings a statement to your ears. You can get the summary of his message with the last line in this song and it may leave some thoughts as it is formulated as a declarative question to the audience.

We turn to No. 3 with the first guest feature, with the North Miami Beach native Kingdom Kome on the track Berracos. Don’t get the term “Berraco” twisted, which is, technically, a sort of a pig. This track, certainly, ain’t about the animal though. It’s a pure Colombian thing.

Southern Lovin’ is one great Spanglish joint, one of Miami’s finest way of hybrid language, so listen carefully to not get caught into a semantic drift. By the way, as far as I know, expect a video coming up for this song. I am definitely feeling this one and Trpl-Z is apparently enjoying spitting it!

With No. 5 we get to weed and this joint is a special part of the album to Trpl-Z. It is a tribute to the green lady, that he met at the young age of 12. Nowadays, many years later, she helps him to make his living and establishment in Southern California, Me And You. Noticeably on this one, Trpl-Z uses a different voice, more deep, a bit monotonous, to deliver his verses, giving it just the right portion of seriousness.

The album gets rounded up with track 6, called Money Grab, featuring another Miami-an, King Tetrus, a long term homie of Trpl-Z and well known participant in the Cipher In The Circle ( CITC ). Some may know King Tetrus by his synonym Rapper Voice. He released his debut album Out Of Tokens last year October 2020.

The entire Demeter album is vibing from the beginning to the end and gives all we expect from a mature project, a top-notch beat and sound production, quality of delivery with such a remarkable voice of Trpl-Z, the quality of contents and packaged messages. If paying attention, it will leave the listener with a few thoughts and impressions. This is what good hip hop music is all about. Definitely worth showing this brother some love! Support the Project on your Favorite Streaming site.

Keep an eye on more Trpl-Z as he is already preparing and cooking the next goodies that we can expect sometime around Halloween. We at WVCCRadio will keep you posted on this for sure.

– DJ AW da wicked

DJ Aw Da Wicked is a Member of WVCC Radio Staff as a Journalistic contributor and Day 1. PROOOOOST to you Brother AW