Your Audio Aspirin to fight off that Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday #WVCC Fam, Fans and Guests.

We all get hit with a “Case of the Monday’s” at the beginning of the week, so we here at #CyphLyfeRadio/ #CyphLyfeBlog want to start a new weekly segment called”MONDAY MEDICINE CABINET” where we’ll be sharing some New Releases we found over the weekend, either LP’s, EP’s or Singles that have been getting some good promo or have been grossly under-advertised or some obscure older releases that have gone under the radar but are worth the listen. We hope the music we share improves your mood on any sluggish Monday and gives you that push to conquer the week ahead. Enjoy….
8ch2Owens – Vice City Cypher / #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio

Cloud Nine – SUPER MIAMI feat. Art Morera

Lets start of the work week on the Sands and Streets of the 305, Miami Dade. What better way to get over a Weekend Hangover then a quick dip in the Atlantic Ocean and then some sun bathing on a South Beach recliner watching the beautiful people stroll by. We wish we could teleport you to our beautiful coast instantly in physical form, but we have the next best thing…This brand new gem from a local main stay who’s been making his name known in the Miami and Broward streets since the beginning of the Millennium. Let CLOUD NINE and special guest Art Morera transport you away from Work and the Work Week for a little get away by way of this single that feels like Sunshine and Surf.

Kairo Lavoe – Sazon

Another Miami Native who’s been making waves through out Dade County has blessed us with a plate spiced up with some Latin Seasoning. KAIRO LAVO3, of the MIAnimals / Miscreant Music Group gang has dropped an EP that is sure to get the Underground Clubs jumping. With his sick combination of Spanglish Slang and hard beats infused with classic Salsa and Merengue samples, Kairo’s servings are sure to stick with you like the memory of your favorite spanish dish.

Ivan L – Frank

While we in the neighborhood, lets take a ride North up I-95, to the neighboring county of Broward. You can feel the hustle and bustle of Miami thinning out. The neighborhoods are a bit better maintained, The beaches are just as beautiful, but a lot quieter and more peaceful. Don’t let the “Leave It Beaver” exterior fool you into letting your guard down though. Just like any city in America, Broward has its nice neighborhoods, and it also has its gritty side. Our next offering exemplifies this perfectly. The Intro to IVAN L’s FRANK sounds like it could have been recorded on site at the Dania Beach Pier. The sounds of Pelicans swooping in and out and the lull of the ocean in the background, combined with the hauntingly slowed down Vocal Sample welcome you to a project that is equally as lyrical and thought provoking as it is grimy and liable to have your shorty twirking in front of the mirror. With production that will appeal to a wide range of fans, there’s a lot of gems on this album for all walks of life to enjoy. Just like the county of Broward.

John Jiggs & Swabb – Revolvers

From the Bottom of the Map to the Wild Wild West by way of NYC….WTF!?!?! In all honesty, WTF is exactly what I screamed at my computer screen, multiple times while this project played. John Jiggs and Swabb have presented us one of the toughest ep’s of the Summer. I’ve seen this album sneak its way into many Top 10 Albums of 2019 lists, and its definitely worthy of your judgement. I’ve never heard of either the MC, John Jiggs, or the Producer, Swabb, but after this project I will not be forgetting either one any time soon. Take a long look down the barrel of this REVOLVER and let us know what you think.

Starvin B & Stu Bangas – Night of the Never Dead

We’ve played a couple of this next artist video’s in the past two weeks on #WVCC #CyphLyfeRadio, and have gotten some great feedback on them. With good reason too. When I first played his video for “Forever Queens”, I was unfamiliar with the Queens spitter who is proud to claim he is a child of Pun and Nas. Then I found this release from 2018 fully produced by Stu Bangas and had to admit that I’ve been sleeping on the homie. This album hits the streets like a Jack Hammer from start to finish. If you love that classic NY Street Hop Vibe, push play and enjoy.

Grim Moses & The Architect – Wild Natural

Lets head out West for our next entry. By way of Phoenix AZ and Oakland CA come the MC & Producer combo of GRIM MOSES & THE ARCHITECT. This caught me completely by surprise. First of all, the sounds that smothered me like darkness inside a catacomb when the torch goes out, made me think this was surely another group from out the East Coast. However, after a little research I learned these 2 are actually from the West by way of AZ and CA, and are providing their audience with a debut album that would make either coast proud. After one listen of WILD NATURAL, you will definitely be looking out for more from Grim Mo and Architect.

Reks – 25th Hour ( Prod. by Premier)

The final prescription I’m going to give you for the day is this Classic Banger by one of Boston’s illest Mic Controlers, REKS. This gem was produced by the Legend DJ Primo himself and is hot enough to melt your gray matter. I played this single on our #ThursdayNightCypher show and my audience lost their collective minds. It’s only right I share the insanity with our readers. Thank us later.

Welp, thats this weeks Monday Meds…Hope you take the time to peep a few or all of the links above.

As always, dont be scurrred to drop your comments, let us know how you feeling the projects above or if you have any new music you have found that you think we should be checking for. Remember, sharing is caring.

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