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All Organic, None GMO Hip Hop Releases just hit the shelves and we got your free samples here. Enjoy a taste and dont forget to support the Artist, Links to purchase the project can be found below every installment. Press Play and get a Feel for the product.

Young RJ (Slum Village) x Mega Ran: 2 Hands Up

Woooooooooooowwwww…. I had to add this Album to the blog late…but it shot to the top of the list. Especially with the current volatile state of our Nation and racial tensions being thick enough to suffocate (forgive the irony), we need an album like this. Filled to the brim with messages of Afro American Pride, Perseverance, Resistance, Ingenuity, Pain, and Community Responsibility. Not only are the beats and rhymes something that fit the times perfectly, but the messages will resonate with you this weekend if you give this an album a spin. Maybe longer.


Surprisingly the best work I’ve heard from Pete Rock and the Luchini Bro’s in a minute. I’ve only giving it a couple of listens and have yet to make it to the end of the album, but 4 tracks in and the album is out pacing the “Retropolitan” album the Soul Brother dropped with Skyzoo in 2019. Not only did he step the beats up for this, but you can tell he was vibing off of Sonny Chiba and Geechi Suede’s stylistics as he blesses the mic on several joints. There are also some great features by Mac Miller, MOP, Ab-Soul, Talib Kweli and more…


After dropping the best Album of 2019, “Bandana” with the help of “The Beat Conductor” Mad Lib; the Pimp named Fredenthal Gibbford released a statement yesterday ( Thurs 5/28/20) that he would be releasing some new work soon. In less than 12 hours, he has returned with a new partner in crime, the ever evolving Al The Chemist (bka The Alchemist) with their second joint project ALFREDO. Start off your listening experience with another epic video from Freddie G, “1985”, which once again showcases his natural acting and comedic timing skills. The track sets the mode for what is another smooth adventure ride through the life of the Zebra Raising Cocaine Cowboy. Great features from Tyler The Creator, Rick Ross, Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine ( we already found out on the “LuLu” Project, Conway and The Alchemist hooking up is never a bad thing)….that SOMETHING TO RAP ABOUT w/ Tyler tho…..

Is Alfredo as banging as Bandana? Press play and let us know in the comments.

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Flee Lord & Buckwild – Hand Me My Flowers

Is their a more ambitious shooter coming out of the Griselda Camp? With 8 albums under his belt in the past 2 years, Flee is consistently snatching his respect and the Hip Hop Audiences attention around the globe. He pistol whips us this month with a new project produced by Legendary D.I.T.C. Producer BUCKWILD, so you already know this is going to be a hard hitting album. With Flee’s animated raspy Vocals and Bucks vintage Bap sound, it may seem on the surface like he’s asking for his flowers, but its not really a request, its more of a Demand.

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Styles David: Ghost Your Enthusiasm

You know I always keep it a stack with my viewers, so here is a little fact that I am not too proud of….I was never a fan of The LOX. Being that they signed with P Diddy and Bad Boy when they first came out, I wasn’t really interested in paying them much mind when they splashed on the scene right after Biggie passed. That being the case, I also wasnt deaf. I could tell their short bald shooter Jada Kiss had bars for days, and even though I never vibed with the group, I gave Kiss the respect his bars deserved. Many years have past since their Earlier Releases, and we’ve seen each member of the group shoot their shot at a Solo Carrier. However, it is the least talked about member of the group who has really managed to carve out his own lane and has managed to surpass his crew mates in releases, features, and if I’m being honest…Lyrical Skills. I’m talking about none other than STYLES P “THE GHOST“. With release after release in the past 3 years, Ghost has made himself a sought after name in the Underground and Street Rap Arenas. His 2018 release with Dave East, BELOVED, put the streets on their ass and got everybody excited about hearing the LOX together once again. Since then he has dropped a couple of more mixtapes, and now blesses us with a Full Length LP: STYLES DAVID: GHOST YOUR ENTHUSIASM. You can find both of his LOX affiliates featured through out the album, along with some other lesser known features. Let us know how you feel this album stacks up amongst his recent releases in the Comments below.

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