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Heron & Serum – Amerikkkan Horror Story ft. REKS & Shabaam Sahdeeq

What a Week it has been…If you need a recap just check your FB or IG Timeline, I’m sure you’ll see the worst of the worst Posts, videos and pictures making their rounds this morning to get all of our blood boiling up all over again. As If 3 months of being locked indoors, pumped full of misinformation and fear wasn’t enough, now it seems like the Powers that Be are increasing the difficulty level on the game once more and setting the Police Force to Terminate Mode.  With the merciless murder of George “Big George” Floyd last week, the current state of the country has gone from Scared and Cautious, to Enraged, Fragile and Reckless.  As the numbers of Covid 19 cases and deaths continue to rise ( for whatever those doctored numbers are worth) the masses are taking to the streets in droves day after day, in protest of the continued abuse of power by Law Enforcement and the unlawful execution of yet another Unarmed Black American.  Its in the middle of this volatile atmosphere that Miami’s Legendary MC / Graff Artist SERUM The BrainStorm Trooper and DJ Heron release this Call to Action with their latest Single off the upcoming HERON & SERUM LP.  This banger features guest appearances by East Coast Underground Hip Hop greats R.E.K.S. and SHABBAM SAHDEEQ who each murder the Heron Production and make it clear that this has sadly happened one too many times, and we have had enough. Its time to turn the tables.  Salute to the homies Roc Sol and Coliv Media for the great artwork depicting the guilty Pig in his truest form. Can you blame the systematically oppressed for finally turning around and bringing the violence to their oppressor?  No you cannot…and We really don’t care if you do anymore either.

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Dashius Clay – A HOL

‘Damn 8ch…Who took a shit in your Cheerios this morning”  Forgive the cup of bitter coffee I opened the article with, but it’s evident We all need to wake the fuck up.  Think I’m being an Asshole? Well, I’ll blame it on being influenced by the music I hear…namely the new banger from Miami’s own Red Barron, DASHIUS CLAY: A HOL.  Mr. Platinum has returned with some hilarious visuals to a banger of a track to get us all ready for our first Covid filled Summer.  Pools Shut Down, Beaches Shut Down, and Miami heating up by the day…time to slap some Timberlands on the BBQ and turn on that Water Hose…It’s the New A Hol American Way.

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Apollo Brown & Che’ Noir – ’94

Let’s take a break from the pestilent Present and take a trip in the WVCC Rhyme Machine back to better times.  Destination, the year 1994, heralded on the intro of this song as THE GREATEST YEAR OF ALL TIME.  Not only did ’94 give us such Timeless albums as Biggies Ready to Die, Nas’s Illmatic, & Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers, but it also birthed Underground Classics from Common (Resurrection), Organized Konfusion ( STRESS: The Extinction Agenda), Jeru The Damaja ( The Sun Rises) , and Redman’s (Dare Iz a Darkside) amongst a long list of others.  This year also gave to us Trust Gang FeMCee Che Noir, who tells about being released from her mom’s womb the year that all these Hip Hop Classics were released to the public.  It seems like her destiny was written in the Chinese Zodiac ( The Oriental Zodiac places more importance on your year of birth than month and date). Apollo Brown’s drums and slowed down samples from Common’s “I Used To Love Her” provide the perfect vehicle to take this trip down memory lane.  With all the stresses that have been piling up as of late, this song comes right on time, and does the job in helping me find my Happy Place to escape the madness for a bit.  

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Cipher In The Circle: Down Here (feat. Benny Knuckles, Verbalist & Trpl-Z)

OK…I’m in a much better mood now. I’m actually in the mood for some BARS. Thank God the MC Militia training at Cipher In The Circle has been hard at work during the Quarantine, concocting a vaccine for Wack Rap. #CITC Members TRPL Z and Gridlock Verbalist and Benny Knuckles roll out a bloody welcome mat and invite yall to come on Down to the South…but warn you…We dont play games Down Here. Keep an eye for singles dropped by Cipher In The Circle and follow us at @CipherInTheCircle on IG to stay informed about the next time we will be linking up for Free Public Ciphers around South Florida.

Cipher In the Circle

No Emotion Gold Mask: Psalms of the Godz Vol 1

If that last one aint get you in a good Mood…this next entry is guarenteed to turn your Frowny Face Mask upside down…Or Vice Versa. South Florida’s Golden Masked Hero/Villain has returned with Volume 1 of PSALMS OF THE GODZ, his Corona Quarantine Collab Project with a host of dope MC’s and Producers. If you are familiar with No Emo’s work, you know you are in for a side splitting, scalp scratching good time. For those who have never heard of the Golden One…Be prepared for something New and Original that will scare the Covid 19 Blues away. Take the time to check out No Emotions YouTube channel and Subscribe…he goes Live Daily and just dropped a slew of Videos filmed by the Big Homie #USVSTheBuff. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

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OK…Enough Fun and Laughter…Shit is Serious Out There. Who better to remind us of this than the Lovable Bi-Racial Duo of Mikey and Jaime, aka Yankee and The Brave, aka Killa Mike and EL P, bka RUN THE JEWELS. The Dynamo Duo are back with their 4 Installment in what has turned out to be the most consistent Discography from any Hip Hop group in recent history. But what else would you expect from the man Talib Kweli dubbed as the White Underground HOV. EL P has come up from Underground Starving Artist, to Underground Hero and Trend Setter, to Underground Record Label Owner, to the Hottest thing to come out of the Underground and Hit the majors. Carried by “EL Productos” staple Left Dimension sound, and the flawless blend of both he and Atlanta’s Killer Mike’s politically charged, unapologetic rhymes, Run The Jewels has gone from an Independent Hip Hop Act touring colleges and festivals, to signing with BMG and preparing for their first World Tour. The group is the farthest thing from “Selling Out” tho. Unconcerned with the effect it might have on Record Sales, especially now that they are signed to Big Name Label and are probably starting off in the whole with them, they released their 4th Album, RTJ4, to the public before its Official June 5th Release Date, and for FREE!!! Right after a weekend riddled with Protests, Riots, Social Media Arguments and divisiveness, the Revolutionary Rhymers took to IG with the following post…

And just like that we were blessed with a new album, full of substance, direction, wisdom, and fun ignorance to help us blow off some steam as we plot on the best way to tear this wicked system down and replace it with something that benefits us all, not only the Rich few. Till all Injustice is ceased, No Justice No Peace. Thank you for the SoundTrack to the Modern US Revolution fellas.

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