From West Coast to East Coast EKYM1536 has been Spreading Love in the face of Hate.

The homie from Toas, New Mexico, EKYM1536 has dropped some new fire on us. PHUK EKYM is a venting session over a kooky bap beat by PO10CEE Crew Producer PH8, where EK REK makes it clear that Nay Sayers and Half Steppers have no power to stop his progress. For the past 8 years the brother from the ABACHE TRIBE of New Mexico has been traveling back and forth from Taos, to Denver Colorado, to Miami Florida and back as he secured a degree in Culinary Arts and Audio Engineering. Now the official Audio Engineer for VICE CITY CYPHER RECORDS is cooking up the bars for his multiple group projects including his upcoming Duo project with South Florida spitter 8ch2Owens, under their new Group Name: NATIVE SLANG. Ekym has been a blessing to our So Flow Hip Hop community since he touched down the first time in 2014, always supporting local MC’s, Venus and purchasing merch from everyone. Makes sure you return the love. If not, Ekym could really give a Phuk. He still Phuks with us.

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