Your Audio Aspirin to fight off that Case of the Mondays

Happy Wednesday #WVCC Fam, Fans and Guests.

Hold Up…WEDNESDAY!!! Holy Shit!!! I overslept!!! We usually drop this article on Mondays’ to give you some good music to get you out of that Monday Funk, but today is a special Woke Up Late / Get Over the Hump edition. Once again we’re sharing some New Bangers we found over the weekend, either LP’s, EP’s or Singles that have been getting some good promo or have been grossly under-advertised or some obscure older releases that have gone under the radar but are worth the listen. We hope the music we share improves your mood on any sluggish Monday, or in this case, helps get you over the Mid-Week Hump and gives you that push to make it to the Weekend ahead. Enjoy….
8ch2Owens – Vice City Cypher / #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio


So we slept on getting the Article out by Monday, but we def did not sleep on the latest “Weekly Verse” release by West Coast Mic handler AYENTEE ( ). He has been dropping a new Freestyle on Youtube every Monday for the past Month and a half, and we have been happy to play them every Tuesday on our #NewBlazeTuesdays show. I first heard of this brother when I saw an add for his album come up on my FB feed, and clicked play really quick because I’m close with a Local Miami MC / Producer who also goes by AYNT. In all honesty, I was just checking the track out, ready to message homie and tell him to change his name if the song was Wack, let him know a Dope MC already has the name and he is lowering the value of the Brand. However, as soon as I pressed play my assumptions withered away under the Heat of the music coming through my headphones. Ayentee has paid his dues and put in his time in the Game and the art of Lyric Crafting and Beat Producing, this is immediately evident on every song he releases. He is also your average, every day, down to Earth dude who doesn’t try to portray a “flashy rapper” “Super Thug” or “Ultra Underground MC” image. His lyrics are masterfully written and nothing if not relatable. I have found myself saying “I Feel You”, not from a Hip Hop stand point, but a Human one, over and over again every time he drops a joint. Check out the latest installment in his Weekly Verses series “COGNITIVE DISSONANCE” ( my personal favorite track from the series so far) where he brings the debate over Climate Change to the forefront. Subscribe to the homies Youtube channel while your at it to stay up to date with his weekly releases. Tell him #WVCC sent ya.


The big homie “THE RNF STATUS” has dropped his latest LP titled UNDA WATER. His first project where he has not only taken the responsibility of Writing and Production, but now is also engineering the full project. As a long time friend and partner in rhyme of RNF’s I have seen him grow by leaps and bounds in his art and am proud to see him becoming Self Sufficient with the creation, production and releasing of his material. One of the hardest working MC’s in South Florida, with over 24 albums in his discography and at least 1 more album ready to drop before the end of the year, RNF is showing no signs of slowing. He gives the listener a peek into his private life as he discusses a health scare he suffered recently that forced him to re-evaluate, and become more disciplined with his life choices, and as always he is very straight forward about his Faith and how it has given him peace and strength during this time of restructuring his diet, fitness plans, and priorities. Check out his Band Camp link below where you can peep and support any of the albums in his catalog ( FYI…You can find the album he and I released together – DEBT FREE: Sackloth Swagga, on this site). I can personally attest that he has most likely purchased your album if you are South Florida Underground Artist; This brother supports everyone. Lets return the love.


If the last album inspires you to improve your life by making more responsible decisions, this next album might inspire you to try and Improve your financial circumstances by making some very irresponsible ones choices. Although we at #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio do not condone a life of crime and narcotic sales, we cannot help but admit when an album is fire enough to make you think twice about not going down the wrong route. ETO & FLEE LORD have delivered a project that would make the Goddess Aphrodite wear an ugly face for a week. The beats are filthy, their Voices are pure grime ( Remember when an MC’s voice was worth something), and the lyrics will make you reconsider a career as a Hitman or Street Pharmacist. For lack of a better work, this album is 28 min of Pure Crack. Have fun getting addicted. First ones on us.


