If you were lucky enough to have someone to kiss at Midnight on 12/31/23, you will probably relate with the latest release by TRE-DOT. A heart felt dedication to the strong woman who helped him get through some of his darkest times. The smooth production from SKII SHARP and TRE-DOTS Technical Pen skills and delivery makes this love ballad a head nodder, but it’s the message in the intricately delivered verses that make “ONLY YOU” a great song to start 2024 with.

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The native New Yorker who now calls North Carolina home is shamelessly open about his struggles with depression that almost cost him his family and his life on ONLY YOU. Many of us have faught that battle, especially through the holidays, which makes this track resonate all the more. This isnt a pity party though. Rather than dwell  on the pitfalls, and demons that tormented him, TRE-DOT turnes the focus on the things that bring him Joy, “Show Intent when I commence this Penmanship/ the look in my ladies eyes,  makes me feel like I won the Championship.” As he describes in the hook, this song is dedicated to whoever “makes sense of us fools, and keeps us warm when it’s cool.” Whether that be your significant other, your kids, or your God. This is a song of gratitude.

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TRE-DOT explained to us,
“Only You is a story of recovering from depression and addictions to find peace within a blessed understanding from the creator,  navigated within a meaningful relationship with a companion. Recognizing faults and celebrating progressions. The acknowledgement of cherishing what’s present. The result of when underground boom bap delivers a love story. For the culture.”
We rox with this 1000%.
Don’t wait til Valentines to dedicate ONLY YOU to someone. Add it to your favorite Playlist and play it while they in the whip this weekend. Wait for the hook, look them in the eyes and say, ONLY YOU!!.
Follow TRE-DOT on all his social outlets below and get ready for his upcoming Double Ep “Blood Sweat N Tears” and “Love Makes A Difference”. Both to be released in March. For now you can catch ONLY YOU on rotation at WVCC RADIO, Miami’s New Home for Indie Hip Hop.

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