When I first started performing in the 305, circa 1998, I met a lot of the up and coming artist who were paying their dues just like me at the time. This was a time when you had to either come correct in a battle or on stage in front of a crowd if you wanted to be respected in the scene. No Backing Vocals (WTF?? That shit was unheard of back then and would probably get you booed of stage), just a raw as beat, your breath control and charisma, and in the biggest Party Town in the U.S., you better have known how to rock a crowd. 1 group who never had any problems meeting all those requirements is T.H.C. Lead by APEX aka UB the Under Boss, these Hialeah/Carol City representatives have been putting in work for the streets of Dade since before some of yall were born. I met them for the first time at a Concert/Battle in Broward where they showed me that you can be street and gangster as fuck, and still have them bars. Since then they have put Latin Hip Hop in Miami on the Map during their time as head of MAYBACH LATINO and cemented their name in the SOUTH FLORIDA HIP HOP HISTORY BOOKS. In recent months #WVCCRadio has been shining plenty of light on U.B‘s son, OFFICIAL HEIR, who is picking up the T.H.C. torch for the next generation, but we cant ignore the fact that the OG’s still got something to say and aint afraid to say it to your face. The new single, SAY IT TO MY FACE, produced by BEZ aka SCUMMY LOUI of CRAFTMASTER3 PRODUCTIONS and engineered by GOLDSAUCE24K (STREET LIGHT POETS/ FORT KNOCKS ENT.) is a riot starter. Kind of shit the DJ throws on at the club and the dance floor becomes a mosh pit. This aint Preppy Rap, This aint Teeny Bop Rap, this is Dirty South Hood Hop right here. On the hook, JRX welcomes anyone to voice all grievances to THC in person, stop the social media trolling, stop the Live Stream Commentary, stop the ducking and hiding and bring it if there’s a problem. APEX demands answers on the suspect way some are moving, and invites all the smoke (their name is T.H.C. after all). CHEIF ELI slaps you with a back hand like the block Padrino does a snot nose “come-mierda” who needs to be reminded of his place. I asked U.B. what what sparked the making of this track and he told me:

The song is an ode to the modern-day bravery that transpires on social media constantly. It seems nowadays people have become bolder than ever with their opinions and it is clearly evident in comments posted online. It becomes a tedious process trying to address such haters and their respective commentary one at a time, so the fellas and I decided to take it upon ourselves to create an anthem specifically for these type of “keyboard warrior” situations. A clear, concise message that gets straight to the point, advising such people to, “Say It To My Face”, as opposed to hiding behind their computer screens.


The Video, directed by Castro Tarantino for PRESS PLAY STUDIOS carries a double meaning. Not only does it show you the consequences of getting to cocky and loud with the wrong people, but it is also laced with footage from the nationwide protest of the murder of George Floyd, delivering the message that when we shit we dont agree with in this fucked up system, instead of sitting behind our keyboard complaining, we need to stand up together and SAY IT TO THEIR FACE.

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