My favorite album that dropped over the weekend is brought to us by my new Favorite Latin Hip Hop Artist. From the Beautiful Island of Cuba, which has been under Communist Oppression for over 70 years now, comes a brother who is practicing his Freedom of Speech in total disregard of the Castro Regime that has been so strict on controlling what their citizens hear or say. Barbaro displays a mastery of not only the Castilian Language, but of the MC Art of Rhyme, Cadence, and Liberation Message Delivery. The project is a short ep, only 6 songs, but he hits all vibes on the album, Boom Bap BBoyism, MC Hunger, The Struggle for better living conditions and resources, Love and Romance, Love Lost and dealing with Disappointment, and being a Young Artist who is fighting becoming who everyone else says he should be, in hopes of staying true to himself. If you sprek the language, I guarantee you will have this album on repeat for a bit.

DIAMOND D: The Diam Piece 2

I must admit, I completely slept on this album by one of Hip Hop’s most revered Producers. That was until this weekend when he dropped the latest video off his project he dropped earlier this year, The Diam Piece 2. The video for BODIED, features a gray bearded DAVID BANNER who might have a little salt n pepper on his chin and head, but sounds like he is in the prime of his youth as he goes verse for verse with BIG REC, a Monster of an MC who I never heard of before, but am actively digging for now. I’m talking about no other than New York legend DIAMOND D, who dropped his DIAM PIECE 2 compilation album earlier this year to very little fan fare. I’m not sure how this album has stayed under my radar boasting features from BootCamp Clique ( Buck Shot, Steel, and Rocness Monstah), Pharoah Monch, OC, Elzi, Raekwon, Fred The Godson, Snoop Dogg, Eric Sermon, Xibit, Styles P, Havoc, Talib Kweli, Niko Is and more. The line is disgusting as it is, but add to that put the steaming hot productions of one of Hip Hops greatest Beat Smiths and you have yourself a stew that you will come back to over and over for 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths.


Speaking of an album full of fire features, our brother DESOUZA, Formerly Known as KAP K of GRIDLOCK has brought together some of South Florida’s most obscure Spitters for his first release off of his New Record Label: Truth and Redemption Records. THE REMNANT hits the streets hard with an official Boom Bap sound that forces your head to nod, and a message that gives hope in these hard times, but also forces you to take a close look in the mirror or look away in pride/shame. He is joined by a host of like minded peers: his GridLock partners INK, and FRANK RIZZO who you may have first heard of on the GRIDLOCK: MANHATTAN PROJECT album released in 2009. 10 years later they are back and on fire like they never missed a day at the job. Other features include SEEKER, The RNF STATUS and Miami Underground Vet MANIFESTO. Your boy 8ch2Owens may or may not be featured on 4 songs on the album, no flex….I’m actually humbled to be part of such an amazing project. This is def an album you can bump loud in any function, and a message that needs to be considered in these days and times that seem bleaker by the hour.

Whut Dey Do HipHop Radio: Enrique “Shogun” Diaz fka PFM (Episode 10)

This week we are leaving you with the link to one of the Hip Hop Podcast that you MUST SUBSCRIBE TO and tune in to weekly…I Repeat, This is a MUST for any self respecting Hip Hop Head. Hialeah’s Mayor of Hip Hop, ORION (Smoke N Miras Crew / Whut Dey Do) is dropping some of the most entertaining content on the internet weekly, not only with his Interview series like the episode below featuring Miami Underground Legend SHOGUN (formerly known as PFM of PFM & IRON ORA), but also with his Hip Hop Mystery Theater 3000 where he has presented some of the illest Hip Hop Conspiracy Theories chock full of researched material. He also does a Where are they Now type segment where he researches dope mc’s who were featured on a Classic Hip Hop Song, but never heard of again, and he is currently working on a Hunt for the 1st “5 Mic Movie Soundtrack”. He plays great Hip Hop from all eras through out the show, including Florida Hip Hop gems you probably never heard before or forgot how fresh they were. We as an Online Radio Show upstart do not compete with WhutDeyDoRadio, but rather invite you to experience them for yourselves. We believe it will only add to your trust in our taste for good hip hop.

Welp, thats this weeks Monday Meds…I mean Humpday Helpers….Nah that dont sound as fresh. Anywho…Hope you take the time to peep a few or all of the links above.

As always, dont be scurrred to drop your comments, let us know how you feeling the projects above or if you have any new music you have found that you think we should be checking for. Remember, sharing is caring.

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