I cant believe this has been out an entire month and it went below our radar. I have been a die hard BREEZE BREWIN fan since I first heard him warn that “Fucking With a N*** LIke Himself, we’d learn to fear…” on COMPANY FLOW’S crew classic, FIRE IN WHICH YOU BURN . Since then we got a taste of him in his staring roll in PRINCE PAUL’s Hip Hop Musical, A PRINCE AMONGST THIEVES, and on his groups Debut and Sophomore albums, the coveted JUGGAKNOTS: CLEAR BLUE SKIES & USE YOUR CONFUSION Now after years of being out of the Underground “Spot Light”, THE BREWIN is back with his 1st Solo Project, HINDSIGHT. Packed full of the unique cadence and word play we have come to expect from The Juggaknot, the album is full of weighty concepts like the drama of the past administration (DEVILS ADVOCATE), the fight between the generations in Hip Hop (MENTORE), Life as a Colored Middle School Teacher (TAKING NOTES), The truth about a career in the Music Industry (THE APPLICATION) and the dark sides of friendships (THE UNINVITED, PPT). Production by Marco Polo, Black Milk, DJ Maseo (De La Soul), DJ Spinna, Sebb Bash make the album worth replaying multiple times. Hit Play on your way home and be reminded why BREEZE THE BREWIN was once and will always be one of the most respected names in Underground Hip Hop.

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